BEST Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors

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Choosing a Benjamin Moore gray paint color may seem a bit intimidating with the number of options they carry. Knowing a few useful bits of information will help you easily find the perfect shade of gray for your walls. 

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A few tips to know before we get into the best Benjamin Moore gray paint colors.

Paint colors are often created by using two or more colors. An undertone is created when there is a higher percentage of one color over the other.

Want to figure out what undertone you should go with?

•Pick up a few gray color chips your like. Stack them on top of one another to see brightness levels and undertones.

•Use gray color chips and layer them on your home furnishings. This can help you see what undertone will work best in your room.

•Buy gray paint samples and paint large swatches on walls in different lighting conditions. Or use Samplize Peel & Stick Paint Samples. They are super easy to use and mess-free!

Now the question of a warm or cool gray paint?

Warm grays, or brown-gray—or the ever so popular “greige”—are very welcoming, while cooler gray paint colors like green-gray and blue-gray, have more of a modern feel. 

Light exposure plays a large roll in the gray’s undertone.

Opt for a warmer gray paint color if your room has north-facing light. The reason being, northern light reveals more of the gray paints blue and green undertones.

The more flattering south-facing light gives you the opportunity on the variety of gray paint colors you can use in your room.

Find more information on how light affects paint colors here

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Top 10 Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors

I decided to share a few gray paint colors that are underrated in my opinion. People tend to go to the most popular colors by default and you can’t blame them those colors are popular for good reason.  However, there are so many grays Benjamin Moore carries that are just as gorgeous as the popular grays. 

BM Gray Paint Colors

Let me start with the lighter gray paint colors first. Lighter grays are by far more popular and are always requested by customers. I have some great light warm gray options as well as light cool gray options to share with you. 

Benjamin Moore Light Gray Paint Colors

Silver Satin – Benjamin Moore OC-26

Silver Satin living room
via @newimagedecor

Silver Satin is a much lighter gray paint color. It can almost be considered an off-white. Silver satin is a warm gray that has a slight purple undertone. This would be a great home office paint color option.

LRV 75.35

Gray Cloud – Benjamin Moore 2126-60

Photo Credit: Interior for Life

Gray Cloud is a Benjamin Moore gray that is on the cool side. This cool-toned gray paint color can look almost like an icy blue in certain lighting. It can also be considered a blue gray paint color.

For instance in north-facing rooms. The visible temperature in north-facing rooms is cool and the color of the light is bluish. So if you decide to go with BM Gray Cloud in a north-facing room you can expect to see the blue tones come out.

 If you are looking for a gray paint color with a cool undertone, Benjamin Moore Gray Cloud is a fantastic option.

LRV 71.27

Gray Owl – Benjamin Moore OC-52

Gray Owl Office

Gray Owl is a Benjamin Moore gray that is very versatile. It’s a light gray with a nice balance between cool and warm tones. Gray Owl works best in rooms that have little natural light. The more natural light a room has the cooler this Benjamin Moore gray will look.

LRV 65.77

Edgecomb Gray – Benjamin Moore HC-173

via @meghanyostdotcom

Edgecomb gray is another Benjamin Moore gray that has a warm undertone. Edgecomb gray is slightly lighter than Revere pewter, yet still light enough to work well in any room. Pair it with a warm white to make it really pop.

LRV 63.88

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Mid-Toned Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors

Stonington Gray – Benjamin Moore HC-170


Photo Credit: Mobby.Me

Stonington Gray is a gray that has a bluish earthy undertone. The undertone is definitely more on the cool side, so if you are looking for a grayish-blue color, this may be for you. It would also be an amazing option to paint your kitchen cabinets.

LRV 59.75

Wish – Benjamin Moore AF-680

Photo Credit: Kathy’s Blog

Wish is a Benjamin Moore Gray that is fairly light. Wish is a warm-toned gray paint color that is quite neutral. It can be considered a greige because of the yellow and gray it has in it.

Since Benjamin Moore Wish has yellow undertones it will look more beige in a south-facing room. 

BM Wish is such a versatile paint color, it will work beautifully in any type of design.

