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Farmhouse Style Kitchen Faucets

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A kitchen faucet has the potential to make a lasting impression on your kitchen.  Sometimes an overlooked detail, the right faucet can really take your kitchen to the next level.

If you follow me on Instagram West Magnolia Charm you may have seen my poll on choosing a kitchen faucet. Spoiler, the more expensive one won. Of course, I have expensive taste or so I am told. Anyway, I have been on the hunt for a faucet that has that farmhouse style I love. When I say hunt, I am not being dramatic. I think I have been on this hunt for over 3 months. I’ve mentioned before I am indecisive, but this was getting out of control.

I told myself I had to narrow down the choices.  

Ultimately, I  spiraled down a hole and read every review I came across. This led to me becoming even more confused and downright frustrated.

Stay with me, this kitchen faucet story has a happy ending

I decided I wasn’t going to be defeated by having to choose a kitchen faucet. I mean, there are far worse problems out there. SO, I bucked up and choose 6 that first had the look I wanted for and secondly, had good reviews. At this point, the price was just out the window, if I found one that was extremely expensive I figured I’d just get a part-time job to pay for it. My sanity is worth it.

I took those 6 kitchen faucets, chose my 2 absolute favorites, then took to Instagram.  I ran my poll , and like that I found my faucet. Luckily it’s not too expensive – no part time job necessary.

Below are the 6 kitchen faucets I chose from. Guess which one I bought. 


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