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Drop Cloth Curtains

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Drop cloth curtains are a beautiful way to add a little farmhouse charm to your home. The canvas material is a neutral tone, which will complement any colors you have in your home. If you want to add even more farmhouse charm check out these neutral farmhouse chic paint colors. They are the perfect starting point for creating a beautiful room. 

We all know I am a fan of Pinterest. I say it in just about every post I publish. But, I have a good reason to love it. Let me explain. Like most other people I need some inspiration sometimes. No, I do not have all the ideas all the time, shocking right? Well, Pinterest is my go-to when I am needing a little something more. I’m always able to find so many inspiring pictures, take those, and use them to create my own vision. 

Let me stop gushing about Pinterest and get to what I’m supposed to be sharing today,  easy DIY no sew Drop Cloth Curtains.

Yes, drop cloth curtains.  You’ve seen them, you know them, and I bet you love them too! At first, it may seem a little bizarre. Why use drop clothes when you can easily run to target and buy a pair of normal curtains?

Why I love No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

Firstly, it’s the look.

I love the expensive look these no-sew drop cloth curtains emit, I’d describe it as rustic elegance.  The canvas fabric is fairly thick and heavy, making it perfect to use for curtains.  The weight of the drop cloth allows them to hang beautifully and the thickness lets them hold their shape well.  They also work amazingly for achieving the gorgeous puddled look, when they are slightly too long. 

Secondly, they have a farmhouse look.

Tieing into why I love the look, these no-sew drop cloth curtains scream farmhouse chic. (Yes, I love the farmhouse look) When I think of the farmhouse style, I picture clean crisp neutrals, and that’s exactly what drop cloth curtains are. 

Thirdly, they are affordable.

The price is comparable to ready-made curtains like these from Amazon. 

I was able to pick up this 6×9 drop cloth from Lowes for $11.48 and if you use your Lowes credit card you get an extra 5% off! SO for a pair of curtains, it will cost you roughly $22, not such a bad deal in my opinion.

Fourthly, they are such an easy DIY

If you are anything at all like myself and cannot sew a lick, then my friends I have good news, this is your type of project!  From DIY beginners to DIY experts, these easy no sew drop cloth curtains can be done by all. 

Finally, they can be customized

Depending on the look you are aiming for it’s easily achieved using no sew drop cloth curtains.  Since Lowes carries drop clothes that come in a variety of sizes, the size of the window you are dressing isn’t an issue.  When I was at my local Lowes picking up the size I needed, they had  6×9, 9×12, and 12×15 in stock. You can also cut them to the size you need as well.

Additionally, these DIY drop cloth curtains can be hung in multiple ways. Use clips like these from Amazon to achieve the folded, pleated look. This is more along the lines of the Farmhouse style and they require no sewing whatsoever. It’s my favorite. #teamnosew

Let me also note that all pleats are not created equal. There are a few different types: the box pleat, pinch pleat, tailored pleat, and the goblet. This is a great source for curtain pleating.

From there a little more work is required aka sewing. To hang them like traditional curtains, sew a pocket at the top and slide them on your curtain rods.  Can’t sew? Try fabric fusing hem tape.  I personally never used this tape, but I’ve heard glowing reviews on it and I’m sure I’ll be using it for future projects.

If you aren’t loving the canvas color, drop cloths can in fact be bleached. A few things to remember here though.

First and foremost do your research! Find a great tutorial you can follow along with. Bleach is pretty powerful stuff, certainly not something you want to really mess around with.  

Next, not all drop cloths are 100% cotton. Which means a drop cloth with a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton is unbleachable. Polyester being the unbleachable component in the mix. Cotton is bleachable, so if you know you want to bleach the drop cloths, look for ones like these from Amazon that 100% cotton. 

How I Created the Perfect No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

Finding the right Drop Cloth

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased these Painter’s Pride drop cloths from my local Lowes. I went with the 8 ounce, 6×9. I’m not completely sure if they are 100% cotton, the packaging says “Material – Canvas”. Bleaching wasn’t my plan, so the material wasn’t a concern for me.  

An important thing to note about this particular brand “Painter’s Pride” from Lowes is that there is a seam running either horizontally or vertically. I experienced both. 

The first 2 Painter’s Pride drop cloths I purchased to make DIY drop cloth curtains for my dining room, both had vertical seams. However, I purchased the 10oz style drop cloths, so maybe that had something to do with the fact they were vertical seams. When I went back to Lowes (about a week later) I purchased 4 of the 8oz style for my living room, and these 4 had horizontal seams. 

no sew drop cloth curtain

I honestly like the way the seam looks, adds a little character to it. However, I was lucky that the seams all matched for the rooms I was creating the drop cloth curtains for. If the seams are a deal breaker for you, try these drop cloths from Amazon, they are seamless.


Deciding on a Drop Cloth Curtain Style

Since my sewing skills are not the best AWFUL, deciding on the style I wanted for my drop cloth curtains was an extremely easy choice.  Obviously, it had to be NO-SEW folded pleated style. Remember #teamnosew

Straight to Amazon, I went to order these black curtain clip rings. I went with the  1 inch black clips because they have the farmhouse look I just adore. Another reason I chose these rings was because of my existing curtain rods being a dark grayish almost black. It was the best fit.


Wash the Drop Cloth 

First things first. Wash the drop cloths! They stink when you first open the package so a good washing with a pleasantly scented laundry detergent like this one will work wonders for the stinky drop cloths. I washed, dried, and immediately removed them so they wouldn’t be too wrinkled. Though little wrinkle never hurt anyone.

Ironing my drop cloths wasn’t an option for me. I hate ironing. I don’t even iron my clothes so I’m not ironing these bad boys.  But if you are bothered by wrinkles, iron, steam or try some wrinkle spray like this one I bought, once the curtains are hung.

Creating the no-sew Drop Cloth Curtain

Creating the actual curtain was the easiest part of this entire process. All you need is a tape measure and you are ready to create.

I started by measuring the length I wanted my curtains to be. This determined the length of the fold at the top. My fold came about 16 inches. 

drop cloth curtain

I laid my drop cloth out with my 16 fold. From there I found the center and pinched my first pleat. I didn’t measure this part I just eyeballed each pinch.

drop cloth curtains
measuring curtain clip space
black curtain clips on drop cloth curtain

Measuring from the center pleat to the edge of the drop cloth, I then divided that number by 4 (for the 4 rings I had for that side). That gave me the number of distance in between each pleat. I continued pleating the rest of the drop cloth until it was complete. 

black curtain clips
lowes drop cloth curtain

Final Thoughts – No-Sew DIY Drop Clothes

These EASY NO SEW drop cloth curtains are such a simple project to complete. I was able to complete 4 in about a half-hour if that. I love easy DIYs that pack a huge punch with a limited amount of effort!

If you are looking to add a little farmhouse charm to your home, try your hand at making these drop cloth curtains. Not only are they super simple to create, but they are also budget friendly and beautiful to boot!

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Check out some of the affordable curtain options from Amazon.

Target also carries beautiful curtain options.

Another fantastic place to score amazing curtains is Wayfair.

Let your no-sew dropcloth curtains shine with the perfect paint color!

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