Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

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Today we are talking all about the of so fantastically versatile Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

Repose Gray is the ideal nuetral gray paint color choice for almost any home. And you can take it from me, I used this fantastic gray paint color all over my home. I basically used it in every room, excluding the bedrooms.

So along with explaining why it’s so fantastically versatile, I’ll also fill you in on undertones, LRV, comparisons, you know all that fun stuff.

Before I get into the cold hard facts of SW Repose Gray, I want to share my story on how I came about painting almost every wall in my house this color.

SW repose gray swatch

When Justin and I had first bought the house we were trying to “just get it done” so we could move in as soon as possible.

Getting all the rooms painted before we moved in was number one on our list. And we had a small budget to stick to, so it was one of those take what you can get situations.

After many trips to Home Depot and Lowes , we had scored enough cans of “Oops Paint” to get the painting done.

Finding paint at an awesome price.

Now if you don’t know about “Oops Paint” than my friends you are missing out. It’s a budget homeowners best friend.

To sum it up in a few words, it’s paint that had been tinted wrong and returned, but marked down drastically.

 Sometimes the paint color selection can be neutral, wall friendly colors. Other times, not so much, unless you are into a hot pink wall.

Luckily, we found a handful of neutral colored “oops Paint” we’d be able to make work.

After a few years of being in the house I was ready to repaint everything.  In my defense, our painting business was up and running at this point, so I had paint on the brain.

Which all lead me to find my holy grail gray paint color.

WAIT! Before you start painting make sure you have the best painting tools to make your job easier. It will take hours off your painting times!

Sherwin Williams
Repose Gray SW 7015

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

So what makes SW Repose Gray the most fantastic gray paint color? 

I’d have to say it’s the slight coolness this otherwise warm paint color has. I find it works beautifully with just about any decor style, making it an optimal gray paint choice. It’s the gray I always and will continually recommend.

Here are the technical stats:

  • Repose Gray Sw 7015 has a LRV of 58. This is just a bit above the middle of the LRV scale. 
  • R: 204 G: 201 B: 192
  • Hex Value: #ccc9c0
repose gray

Just to remind you, LVR ( light reflectance value), is the amount of light the paint color either absorbs or reflects, is slightly higher on the scale. So the higher on the scale the more light it reflective the paint color will be. A great article to read to learn more about LRV is Light Reflectance Value: What Do Those Numbers Mean?

Repose Gray is featured in the following  Sherwin Williams Color Collections:

  • Senior Living Cool Foundations,
  • Pottery Barn – Spring/Summer 2019,
  • Dreamer

What color is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW 7015?

Repose gray is gray. I mean it’s name certainly doesn’t give that away, does it? (sarcasm anyone?)

Yes, it is gray but it’s not a full on true gray. This gray beauty has a taupe-ish base to it. A mixture of gray, brown, greige and a dab of purple. A very small dab though.

Half shiplap wall
Sherwin Willams Repose Gray in the kitchen

What undertones does Sherwin Williams Repose Gray have?

Repose Gray’s undertones are a mix of brown, gray, and greige with a kiss of purple. 

I know , I know, you hear purple and you think if you choose repose gray as your wall color you are basically going to have purple walls.

That’s not the case. The hint of purple gives Repose it’s pizzaz. It gives it substance so this gray paint color doesn’t fall flat or look dull and boring. 

Is Repose Gray a warm color?

Repose by Sherwin WIlliams is a warm gray. However, it’s pulls cooler than many other gray paint colors because of that hint of purple/ blue in it.

A great color to compare it to is Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray. Worldly Gray is clearly warmer than Repose.


When compared side by side you can see how SW Repose gray is cooler than SW Worldly Gray.

If you are a fan of cool colors Check out these Sherwin Williams Cool Grays.

How does lighting affect Repose Gray?

The way a color is perceived is highly dependant on lighting. For example a room with tons of natural light pouring in will look different from a room with little to no natural light.

lighting direction

As you can see in the graphic above, if you have a North facing room, the coolness of colors is brought out. 

So in Repose Grays case, when painted in a North facing room, you will see the colors coolness rather than it’s warmth.

You may also see hints of that purple / blue undertone that the color has. Like I mentioned before, I have Repose in the majority of my home and some days when I’m looking at the color on the bathroom walls, I’ll notice the tiniest hint of purple.  And I’m talking the tiniest hint of purple.

