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Exterior Paint Color Combinations

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I’m always looking at home exterior paint color combinations, especially since my home was recently painted. I guess I still have it on my brain. I just love seeing all the color combinations, traditional and out-of-the-box.

The color of your home is basically the first impression your home gives. To make sure you put your best foot forward you should have all the colors of your home working well together. I made a shortlist of my favorite exterior paint color combinations. Check them out below for some inspiration. 

Gray + Black + Red

gray black red

This is one of my favorite color combinations. There is something so timeless about these colors that work perfectly together. And come on, the combination of SW Real Red on the front door and Tricorn Black on the shutters are the absolute perfect finishing touch to this home. 


gray black red house
West Magnolia Charm

White + Black

black white

Fresh and classic. There is no way you can go wrong with this color combination. The white and the black have serious modern farmhouse vibes going on.

Check out these White Paint Colors Options:

black and white house with brown roof

Perch Plans

Blue + White + Yellow

blue white yellow

This shade of blue has been popping up on many houses recently. It’s the perfect shade, not too blue, yet not exactly navy,  it’s right smack in the middle somewhere. Paired with a simple white trim Like SW Pure White or BM White Dove, it’s a true stand-out color. Adding a fun pop of yellow on the door provides character to make this house stand out from the others. 


Painted Gentleman's Gray Exterior with light yellow door

Off White + Tan + Teal

off white tan teal

This color combination feels traditional, yet still has a charming appeal to it. The teal door works wonders with this neutral tone-on-tone home. 


blue home exterior with off white and trim and tan soffits

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Samplize Swatch

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 You know how I feel about testing paint colors, it’s a must! 

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Green + Yellow + White

green yellow white

This light green pairs beautifully with the unconventional yellow windows. Having all the trim pure white ties the home together giving it a stunningly cohesive look. 


green yellow white house

Blue + Pale Yellow + Orange

blue yellow orange1

This is a fun color combination. The blue-green is set off by the very pale yellow trim. The orange door is what pulls this combination together.  These colors aren’t over the top by any means, but they aren’t too ordinary, either. This is color done right. 

yello orange teal


painting tracker graphic

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Glenda Woodruff

Sunday 12th of September 2021

I am looking for a paint that will look good with a silver metal roof. I am looking at Repose Gray, Mindful Gray and Dorian gray. Do you think any of these Will work or can you suggest another color.


Tuesday 31st of August 2021

I have brown tarnish brisk. I put new wood shutters and stained them . I can’t afford a new entry door so I would like to paint it. I have white windows . I am not sure what color to paint the front door

Louise Townsend

Monday 16th of August 2021

I Have a split foyer the sliding is a Light beige What color do you suggest I paint my front door and the shutters?

Cate Griffing

Wednesday 18th of August 2021

A lot can go with light beige! I think some variation of a navy blue would look beautiful.

Monday 5th of October 2020

Hi, what is a good color pallet for red brick house with black shutters?


Sunday 5th of July 2020

Do you have any ideas for door colours where the exterior is brick?

Cate Griffing

Tuesday 14th of July 2020

Hi Poonam, Blues work very well with the brick. I also really like sage green.

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