Agreeable Gray SW 7029

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Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029 is a soft warm gray paint color. It is an amazing neutral that works well with almost any other color in any space. It’s also a crowd-pleaser as its Sherwin Williams number one selling color.

Here we go again, another day, another gray paint color. But this isn’t any old gray paint color. It’s said to be the best greige/ gray paint color out there. It’s highly popular among my customers and I see the gray ALL over Pinterest. I bet you know what paint color I’m talking about. 

Let’s give a welcoming round of applause for……

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Today we are going to dive deep into the world of Agreeable Gray. I want to see if this color lives up to all the hype it gets. I mean you can’t type in “gray paint color” on Pinterest without this bad boy popping up. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fabulous gray, but I want to break it down and see what makes Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams top-rated paint color. There must be a good reason it’s considered the best gray paint color.

Stats on Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Agreeable Gray SW 7029
  • R: 209 G: 203 B: 193
  • Hex Value: #d1cbc1
  • LRV: 60
  • Color Collections: Reasoned

For those who are unfamiliar with LRV or Light Reflectance Value, here is a quick recap. It is a measurement commonly used by design professionals that measures the amount of light reflected from a surface. LRVs range from 0-100, with 100 being pure white and 0 being absolute black.

To sum it up, higher numbers reflect more light and lower numbers do the opposite. At 60 AG is a bit passed middle of the range. It will reflect a good amount of light.

What color is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray?

You would think this is a silly question being that GRAY is in the name of the paint color. However, you’d be surprised at some of the names of paint colors and how they don’t look anything like their names.

So yes, Agreeable Gray is in fact a gray a paint color. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Yup AG may look like a gray paint color but, he’s got a lot going on.

Agreeable Gray undertones.

Agreeable Grays undertones tend to stay rather neutral. It has taupe/ brown in giving it its warmth with a dab of violet in it.  It has a nice balance of warm and cool tones explaining why it’s been called the perfect neutral gray. 

Let’s keep in mind that in cooler lighting situations AG is going to look cooler. All grays (warm and cool) have 3 undertones, blue, green, or purple which means there is always a chance that these undertones will show up in the right lighting. I’ve seen Agreeable Gray look almost blue in some rooms. So even though it is a warm paint color it still has cool undertones that like to sneak up on you.

Is Agreeable Gray considered greige?

Yup. it sure is. Agreeable is a gray that leans towards beige, hence the term greige. Now not all greiges are the same, there are colors such as Accessible Beige, that are beige that lean towards gray. 

Agreeable Gray is a soft greige with a little warmth in it. 

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Is Agreeable Gray SW 7029 a warm or cool color?

AG is a warm gray/ greige paint color. 

If you place it side by side another paint color, Depending on the color you are comparing it to, it can either look more or less warm than the opposing color. 

For example, when you compare Ag to SW Passive or BM Gray Owl, it’s clear that AG is a warm color.

Regardless, Ag is considered a warm gray paint color.

SW Agreeable Gray and Lighting

We know that lighting is one of the main factors contributing to how a paint color will look. It can virtually change the appearance of any color. That’s a big deal when you are trying to choose the right paint color. So, it’s best you are familiar with the lighting situation of the room you are finding a paint color for.

  • North-facing rooms – North facing rooms tend to have light that comes off cooler and even blueish in tone. Paint colors that are on the lighter side like Agreeable, will appear a bit muted whereas bolder dark colors will pop and embrace that cooler light.
  •  South-facing rooms– In South facing rooms, there tends to be a consistent warm light throughout the day. Warm and cool tones work with south facing light. This light intensifies colors, so darker colors will seem brighter while,  softer colors will almost look like they are glowing. South facing light will show off SW Agreeable Grays warmth.
  • West-facing rooms-  Light is cooler in the morning and warmer or brighter in the afternoon/ early evening. Early evening is when West-facing rooms have the best light. Warmer tones might seem overwhelming because of the red-orange the light gives off. However, if the main use for the room is in the mornings, the colors won’t appear as intense because of that cooler light. Agreeable Gray in a west-facing room will show off more of the warmth the color has in the afternoons.
  • East-facing rooms–  Light is warmer or brighter in the mornings and cooler in the afternoon/evenings. An East facing room’s bright morning light is more yellow-orange toned. Going with a warm palette will help balance the lack of natural light in the evening. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray will show cooler in the morning of an east-facing room.