This is something to keep in mind and take into consideration, especially if you are looking for a paint color with a warmer feel. 

Don’t start painting until you have the right tools! 


Where can you use Repose Gray SW 7015?

  • Kitchens 
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Trim & Molding
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Exterior
Repose Gray Living Room

The beauty of Repose Gray is that it can be used just about anywhere. This gray is so versatile and it make a beautiful backdrop for any decor style.

fireplace with tv mounted above it

Shop This Room

1 .Chair  2. Frame  3. Cotton Stems

farmhouse style living room

Shop This Room

1. Couch 2. Pillows 3. Tobacco Basket 4. Magnolia Wreath

How to lighten Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

A different way to use Repose is by lighting it by 50% 25% or whatever % you want. Basically this means when mixing a color you start with your base, which is white. then to that, you add colorant to make the color of your choice.

So let’s say we were adding 12 drops of blue and 12 drops of black colorant into the white base. To lighten that color you’d  equally reduce the number of drops.. 12 drops now become 6 drops. 

I decided to do this paint lightening method in our business office. Even though Repose is a relatively light color,  I was afraid it would look a bit dark in the space since the natural light was lacking in there.

It lightened the color just enough to do the trick.

repose gray lightened

Playing with sheens.

Another way to use Repose Gray is by using it in different sheens. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you decided to paint your kitchen cabinets Repose Gray in an eggshell finish. Then on the walls you used in a flat finish.

By changing the finish or sheen, the color will look different. A higher sheen will reflect more light, making it appear lighter and a lower sheen will do the opposite and look a bit dark. 

It’s a great way to use a color you love in multiple ways.

Looking For More Paint Color Ideas?

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray vs. Agreeable Gray.

Repose Gray vs. Agreeable Gray (1)
What is the difference between Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray?
  • Agreeable Gray has and LRV of 60, which is a hair lighter than Repose at 58.
  • Agreeable Gray has more warmth in it and also has taupe undertones. 
  • When it comes to being a greige Agreeable Gray takes this one.
  • In South facing room Agreeable Gray is at it’s best, showing off the warm, soft greige color it truly is.
  • Unlike how Repose can show the purple / blue undertone it has, Agreeable Gray tends to stay docile, sticking to the griege that it is. 

Repose Gray vs. Agreeable Gray, who’s the winner? That’s a tough question to answer. It’s all about preference and lighting. Both of these gray paint colors are no-fail colors. it all comes down to whether or not you want more of a cool or warm-toned gray wall color.

Check out my full Agreeable Gray review for more information.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray vs. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

BM Revere Pewter

  • Revere Pewter has an LRV of 55.51, a bit lower than Repose and it does appear darker.
  • As you can see, BM Revere Pewter is certainly a warmer color.
  • Depending on the light, most often Revere Pewter can look green and slightly muddy. 

Light French Gray vs. Repose Gray

repose gray
  • Sherwin Williams Light French Gray has an LRV of 53, which is lower than the RG
  •  Light French grey is more cool-toned when compared to Repose.
  • Whereas you can see some of the undertones Repose has in different lighting, Light French Gray stands fairly neutral. Not too many surprises with that guy.

Coordinating Colors

It’s not difficult to find other colors to coordinate with Repose since it works well with just about everything. Blue gray paint colors in particular.

However, I love pairing it with SW 7014 Eider White, SW 7017 Dorian Gray, SW 7642 Pavestone and my favorite  teal, SW 6222 Riverway.

SW Repose Gray Coordinating Colors (3)

Color Recap

  • Repose has an LRV of 58.  
  • It is a warm gray that does pull cool in certain lighting.
  • The undertones are gray, brown, greige and an itty bitty hint of purple / blue. And this is why Repose Gray can look blue at times. 
  • In a North facing room Repose will look on the cooler side and in a South facing room it will pull warmer.
  • Use this fabulous gray anywhere your heart desires: bedroom, bathroom, kitchens, exterior, you name it, you paint it.

Final Thoughts

The aspect I love about this color is that its a good balance between warm and cool. Some grays are just too cool and usually look blue. Or they are too warm and look somewhat yellow. Repose Gray SW 7015 is the perfect mix of both. 

Finally, I love how this gray adjusts according to the lighting.

