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Sherwin Williams Olympus White Review

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I had delved into the world of paint colors extensively, but Sherwin Williams’ Olympus White always stood out for me. With its subtle undertones and a light reflectance value that brightens rooms without overwhelming, this shade encapsulates versatility.

Those undertones, bluish with a hint of gray, bring a serene and calm atmosphere to any space. The light reflectance value notably enhances its adaptability, making it suitable for various lighting conditions and settings. It’s this unique combination that sets Olympus White apart in Sherwin Williams’ expansive collection.

sherwin williams paint deck

Its ability to act both as a neutral background and a standalone color offers endless possibilities for home renovation, interior design, and otherwise plain walls. Indeed, this is not just another paint color; it’s a transformative tool for home decor.

What Color is Sherwin Williams Olympus White?

Olympus White is a lovely light shade in the white family. It has just enough saturation that it can look like a very light, cool grey with some blue tones to it.

Olympus White Walls

LRV of Sherwin Williams Olympus White

SW Olympus White has an LRV 68. As a quick refresher, I’ll explain what that means. LRV or Light Reflectance Value is a measurement commonly used by design professionals that measures the amount of light reflected from and absorbed by a surface. LRVs range from 0 -100, with 100 being pure white and 0 being absolute black. A great article to read to learn more about LRV is Light Reflectance Value: What Do Those Numbers Mean?

What Undertones Does Olympus White Have?

Let’s examine the undertones of SW Olympus White. This color belongs to the white color family, but it exhibits noticeable blue and gray undertones.

In fact, the blue can appear so strong at times that, under the right conditions, you might mistake your walls for being light blue rather than light grey.

For the most part, it’s a light, neutral cool gray. But it is useful to know that the blue in it can come out in certain lighting conditions.

Is Olympus White a Popular Paint Color?

Sherwin Williams unveiled Olympus White, marking a pivotal moment in interior design trends. This shade immediately set itself apart with its soft, airy undertones, capturing the attention of designers and homeowners alike. It was introduced at a time when the demand for neutral, versatile paint colors was on the rise, responding perfectly to the call for subtlety in color schemes. 

olumpus white kitchen cabinets

The paint’s light reflectance value played a significant role in its adoption for various residential painting projects, enhancing the appeal in home renovation and decor. Its surge in popularity wasn’t just by chance; it had everything to do with its capability to transform rooms into modern, serene spaces. 

This paint color became synonymous with elegance in home decor, setting a new benchmark for color trends in the industry. Paint selection had evolved, with it leading the charge as a top choice for those looking to refresh their walls with a color that promised both tranquility and sophistication.

Ideal Settings

Olympus White by Sherwin Williams has captivated many with its versatility and unique charm. It embraces north-facing rooms, transforming these spaces with its subtle warmth, despite the cooler light. 

This shade elevates modern interiors, infusing them with an airy elegance. Hallways and small spaces also benefit, feeling more expansive under its influence. Its light reflectance value ensures brightness, a cherished attribute in darker areas.

It’s not just a gorgeous paint color; it’s a strategic element in home renovation, enhancing natural light and complementing various home decor styles. 

For those eyeing color trends or pondering painting tips for their next DIY painting project, this hue opens a realm of possibilities. Its ability to pair with a wide range of color schemes and accent colors makes it a favorite. As a color consultant, I’ve seen it breathe new life into rooms, signaling a transformative chapter in home improvement ventures.

Complementary Colors

I’ve found that Sherwin Williams’ Olympus White, with its soothing undertones, became a canvas for creativity in my paint color consultations. You would marvel at how versatile it really is. Sitting comfortably between the realms of grey and blue, it holds a light reflectance value that breathes life into spaces. It beckons complementary colors that add depth or serenity to a room’s ambiance.

paint deck

For trims, I always lean towards crisp whites. Pure White or Extra White offer the perfect contrast, ensuring Olympus White walls truly pop. These pairings foster a fresh, clean look essential in modern and minimalist designs. 

Now, for those desiring a bit more drama or warmth, incorporating shades like Peppercorn or Accessible Beige as accent colors elevate the overall aesthetic. They introduce an element of sophistication and coziness to the space. 