As much as lighting plays a big part in how a paint color looks, there are other factors to keep in mind. For example, furniture, fixtures, cabinetry, and floors. These are all elements that can affect the way a paint color will look. 

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Where can you use SW 7029 Agreeable?

Agreeable Gray Living Room
livingwithriana via Instagram

Anywhere! Use Agreeable Gray throughout the house….

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Exterior
  • Living Room
  • Basement
  • Cabinets
  • Trim
  • Ceilings

There are so many opportunities throughout the house to use this versatile gray paint color.

Use Agreeable Gray in the bathroom

The bathroom walls are the perfect place to use SW Agreeable Gray. Because this gray is pretty dang neutral, it goes with almost any color. As you can see it the photo, AG makes a beautiful backdrop for this bathroom’s black and white color scheme.

agreeable gray painted vanity
tribedesigngroup via Instagram
agreeable gray bathroom
myrusticmodernhome via Instagram

You can also use Agreeable SW7029 on your bathroom vanity. This soft greige will give the room a fresh and crisp feel.

Use Agreeable Gray in the kitchen

agreeable gray kitchen
hauling_hendley via Instagram

Another excellent place to use AG is in the kitchen. Again, this warm gray will provide a neutral backdrop allowing you to bring in color elsewhere.

This goes for using Agreeable Gray on either the kitchen cabinets or walls.

If you are considering painting your kitchen cabinets yourself, read this first!

agreeable gray kitchen
kendramckinneydesigns via Instagram

Agreeable Gray on the exterior of your home

agreeable gray exterior
etbhomes via Instagram
agreeable gray exterior brick
canalsidenola via Instagram

AG is an amazing paint color option for the exterior of your home. It will, however, come off much lighter than it does indoors. Obviously, because of the direct sunlight, it is getting. Agreeable Gray is still a fantastic option for the exterior, especially if you want a light color that isn’t white. 

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Colors similar to Agreeable Gray

Out of pure curiosity, I like to find some other gray paint colors that are similar to the color in question. In this case, I have come across a few gray paint colors that are very comparable to AG. 

_Agreeable Gray Similar Paint Color
  • Worldly Gray SW 7043
  • Colonnade Gray SW 7641 
  • Gossamer Veil SW 9165  
  • Benjamin Moore Rodeo 1534
  • Benjamin Moore Wish 680
  • Benjamin Moore Collingwood OC-28

If you are interested in finding a paint color form Benjamin Moore that is similar to SW 7029 Agreeable, look at BM Collingwood OC-28, BM Wish 680 or BM Rodeo 1534. 

Are these gray paint colors exact matches to AG? No, however, they are close and they are all around great gray paint color options.

AG Coordinating Colors

By now you know that AG is a neutral gray, I hope I made that clear. Neutral grays tend to work well with almost any other color. But I want to give you a few specific paint colors that coordinate exceptionally well with Agreeable Gray. I mean, I like making your life easier. You are welcome!

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray and Dovetail

Agreeable Gray and Dovetail

Dovetail is one of my favorite darker shades of gray by Sherwin Williams. (All of the interior doors in my home are painted Dovetail)

 In my opinion, it is a neutral gray. There aren’t any bold, overpowering undertones stealing the show. It’s just a great dark gray paint color. It coordinates perfectly as a dark accent color to Agreeable SW 7029.

Agreeable Gray vs Repose Gray

Agreeable Gray vs Repose Gray

This color match up right here is the battle of all battles. These are 2 of the most popular colors among my clients. On many occasions, the final decision comes down to these 2 gray paint colors.

Let’s see how the battle of Agreeable Gray vs. Repose Gray pans out.

  • Agreeable has an LRV of 60, which is a hair lighter than Repose Gray at 58.
  • AG has more warmth in it and also has brown/taupe undertones, leaning a bit more beige. 
  • Repose Gray is cooler-toned leaning a bit grayer.
  • When it comes to being a greige Agreeable Gray takes this one.
  • Unlike how Repose can show the purple/blue undertone it has, AG tends to stay docile, sticking to the griege that it is.