Wish is also a part of Benjamin Moores Affinity Color Collection. If you are interested in another great paint color from the Affinity Collection, BM Thunder is one to check out.

LRV 59.7 

London Fog – Benjamin Moore 1541


Photo Credit: Home Bunch

London Fog is a gray paint color that is on the lighter side in terms of mid-toned grays.  Its undertone is brown and in daylight, London fog can look more taupe.

I absolutely love how London Fog looks on Kitchen Cabinets.

LRV 57.23 

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Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore HC-172

Revere Pewter dining room

Revere Pewter is a gray that is highly popular. It’s a warmer gray that is on the lighter side. BM Revere Pewter is an exceptional gray that will create unity in your room. 

LRV 55.51

Coventry Gray – Benjamin Moore HC-169

Photo Credit: Remodelaholic

Coventry Gray is a gray that’s sort of a chameleon. It’s a mid-toned gray that can look cool in a lot of natural light, while in little natural light it will pull warmer. Coventry gray is a beautiful gray paint color that has gained popularity over the years. 

LRV 48.35

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Dark Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors

  • Chelsea Gray

Chelsea Gray – Benjamin Moore HC-168

Chelsea gray striped wall
via @style.with.anu

Chelsea Gray is a Benjamin Moore gray that is darker than most of the gray paint color in this list. Chelsea Gray is neutral so it doesn’t pull too like or too cool. It is a great option if you are looking for a dark gray paint color. 

LRV 22.16

Don’t forget about your exterior!

Gray is a popular choice for not only the interior of your home but also the exterior of your home. Benjamin Moore’s gray paint colors will complement most roof colors, as well as brick. Gray paint on doors, trim or shutters provides the perfect balance to a home of any color.

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There is an irrefutable sophistication to gray paint. You can pair it with almost any other color of paint, from a rust orange to bright magenta, and it will provide you with an overall balance. 

Equal parts stylish and sensible,  a gray paint color is a design favorite. 


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38 thoughts on “BEST Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors”

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  3. I would like to paint the exterior of our house revere pewter but I am not sure which white to paint the trim. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the helpful article! I’m looking for a medium grey for house exterior siding paint. 3 sides of the house are in full sun ( tree shading). I leaning to Certainteed Pewter roof and Old Brick Originals, Smokehouse, brick accents. Any paint color suggestions based on these you could provide?

    1. Hey Mary,
      I was unable to find the color of the brick so it’s hard to give you an exact suggestion.
      I will give you a few medium toned gray paint colors that you can look into.
      SW 7017 Dorian Gray, SW 7018 Dovetail, SW 7641 Colonnade Gray ( this one is a little lighter) and SW 7642 Pavestone.

  5. Can you recommend which greys to use? Warm grey for walls, darker cool grey for doors and kitchen cabinets and lighter cool grey for trim. Thanks.

  6. Hi! Thanks for the great info. I am trying to find just the right color for my living room and dining room for my summer home on Cape Cod. Both rooms face south but there is a front porch that blocks a lot of light. I painted my kitchen, which faces north, SW Sea Salt and love the green gray hue. I painted a sample in the living room and it turned baby blue. Not what I was going for. I thought I’d go in a different direction and go with a gray that has a coastal feeling, maybe with a green or blue undertone. Any suggestions?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Kathy,
      You can check out Silverstrand SW7057 its has a green-blue undertone Also Fleur de Sel SW 7666 is a very light gray with a bluish undertone. Refection SW7661 is another gray with bluish undertones.
      Hope this gives you some ideas!

  7. Hi Kathy! We are building our new hime and need a soft lighter color to compliment stonington gray. Our fascia board is done in super white and our accent color is palladian blue on the grills over the doors and windows. Can you help?

  8. Hello,
    I want to paint my bedroom walls a grey color. I despise undertones. Is there a grey that will always look grey? My bedroom is very sunny and bright.

  9. Ki Kathy,
    Choosing color for custom kitchen cabinets….. between Chantilly Lace and White Dove. Will be using brass hardware and stainless appliances. Any advice you can give me I would appreciate.