On a bright, beautiful, sunny day repose gray looks its best. Showing off its cooler side. Where as, on a gloomier day the warmth comes out more, providing a cozy feel to your space.

All the reasons why I love this gray paint color and why I will continue to recommend it.

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Repose Gray

Love Repose Gray but want a shade darker? Check out Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams.  Or do you prefer a gray a bit more of a cool tone to it? If so check out SW Passive.

Don’t forget, when it comes to paint colors it’s always a good idea to paint large swatches where you intend to use the color. Lighting will change in the room so pay attention and be observant. You want to make sure you will love the color in every lighting situation.

Use Samplize Peel & Stick Paint Samples for a mess-free way to test paint colors!

Planning on tackling a painting project on your own?  Use these tips to help you paint your room like a pro.

Don’t forget your tools and accessories!

Drop cloths are a must for any painting project. Paint is messy! Save yourself the hassle of unnecessary cleanup by using drop cloths. You’ll be happy you did.

A high-quality paint brush will go a long way. The same goes for paint rollers. You want to use tools that will work with you, making your painting job easier.

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91 thoughts on “Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams”

  1. I painted our last house entirely in Repose Gray! It is definitely my go-to! Flash forward to our current house – Most everything is in Repose Gray again! All the bedrooms and bathrooms – we went a little darker with the gray in the living room and hallway since we had such a big, open space to work with, If I had to go back though, I would go with Repose, I hate the dark!! That’s what I get for listening to the hubby! Haha! I wouldn’t mind Alabaster though either now! 🙂

      1. Thank you for this post!! Hoping you might be able to give me your idea for a trim/ceiling color to coordinate with the repose? Do I use the same color? Thank you!

  2. This is a beautiful shade of gray! You’re lucky to have an expert painter’s opinion! It took me literally months to pick out a gray paint and finally landed on gray owl. I never realized how tricky grays were until then!

  3. Yesssss! I LOVE Repose, too! Your house looks beautiful. I wish I could say that my husband is an expert painter. LOL . As for painting, it’s usually just me and my paintbrush. I’m sure this is by design. Hahahaha!

    1. THank You Marissa. He may be the expert painter but I was the one painting. That’s the last thing he wants to think about when he gets home lol But I love to paint so I had no problem.

      1. I am testing Repose in my home and like. I actually loved it but am concerned it may be too dark on the whole house. I have gray kitchen cabinets so I was thinking lighter to have more contrast but I think 100% will still work.

        I tried 50% Repose and it gives me the blue tone feeling. Am I just imagining this or can this happen when you lighten it down? The true Repose doesn’t feel blue at all. The 50% is catching me off guard now. What do you think?

        1. Hey Kristi,
          When you lighten paint colors, they can shift a bit, so you aren’t imagining things. You can try lighting it by 25%. This will lighten Repose a bit and still give you the contrast you are looking for.

  4. In a basement would you recommend repose gray or agreeable gray. The walls are currently a warm light yellowish ( can’t remember the color) and the walls behind the big screen tv ( and down the steps )is BM Navy which we would like to leave unless you have another suggestion??

    Thanks, so enjoy your posts!

  5. Hi! I’m getting ready to paint my living room and dinning room repose grey and was wondering what trim/ceiling color you would recommend to compliment the repose grey walls?
    Thank you!

  6. We are planning on using 50% everywhere, is it ok to use the same on the ceiling? we are using eggshell for the wall and flat for the ceiling. thoughts?

  7. I am thinking about using Repose Gray, but my concrete floors are stained and they are definitely burnt orange to terracotta in color, it varies through the living area and hallways. I just purchased a gray couch, as I am trying to change the warm brown in my house, walls are currently a cafe latte color. I hope you can give some help. I am really tired of looking at the brown through out the house.


  8. I am planning to paint the exterior of my Florida ranch home with SW Repose Grey(body), Alabaster(trim and garage doors) .The door color is the hardest to choose Alabaster, Tricorn, Riverway or white(what is the best shade?).I have been working on color schemes for the last 4 months now, boxes of paint sample with still no solution.Today is my luck day I stumbled on your website.With your expertise I sincerely need your help.

    1. Hi Tina,
      Personally I like a front door color that is different from the rest of the home. That being said, I like Tricorn Black as a more neutral option. Or if you want a pop of color Riverway is a gorgeous option. You can also go with a navy blue like SW Naval or SW Indigo Batik.