If you are interested, check out the Repose Gray full breakdown, I give you all the facts and I tell you my thoughts on it. Spoiler, I LOVE Repose Gray.

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Accessible Beige vs. Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray vs Accessible Beige

This is another pairing that often comes up with clients. Everyone always wants to see how Agreeable Gray vs. Accessible Beige SW 7036 compare.

  • Accessible Beige is more warm-toned than AG.
  • The LRV of Accessible Beige is 58 which is slightly lower than Aggreables 60.
  • Accessible Beige is more of a beige color with gray undertones.
  • Accessible Gray has a tiny bit of green in it which will come out in certain lighting stituations.
  • Comparing these 2 colors side by side you can see that Accessible Beige’s name is pretty accurate. The beige is really showing through.

Agreeable Gray vs. Revere Pewter

Agreeable Gray vs Revere Pewter

OK, Sherwin Agreeable Gray vs. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.  2 extremely popular neutral paint colors. How do they compare?

  • Revere Pewter is a bit darker than AG
  • Agreeable Gray has an LRV of 60, which is slightly higher than Revere at 55.51. 
  • Revere Pewter is slightly warmer appearing to look a little more beige when compare to AG.
  •  In certain lighting, Revere Pewter can show the hints of green in its undertone, whereas with AG the sneaky undertone is slightly bluish purple.

Piqued interest in Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter? Learn more about this popular paint color

Agreeable Gray vs Edgecomb Gray

Now let’s explore the difference between the very popular Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and Agreeable Gray.

  • Edgecomb Gray has an LRV of 63 a hair under AG’s 60.
  • Edgecomb Gray is a greige that is beige with a little gray in it.
  • Unlike AG, Edgecomb Gray doesn’t have any sneaky undertones that may sometimes turn up.
  • Both colors are very versatile to use throughout your home.
  • Edgecomb Gray is a warmer paint color then AG.

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Color Recap

Sherwin WIliams Top Paint Color

  • # 1 on Sherwin Williams List of top 50 Paint Colors.
  • In South facing room Agreeable Gray is at it’s best, showing off the warm, soft greige color it truly is.
  • AG is sitting pretty at an LRV of 6o.
  • It’s considered to be a greige. Gray leaning towards beige.
  • It stays pretty neutral.
  • AG is extremely versatile and can be used throughout the house in multiple applications.
  • AG coordinates beautifully with many other colors including SW Dovetail.
  • Because of its versatility, AG can be used in all different decor styles, from modern to farmhouse. this griege works with them all.

Final Thoughts

What can I say, SW Agreeable is truely a fantastic gray paint color. But the real question here is, does this paint color live up to all the hype it gets, being referred to as “the BEST gray paint color”? 

Simple answer? Yes, it does.

Agreeable is a near-perfect shade of gray with a pleasant undertone. This paint color works everywhere. It works in dimly lit as well as sun-filled rooms. It is, in fact, a crowd-please.

Would I consider this the “Best” gray paint color? No, but only because of my love affair with Repose Gray. I’m sorry, I cannot get over it.  I will say that, in terms of warm grays, Agreeable is the best. It’s definitely in my top 5 favorite grays.

Now that you have all the facts, what do you think? Is Agreeable Gray the BEST gray paint color? Is it as agreeable as its name says it is?

Want to learn more about other paint colors?

*Friendly Reminder*

As I always suggest, before you commit to any paint color make sure you do your swatches! 


Use a product like Samplize to easily test out how the paint color will look. I like Samplize because it mess-free and you can move the peel and stick watch around to see how the color will look in different areas of the room.  If you are unfamiliar with Samplize, check out my full review on it to learn more.
You can also paint swatches on what poster board. This will allow you to move the swatch around without painting on the wall.

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And of course, you can paint the swatches directly on the wall. Just be sure to paint them all around the room to see how the paint color will act in all lighting. And make the swatches large. Ok, not large, monster size. 

Be prepared to swatch! Grab yourself some chippy brushes.

