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Cate Griffing| Owner & Author | West Magnolia Charm

About Me

My name is Cate Griffing, and I’m the owner and author of West Magnolia Charm.

gill on ladder by a fireplace

As a former co-owner of a house painting company and a seasoned paint color consultant, my journey into the world of DIY and home decor was deeply rooted in hands-on experience. Growing up, my dad was my greatest teacher, imparting invaluable skills and knowledge that have stayed with me throughout my life. From the meticulous art of paint mixing to mastering the nuances of color psychology, my background has equipped me with a keen eye for detail and a passion for transforming spaces.

My education in the realm of home improvement wasn’t confined to classrooms; it was cultivated through years of practical application and real-world challenges. While I didn’t pursue formal education in this field, my hands-on experience and continuous learning have been instrumental in honing my craft. Whether it’s learning about the latest trends in interior design or experimenting with innovative DIY techniques, my journey has been a dynamic blend of exploration and innovation.

Through my website, social media channels, and contributions to various online platforms, I’ve been able to share my expertise and insights with DIY enthusiasts and homeowners alike. From step-by-step tutorials on renovation projects to tips for selecting the perfect paint color palette, my goal is to empower others to unleash their creativity and make their spaces truly their own. By drawing upon my past experiences and embracing new challenges, just like the new website I created, Wizarding Beauty, I continue to inspire and inform others in their own DIY endeavors.

Check out the full story of why I started West Magnolia Charm here.

Education & Experience & Achievements

  • Design classes at Berkely College 2006-2008
  • Champ Chroma Color Course 2023-2024
  • Hands-on experience running a successful house painting company 2017-2021

Recent Articles/Work