  9. I’m about to paint our bathrooms. I wanted to do repose gray on the walls and a darker gray on the cabinets. What color is your mantle?

    Also, any dark color gray you would suggest with repose for a cabinet?

    Thank you!

  10. Amazing site! Thanks for the input on this topic. I’m picking colors for our exterior paint and have just about narrowed it down to Repose gray siding (Other contender is Grey Sanctuary but wondering if that’s too blue), Alabaster trim and Navy Seawall accents. Do you think this is a good combination and will go with our light reddish brick front entrance columns?

  11. What trim color would you suggest for repose gray? Would like to paint ceiling and trim the same color, as well as kitchen cabinets. Painting the entire home repose gray! Thanks!

  12. Hi! We painted our interior March Wind and Mindful Gray (we absolutely love both)!! We are having the most difficult time picking a gray for our exterior. Our stucco home is in FL and gets a tremendous amount of sun. I have had several designers suggest Repose or Agreeable to me, but both seem so light. Would it be wrong to use Mindful or March Wind on the exterior as well since we love it so on the interior? Would you still pair with Alabaster for trim? How about Charcoal Blue for front door and shutters? Thanks so much!

  13. Hey there, Thanks so much for all the info on Repose Grey! I love the cream color behind your mantle. May I ask what it is? Karmon

      1. Thank you for this post! Do you find Repose leans cooler or warmer once lightened? I know some colors shift a bit once adjusted. Thank you!

  14. If I’m looking for a lighter Repose Grey, should I cut by 50% or use Elder White? Thank you for your help!

  15. Hello,
    My house faces east and does not have a lot of windows. My husband picked out repose Gray (flat) and we painted the bedrooms and it is just to dark for me. I agreed to leave the bedrooms that color but I need help with finding a color for the rest of the house. I want something that’s going to make the house seem bigger and out trim is semigloss white.

  16. What color is the bathroom vanity? Trying to decide what color to paint our vanity to go with repose gray we used on the walls and happened on your account from Pinterest.

  17. Hi! Needing some help with my whole house wall color. My current home I have alabaster trim and repose gray walls which I love! But….The house we are buying has a cream colored trim, SW Canvas Tan. The house is 5000 sq ft so it is not feasible to paint the trim. Do you have any advice on what wall colors would be good options for me to try given the trim is canvas tan? The house has large windows in the back of the house that let in good light facing North. Front windows face south. My goal is light and bright and airy! Thought about doing a white on the walls, or a greige lightening it 50%, or even a gray lightening it 50% if it is on the warmer side to coordinate with the trim! Any advice would be much appreciated! And if you could recommend some specific SW colors or any colors that would be super helpful! Thanks!

    1. Hi Shelia,
      A few warmer White options to check out are Shoji White, Pearly White or Ivory Lace. They all have a greige undertone. You can also check out Balanced Beige. It’s a tad bit darker but, a great, neutral greige that will work with Canvas Tan.
      I hope that helps!

  18. Help! Painting a master bath with almost no natural light! Shower is white. Cabinetry is a dark gray. Floor tile is a match for Repose Gray. Thinking main wall color should also be repose gray (maybe 50% ? But I’d like to have a contrast for the vanity wall (mostly covered by mirror and vanity) to inject SOME color into the space! Please help with recommendations!

    Also, this bath will have a sliding, door with windows in it adjoining the cedar lined closet. I don’t know what color it should be either! Any insight greatly appreciated!

  19. Hi, so last night I painted my kitchen this color Repose Gray (semi-gloss) and this morning when I woke up and walked in there it bothered me so much because I see the walls bluish rather than gray/taupe/purple 🤦🏻‍♀️ I keep googling photos of the color and I see a way different tone of gray than what my kitchen looks like 😭😭

  20. Shirley Carrillo

    I’m so glad I stumbled on this post. I recently painted the interior of my home Repose Gray and I love it! Every room seems a different shade due to lighting but I love it. My dilemma is, what color should I paint the closets and pantry? I’d like a similar shade but more on the warmer side, so I’ve been debating within Worldly Gray and agreeable gray. I’m debating on the colors because some closets don’t have windows and I worry the color might be too dark in those. All trim work is SW Pure White. Any suggestions?