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59 thoughts on “Agreeable Gray SW 7029”

    1. Hey Kathy,
      I think blues work exceptionally well with Agreeable Gray. I love dark navy blues like SW Naval. I also a teal like SW Riverway or SW Green Bay will really pop. Or a blue color like SW Raindrop will also make a statement.

  1. I want to paint a small bathroom with no windows. Oak colored door and trim with white bathtub, stool& sink. White floor w/some taupe lines in the flooring. Chrome faucets. What gray shade would you suggest. It’s for a guys bathroom?

  2. I’ve heard a lot about Agreeable Gray and about Repost gray so this was really informative! Seeing the two side-by-side and reading the comparisons was super helpful! We painted our living/dining room Gray Leaf by Glidden but in some lighting, it looks blue and in others, it looks green! Paint names can be deceiving!

  3. Hello, I’m trying to decide between repose gray and agreeable gray. My floors are a clay colour tile with splashes of grey so they tend to influence colours. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Janice,
      Both Agreeable Gray and Repose Gray and great colors. Agreeable is just a bit warmer and more greige than Repose. It’s hard to say which would look better with your floor without seeing it.

    1. Unfortunately, without seeing the space It’s hard for me to give you an accurate suggestion. Another element or the lighting in the space may be causing the cabinets to look a little yellow.

  4. Does Agreeable Gray pull green at all? I’m deciding between AG and Repose. I don’t know if I can stand Repose Gray forever though.

    1. Hi Miranda,
      I have never personally seen it pull green. I’ve seen the slightest tinge of blue though. It depends on your lighting. If you are unsure I highly suggest swatching it around the space.

  5. I’m wanting to paint the French doors leading into our office a dark color, something close to black. Do you know what blacks pair well with agreeable grey?

      1. What is a good ceiling white paint colour to go with agreeable gray in the basement? We want a darker colour for the stairs so would you suggest dovetail?

        1. Hi Kelly,
          For the ceiling to keep the basement light and bright, go with Sw Ceiling Bright White. For the stairs, Dovetail is a great gray option. Or if you want something even darker look at SW Peppercorn.

  6. Hi Cate!
    I decide to paint my new building house interior with Agreeable Gray.
    What do you recommend ceiling paint? White or Agreeable gray same with wall? My house is all open ranch plan with 12 feet ceiling. If you choose white, which one?
    And I want to have white trim. What is great with Agreeable gray?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Limmy,
      I personally would go with a white ceiling. I just like that look. To switch it up you can always have use Agreeable Gray at 50% on the ceiling for a little added interest.
      I think either way you go, it will work.
      Hope that helps!

  7. Hi Cate!
    All of our interior walls are painted Agreeable Gray and we love it! We have a laundry room that we are adding cabinets to and are trying to choose a paint color. My husband wants to paint them gray, while I’m still on the fence about using a white. Our laundry room has no windows and all of the trim is white. Can you tell me what gray would complement the Agreeable Gray walls without the room looking too dark? Or should we stick with a white?

    1. Hey Lisa,
      You can check out Incredible White, it is a white that has a greige undertone. Or you can use Agreeable Gray but lighten it by 25%. This way it will be a little lighter than the wall color.I hope that helps a bit.

  8. Hey Cate! We are getting ready to paint our 2 story family and foyer (2 story) which includes the staircase along with the upstairs hallway. You can see part of the hall from the family room. The family room is south facing that can tend to be darker with shadows throughout the day. The foyer/staircase gets lots of natural light. I’m leaning towards Agreeagble Grey for these areas since it is all considered continuous. I want the warm fresh grey feeling, not a cream or beige. Do you think AG is a good fit for both darker lit and bright natural lit rooms? What trim color would you suggest?? We have wide baseboards and crown moulding. Then would the ceiling color be the same as the trim?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!
    Thank you!!