The choices don’t end there; greens and muted blues harmonize beautifully, presenting countless possibilities for room transformation and invoking a serene, inviting atmosphere.

If you need a few more ideas for complementary colors to pair with Sherwin Williams Olympus White, consider the following:

Application Tips and Tricks

I’ve discovered that using a high-quality primer will make a significant difference. It ensures that Olympus White’s true color shines through, enhancing its light reflectance value. I always recommend a tinted primer that closely matches the paint. This strategy greatly improves coverage and results in a uniform finish. For application, investing in top-grade brushes and rollers has proven invaluable in my past projects. These tools help distribute Sherwin Williams paint evenly, avoiding streaks or uneven layers.

Follow these helpful painting tips and avoid these mistakes to get the job done right!

Working in well-lit areas will aid in spotting and correcting any inconsistencies quickly. It also allows for a better assessment of how natural and artificial light impacts the shade. Remember, precise techniques and the right tools turn painting from a challenging task into a rewarding activity, especially when embracing DIY painting. 

Trust me, the effort put into selecting the perfect tools and applying it thoughtfully will transform any room, creating striking, beautiful spaces in your home.

Lighting Impact

I discovered Olympus White had a chameleon-like quality. Under the glow of natural light, this hue exhibits a serene, airy freshness, reminiscent of a breezy, sunlit morning. Its subtle undertones suddenly become more pronounced. 

In contrast, once the sun sets, and artificial lighting takes over, the color transforms. It morphs into a cooler, more reserved version of itself, with the softest whispers of gray. This interplay between light and shade makes Olympus White a versatile choice for any space. It seamlessly adapts, whether bathed in the golden hues of dawn or the crisp clarity of LED lights. 

Thus, understanding this dual nature has been crucial. It guides my recommendations, ensuring spaces achieve the desired ambiance at any hour. With Olympus White, the impact of lighting is undeniable, crafting atmospheres that shift beautifully with the day.

How Lighting Impacts SW Olympus White

Shades with strong undertones may appear different in various lighting conditions. Here’s a basic expectation of how Olympus White will appear.

  • North-facing light – Northern lights have a blue tint, making it the coolest natural lighting. This accentuates the color’s cool tendencies and brings out the blue undertones even more.
  • South-facing light – warm southern lighting will soften Olympus White’s cool tones, creating a more neutral, gray appearance. 
  • East-facing light – The light in the morning appears as a warm yellow, while in the afternoon it has a cooler tone. This means that the color Olympus White will look more neutral and gray in the morning, but will shift to a cooler, gray-tinged blue later in the day.
  • West-facing light –Western light is the warmest natural light late in the day, but it’s cool-leaning early on. This shade will appear cool gray-blue in the morning until the rich, red nature of western light takes over in the late afternoon. At that point, it will neutralize the cool blues and appear more neutral.

How to Sample SW Olympus White

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Real-Life Experiences and Reviews of Sherwin Williams Olympus White

I found countless clients raving about the transformative power of Sherwin Williams Olympus White in their homes. They often highlight its unique ability to blend with various color schemes, making it a versatile choice for any room. Many have appreciated the subtle undertones that provide a fresh, airy feel, especially in spaces like north-facing rooms or modern interiors.

Olympus White Foyer
 M P

DIY painting enthusiasts expressed joy in discovering how Olympus White effortlessly complements both contemporary and classic home decor.

Professional painters and interior designers commend the shade for its remarkable light reflectance value. This characteristic makes rooms appear larger and more welcoming. 

Olympus White Kitchen Walls
 M P

Critics, on the other hand, sometimes mention challenges in color matching, especially under artificial light. Yet, the consensus remains: Olympus White is a resilient choice for both residential painting and major home renovation projects, offering an elegance that can withstand the test of time.

Olympus White Compared to Other Colors

I had dived deep into a palette of neutrals before I encountered Sherwin Williams Olympus White. This shade stood out, not just for its airy subtlety but also for the way it gently transforms spaces. Olympus White has cousins in the neutral family, such as Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl. Both share a knack for echoing the light, yet Olympus White leans towards a softer, ethereal glow. It’s that delicate balance between cool and warm undertones that sets it apart.