  21. Hi Cate!
    I’m trying to pick an exterior Greige paint for a lakeside home we are building with a combination of painted brick, siding & board & Batton. I’d love your opinion about SW Amazing gray and Anew Gray. The front of our home will face W/SWest, with less trees in the front & more in the back by the lake. We will have a light trim, like Shoji white, and dark bronze windows & gutters. I didn’t want to go too light in color & I’ve considered Mindful Gray but thought a true Greige might look better with the bronze accents. I really love reading your blog posts and truly appreciate any guidance you can offer! Thank you!

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thank you for the kind words.
      Check out Analytical Gray SW 7051 and Skyline Steel SW 1015. They have a little more warmth to them than Mindful Gray. They my be closer to the greige you are looking for.
      I hope that helps!

  22. Love your color review! I have repose gray in my great room and foyer. I need to paint a set of french doors off the foyer and the banister and looking to do in a black. What SW black would go best with Repose Gray. Black Fox, Tricorn Black, Iron Ore Urban Bronze? I do have a dark harwood floor.

  23. Wonderful review on Repose Gray. We are building a farmhouse that we designed ourselves. Super excited. I have changed my mind so many times on interior paint. Revere Pewter (too warm for me); Repose Gray. Crushed Ice. Now, I think I’m definitely back to Repose Gray. We will have one large living, dining and kitchen with lots of light. Our large 16 foot sliding windows face east (lots of light in the morning). The bedrooms will have light but not quite as much. I’m excited for the color to display its charm.

    Question: I’m wanting to paint he kitchen island and pantry door (and maybe even some furniture pieces-I build my own) some complementary colors- not necessarily darker grays but like blues or soft teals. What would be some of your suggestions? Also, what white pairs well for kitchen cabinets and trim with Repose Gray? Any help would be so helpful!

  24. Hi there! Great review of Repose Gray!! Thank you!! What colors would you recommend for island and pantry door in a well lit kitchen that pair with RG? Even some furniture pieces? Also, what is the best white to pair for trim and kitchen cabinets? Basically, I’m wanting tips for a color pallette for RG. ;0). Any insight would be great. Thank you so much.

  25. Hi! We are finishing our basement and have virtually no natural light :/. I have repose gray in my main areas upstairs and love it. We are planning a Mineral Gray bar with dark gloss. Will Repose be too dark in a basement? Do you recommend a different color over Repose that may go better in basement or just the 50% lightening? It’s quite expensive to go for eggshell so we are going for the sure scrub flat finish. Also, would Snowbound trim go with Repose? Or should I go Extra White? This is by far the most informative blog post I’ve seen on gray and I’ve read it several times so I’ll be following your blog from now on! thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Meagan,
      Thank you for the kind words!
      How is the artificial lighting in the basement? I think if you have enough of that Repose would work. You can try lighting it by 25%. both Snowbound and Extra white will work. I like Extra White a little bit better.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Repose Gray is lighter but it has more of a blue / violet undertone that can possibly come through at certain times. Mindful Gray tends to have more of a green undertone.

  26. Hi! Updating the interior of a 90’s home with hints of blues and pinks in the ceramic tile :/ Updating the flooring isn’t in the budget now, so hoping for a gray paint on the walls that will pull away from those colors and pick up the grays in the tile instead- ideas?
    Thank you!

  27. Hi Cate, Thanks for the great blog. I am considering agreeable gray or Repose for the walls in the majority of our home. What would you suggest is best for trim? I have decorators white in the trim in the one room we’ve painted so far (the walls in that room are revere pewter). Or would you go with Alabaster? My house is north facing, some rooms are not very bright.
    Thank you.

  28. Thank you for the review of paint colors – very helpful! I am looking for a whole house interior paint color and I think I have narrowed it down to Light French Gray and Repose Gray. My house faces the east so morning sunlight in the front and afternoon light in the back of our home. We have ample windows which is helpful. My woodwork and kitchen cabinets are dark…think coffee stain with an off white island. My wooden floors are a darker shade as well but our carpet is neutral/tan-cream color. (The kitchen/dining/living are all one open rectangular room) We recently moved and my dream was to have a nice, crisp, white clean open house but that is not going to happen since the woodwork is beautiful here and I can’t imagine painting it white. Anyway it is hard to picture these paints with a darker trim because everything you see is white. Right now I am leaning towards Repose Gray because I feel it works better with the darks in my home. The Light French Gray is definitely a little darker and I do sometimes see more blue in the color. Any advice for finding the right gray to give me a fresh, clean feeling that compliments my darker woods?