  9. Hi Cate!
    Thank you for the great information about all the different gray colors. I almost feel more confused about some things, but that’s just because I am not great a choosing paint. I am trying to decide between several shades of gray/greige for the exterior of my home, and its just been so difficult. I have a mediterranean style home with a red tile roof and stucco walls. I also have red brick on the walkway of the front of the house. My house is north facing and one of my dilemmas is that it seems that most grays like agreeable gray/revere pewter/repose gray tend to look better south facing, from what I have read. Another issue is, I had to choose a wall color for my backyard/side gate area (we just finished construction of the backyard), which is visible from the front, and I chose BM white dove. The color is not a problem for me, I love how it turned out, but now I feel like I have to choose the house color based off of the wall color that I chose in a scramble. I would love a neutral, light gray/greige main house color that won’t fight with my roof color and I can hopefully make work with the BM white dove. Can you make any suggestions? It is so difficult to find anything in my style home on pinterest etc. I appreciate your professional opinion! Thanks so much!!

  10. I thought grays were being ushered out for interior paint color and the focus now is on “white” tones. Personally, I think both are trendy and will date a home. But at the end of the day, I tell my clients “it’s just paint!”

  11. Hi Cate,
    I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog! We are currently building a home and I’m choosing paint colors. In my previous home, and in our temporary home, we used Agreeable Gray throughout. In our new home we plan to use Alabaster on the walls. However, I am considering using either Agreeable Gray or Incredible Gray in the bedrooms. I believe Incredible Gray is on the same paint swatch as Agreeable Gray, but lighter. My goal is a warm neutral pallet throughout the home. Do you feel Alabaster and Incredible Gray coordinate well and offer enough of a contrast to make it worth painting the bedrooms Incredible Gray?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Mandy,
      Congrats on your new build!
      Alabaster and Agreeable Gray work well together. I believe you are talking about Incredible White (it’s the one above Agreeable Gray). Incredible White is more of a white with a bit of greige in it. I’m not sure how much of a contrast it will provide because they are both such light shades. If you are looking for a contact I would go with Agreeable gray. Another option is to lighten Agreeable gray by 25% or 50%. This will lighten the color but still provide the contrast you are looking for. Hope that helps!

  12. Hello, We are planning to paint our kitchen cabinets…42 inch 1998 natural maple cabinets white.. We know for sure we would like the walls agreeable gray. Can you suggest a white paint for the cabinets and ceiling.. very open kitchen lots of natural light.. etc..
    Appreciate any feedback.. Thank you!! 🙂

    1. Hey Helena,
      Agreeable Gray is a great color choice. Fore ceiling I usually use Sherwin Williams Ceiling Bright White. As for the cabinet color, you have to take into consideration the color of the fixed elements in the room, flooring, countertops, backsplash, etc. With that being said it’s hard for me to give you an accurate cabinet color suggestion. I do offer paint color consultations if you would like additional help. I can say that Alabaster is a beautiful creamy white that works well with Agreeable Gray.
      Hope that helps!

  13. Hi Cate!
    Great info! Thanks for the specific and detailed components on each color.
    I’m deliberating over painting my exterior of my home Agreeable Gray or Worldly Gray. I like the idea of leaning toward a greige, and will be accenting with Snowbound and a medium stained wood shutter/front door. I live in Colorado, so I want to add a rustic feel with the stained wood. The houses in my neighborhood are stucco with a lot of different browns. Therefore, I don’t want to go with straight gray and be sooo different in the neighborhood, and am thus leaning toward the greige family. Which one would you recommend out of these two?
    Thanks for your help!


    1. Hi Karyl,
      I love the look you are going for. Agreeable Gray and Worldy Gray are both great greige options. The only difference between them is Worldy Gray has a violet-gray undertone and Agreeable has a green-gray undertone. A color with a green-gray undertone will look the most like a neutral gray. I hope that helps with your decision!

  14. Help! Is there a white color to use on both the walls and ceilings?
    I was leaning towards Agreeable Gray for walls and Bright White for ceiling, but thinking to move in we’d start with a white and paint later after we see how we furnish the new house.

    1. Hi Queeni,
      WHite is tricky because finding the right one really depends on the finishes in your home. So I cannot tell you an exact white. But Off-whites are a safe choice, and they work with many finishes. You can look at SW Pure White, SW Snowbound and for a bit creamier off-white SW Alabaster.
      I hope that helps.