    1. Hi Jeannie,
      Both Chantilly Lace and White Dove are beautiful white paint color choices for kitchen cabinets.
      Chantilly Lace is more of a pure, bright white. Whereas White Dove has a tiny bit of gray in it making it a softer white. It all depends on what you are looking to achieve, a bright almost reflective white or a white with a like bit of softness to it.
      We have used White Dove on a few cabinet jobs and it looks beautiful every time.
      Hope that helps!

  10. Hi! I painted my brick fireplace cloud white (same colour as my walls). I’m looking to paint the two walls on either side the fireplace a light gray as an accent. I have an open concept main floor, and it is quite small, so I’m hoping to still make it appear large. Wondering which colour you’d recommend! Our floor is hickory laminate and couch is charcoal gray. I was thinking Coventry Gray or a darker gray to accent. What would you suggest?

    1. Hi Allie,
      It’s hard to give you an accurate color suggestion without seeing the space. That said, I do like Conventry Gray. 2 dark grays to look at would be Kendall Charcoal and Chelsea Gray

  11. Hi I am wondering if you can give me some suggestions on grey with either blue or green undertones that will go with a brown couch. I also have wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall, so I really need two colors that compliment, unless I should do it all one color. HELP

  12. Hi Kathy,
    Love these colors! Thank you so much for the helpful advice. I am trying to update my house and cannot change my furniture right now so I would like to do it with paint. My furniture and window treatment are mostly green, gold and a merlot color. I would like to steer more towards the grays. Any suggestions on what might update my rooms. Thank you in advance!

  13. I’m redoing my living/dining/kitchen area. It’s one open space. My cabinets are linen white, and my countertop is charcoal gray. I’ll have very little paint in my kitchen. I would like to go with a gray. I also have a wall of windows facing the west and a door and a window facing the south. I have quite a bit of light. I’m trying to get away from a blue/gray but I don’t really want the warmer gray. What color would you suggest?

  14. Hi, can you suggest a lighter, less purple under toned color for a north facing foyer than Benjamin Moore Thunder AF-685? Used it prior to seeing this article and you are spot on describing what happens to the color in a darker smaller room.

  15. I have a small east facing bathroom with slate grey floors, silver grey vanity, and tub/shower with white tile slight swaths of grey through out… I am truly stuck on what colour to do the walls.

  16. Great article , although I’m still at a loss . I just painted my kitchen cabinets seapearl and my island cheating heart now I don’t know what colors will work the best on the walls .

  17. Looking for a grey to paint bathroom with no windows. Have a laundry room with one window opposite bathroom would also like to do this in grey . I would prefer a darker gray. Suggestions? Thanks for your help.

  18. I recently had the cabinets in my home refinished by a local wood refinishing company and they did a great job, but the stain I chose didn’t quite go with the walls or the decor of the room. Rather than getting the cabinets refinished again, I decided to repaint the walls in my home with Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray. I never would have picked this color if it weren’t for this post, but I’m so glad I did because it was the perfect color for my kitchen and I’m happy with the results!

      1. I have a 2 tone kitchen with white upper cabinets and sweatshirt gray from benjamin moore lower cabinet. Ive chosen brushed gold faucet and handles. The floor is hazelnut hardwood. Im having a hard time picking a colour for my open concept kitchen dinning and living room and kitchen. I was going to pick calm from benjamin moore but notices a little purple tone. Then i was thinking of silver satin. Any thoughts. Thanks!

  19. I am in vapor lock trying to choose a BM gray for the room over the garage that is being finished into a 15×20 media/overflow guest space. 2 windows face East and 1 faces South. I want a gray that is light to medium and would go well with White Dove for the trim. Don’t know if Revere Pewter would be a good choice …. want it to feel clean but not cold. Not too beige/muddy. Any thoughts?

  20. I am trying to find a warm grey color for my den which is facing north. Everything I have tried looks green to me. I have light oak floors and have a jewel tones of navy burgundy and beige. Please help

  21. I love sure helped me choose gray cloud for our bedroom in cape cod. Which shade of white trim paint would work well? I find the BN decorator white a little too warm. Our house is a traditional style and I don’t want a cottage super white either. thanks so much!

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