  29. Hi, we are trying to determine colors for a new construction home. It is an open floor plan. I am planning to do pearlescent cabinets and a greige paint in the open area. What colors do you recommend for cabinets, trim, and interior walls? Also what are some good accent colors to use in bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms? Basically I need an entire color scheme 🤦🏼‍♀️. Thank you!


  30. Hi, I could use some sound advice regarding paint color for Kitchen cabinets. The walls and trim are Cool December from Dunn Edwards. Medium brown wood floors, and a large patio door facing south, that provides a lot of natural light. The back splash is white subway with medium gray grout. I’m thinking Agreeable Gray or Repose gray. I have white appliances.(Not my choice) Please provide some suggestions. Thank you!

  31. Hello Cate, Please advise…would Repose Gray go with red dining room walls and curtains? Thinking of doing Repose at 50% or 25% all other areas of house (North facing). Thank you for the great post!

  32. I have had a large sample of SW Repose Gray on my bathroom wall for over 6 months. Here is the issue. The room has a large southern exposure window which should reduce the violet undertones and I like that however my next door neighbor painted their house a very vibrant shade of Robin’s Egg blue (yes not kidding) and at certain times of day it casts blue light into the room which complicates choosing the color by light exposure. At times, the sample definitely reflects a violet/pink that I do not like. Everything else about the color is right. Can anyone recommend a very, very similar color in either SW or BM that won’t pull violet in these circumstances. I have looked at Agreeable Gray but it appears way too taupe.

  33. Hi I am trying to pick a color for the exterior of my house and having a hard time. I want Grey, Tricorn Black trim and white windows. But not sure what Grey, Repose or Agreeable? I do not want it to look blue, i can live with brown or tan but not blue or purple. Help please 🙂

  34. I’m so glad I came upon this post! We are in the process of choosing grey paint and repose is my top choice. My question is this- we have dark stained wood trim and dark you think the repose grey would look good with the dark? I read where have some blue/purple in the base would make the dark trim look good. Thanks for your opinion!

    1. Hi Nicole! Did you end up painting the exterior of your home repose gray? We need to choose an exterior paint color and have dark stained garage doors and gates so I am wondering the same thing as you! If you’ve already done it, can you let me know how it turned out? Thanks!!!

  35. I just purchased this color. I’m so confused. The rooms I’m painting face the south. Would this not work? I’m looking for a light gray. I also have a cherry kitchen that I wanted to paint the walls, also repose gray. Any help here?

  36. Hi Heather!

    We are renovating a 45 year old condo that sits in between two other units. So natural light is something of an issue. That’s probably why the wall samples of Repose Gray are coming off way too dark. I love the tan-ish undertones and hope that we won’t lose them, but based on all this great info in your blog I’m going to go 50% lighter. What were the odds I’d find your blog that actually had a picture of what 50% would look like?! Thank you! I’m using Repose Gray everywhere except in the bathrooms where I’m trying to match the pretty clear blue green glass pebbles of the shower accent band. I intended on using SW Iceberg but that’s coming off too baby blue, no green undertones like I had hoped. Do you think adding a couple drops of green will do the trick?

  37. Thanks for your post. I’m struggling a gray color to paint my entire house. The tile in my living room has some brown, gray color in it. Previous painting is more like beige color. My living room is high ceiling facing west. Which do you think would work better, agreeable grey or repose grey? We are in the southern area and I think a cool color may make the room feel cooler in the afternoon. My kitchen carbines are in white. Thanks for your suggestions.

  38. Getting ready to paint a stark white house. We bought a newly remodeled home and the white is just not pleasing to my eye. Looking hard at Repose Gray. All of the cabinets are white, trim is white and fireplace is white brick with black marble hearth. The brick goes to ceiling. I am considering leaving the brick white. I would love your opinion
    Thank you, Judy

  39. Hi there, thanks for your wonderful insight. I’m going with repose grey in my living room. In the first photo in your article, it think it’s a front door, darker grey. What color do you think that is? I’d like to try that as well.
    Thanks for your time 🤗

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