  15. Hello! Great article!! We have a David Weekley home – agreeable gray throughout.. we want to paint an accent wall in our dining room that will pop.. any ideas! Something light and colorful.. no navy, beige, or brownish colors. Any suggestions?

  16. Jillian, I have Brazilian cherry floors throughout my entire house and limestone in the kitchen and main hallway. I love Edgecomb BM would that work for me? kitchen cabinets are cherry but not too red.

  17. I’m dying to change a bedroom with en suite from pale green to gray. Ivory trim in both, Berber carpet brownish. Tile bathroom floor with brown grout. I can only change the wall color. So far Perfect Griege looks best but I wanted gray! Any advice for me, Ms Wizard?

    1. Hey Terri,
      It sounds like with the finishes you have you need to stick to a warm greige. If you go too cool of a gray, it will look off.
      Without seeing the room or any of the finishes I can’t give you an accurate answer. Did you look at Agreeable gray? You can also look at Colonnade Gray.
      I hope that helps!

  18. Just painted my north facing home AG we have white gutters and some trim work to paint. I was leaning towards tri corn black or black magic. It is a ranch style home with half brick walls in the front. Do you think black will be to much and if so is there a color you would recommend? Thanks so much

  19. I have dark granite countertops and agreeable gray walls in the kitchen. Do you have a suggestion for cabinet colors that aren’t white? Thank you.

  20. Hi Cate,
    I am looking for a light greige to paint my family room and foyer. I picked up samples of Agreeable Gray and Worldly Gray. In my space, I love the lightness of AG but it’s definitely picking up more gray than tan, while WG is appearing more tan but darker. Is there a color in the middle? Maybe light like AG but a hint more tan? I should note my kitchen is currently Keystone Gray, right off of the family room. I have WG in my master bathroom and love it but it appears much lighter there. Thanks for your help!

      1. Thank you! I have Accessible Beige in my master bedroom :). It’s more beige than I want downstairs and prefer something between Worldly and Agreeable. If there isn’t an option, should I consider lightening Worldly Gray? Can they do that? And how much would you recommend? Appreciate your guidance and advice!

        1. Hey Dee,
          Check out, City Loft and Modern Gray. If you don’t like those, You can lighten Worldly Gray by 25%. The undertone my shift so make sure you start with a small sample of it.

  21. Hi there,
    Thank you for this post! I just painted my kitchen agreeable gray. We have a lot of natural light and it is on the south side of the home, so it is more gray than beige. I want to paint the cherry kitchen cabinets and am stuck on picking a white or gray color for them! The flooring is a blonde vinyl plank. Trim will be painted the same as the cabinets. I plan to get new backsplash and counters also! I’m trying to go for a light and airy feel. Thank you for any help!

  22. Hello! We are getting ready to paint the exterior of our home and I’m so glad i came across your page! It’s so insightful. My home is a contemporary style 2 story home with stucco and wood fascia boards (I live in Southern California) and the original home colors were a beige with yellow undertones with a dark taupe trim. Wanting to change it up to have it look more modern and updated but still wanting to keep it neutral and timeless. Considering Agreeable Gray and Dovetail for the trim (per your awesome recs on what colors go well with AG). But just curious if you think this combination will work for exterior?

  23. Hi Cate
    My interior is painted agreeable gray… I read that you painted your doors dovetail ! I was wondering what color you painted your trim and baseboards ? Also what color hardware did you put on your doors ?


  24. Hi Cate,
    Please help with the kitchen. We have a small ranch home. The walls in the living room and hall are agreeable gray, the trim is white and the craftsman doors have been painted the Greige color on the AG color swatch, 2 down.
    The floors are grey/tan, the ceiling isa white washed wood. The pantry and garage door in the tiny kitchen have been painted the greige. What should we paint the cabinets? Should we continue the AG on the kitchen walls? There is a dining area in the kitchen with sliding glass doors and a window above the sink, appliances are stainless steel.

  25. Hi Cate,
    I love repose grey (75%) or lightened by 25% — however, my builder requires PPG paints and I don’t trust a paint match from one to the other. Could you suggest a PPG brand equivalent? I truly truly appreciate it.

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