SW Olympus WHite vs Gray Owl

In contrast, Behr’s Silver Drop offers a similar vibe but carries a tad more warmth, veering it away from the cool crispness Olympus White effortlessly presents. I’ve noted that Olympus White, with its subtle blue undertones, orchestrates a serene backdrop. It brings a distinctive serenity that Silver Drop, while beautiful, cannot quite capture. The light reflectance value of Olympus White also plays a fascinating role, brilliantly reflecting light in spaces where Silver Drop might feel just slightly denser.

SW Olympus WHite vs behr silver drop

As I compared swatches, Farrow & Ball’s Cornforth White entered the equation. Each paint color whispers tales of tranquility and sophistication. Yet, Olympus White stands its ground with a more accessible palette, offering versatility without the premium price tag. Its ability to marry different styles and periods of interior decor with grace places it a step ahead for me, both as a color consultant and a connoisseur of timeless design.

SW Olympus WHite vs cornforth white

Don’t start painting until you have the right tools!


Sherwin Williams Olympus White vs. Reflection

SW Olympus WHite vs Reflection

Sherwin Williams Reflection has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 66, which is nearly identical to the LRV of Olympus White. Both are gray with slight blue tones, though Reflection also has a hint of purple that can be seen at times. Reflection tends to appear more as a neutral gray and less blue compared to Olympus White.

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Sherwin Williams Olympus White vs. Passive

SW Olympus WHite vs Passive

Passive has an LRV of 60 and is noticeably darker than Olympus White. Despite being darker, it leans towards the cooler side of the spectrum with blue undertones. Unlike Olympus White, Passive can appear icy and occasionally even slightly purple in certain lighting conditions.

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Sherwin Williams Olympus White vs. Agreeable Gray

SW Olympus WHite vs Agreeable Gray

Since SW Agreeable Gray has a lower Light Reflectance Value (LRV) than Olympus White, with a value of 60, it is slightly darker. Additionally, it is a greige that tends more towards beige, giving it a warmer appearance compared to the cool-toned Olympus White.

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Pros and Cons

I’ve discovered Olympus White by Sherwin Williams comes with its share of pros and cons. 

shewin williams paint deck

Light reflectance value plays to our advantage, brightening rooms effortlessly. Its unique undertone brings a fresh perspective to interior design, seamlessly integrating with modern color trends and home decor. 

Moreover, this color shines in DIY painting projects due to its forgiving nature in color matching. Paint selection often feels daunting, but this shade simplifies decisions.

However, challenges surface. Its subtlety might require multiple paint swatches to appreciate its true charm, possibly delaying your home renovation timeline. For those unfamiliar with painting tips and tricks, achieving the ideal finish necessitates careful primer selection and application techniques. 

Lastly, while versatile, its impact varies greatly under different lighting conditions, which could impact your envisioned room transformation or color scheme.

Olympus White exterior swatch
Olympus White Swatch

My Insights on Sherwin Williams Olympus White

I’ve spent years mingling with hues and shades, but Sherwin Williams’ Olympus White holds a special place in my palette. The journey began when a client sought a backdrop that radiated tranquility without tipping into sterility. Olympus White emerged as a champion, its subtle undertones and admirable light reflectance value doing wonders in spaces that yearned for light and airiness.

paint deck

My stint as a painting company owner taught me the importance of versatility in paint colors. It’s thrived not just in north-facing rooms but also lent an understated elegance to modern interiors. It became my go-to recommendation for clients embarking on home renovation projects, wanting to stay abreast of color trends without drowning their homes in them.

Pairing colors can be a daunting task, yet Olympus White made it feel like a breeze. I found it paired exquisitely with a variety of trim colors and accent shades, easing the color matching process. Its adaptability encouraged my venture into more creative uses in interior design, transforming rooms with its soft charm. 

Through years of dabbling in DIY painting and providing painting tips to eager homeowners, Olympus White has steadfastly remained a favorite. Its unique ability to blend with diverse color schemes while maintaining its distinctiveness has cemented its place in both my professional heart and the many homes it has graced.

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