Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

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Cabinets are the main focal point in the kitchen. They make up the majority of your kitchen. If they’re a color you don’t particularly enjoy, chances are you’re going to get sick of them pretty quickly. And since they take up a large area, it’s important that the kitchen cabinet paint color is one that works well with the existing decor.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a gathering space where many hours are spent.  And being that we spend so much time in the kitchen its nice to have a space we love and enjoy.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Kitchens are one of the most renovated rooms in a home. The problem with taking on a kitchen renovation is that it’s expensive and time-consuming.

If you want to update your kitchen without a full-scale renovation, the best way to do that is by painting your kitchen cabinets. Trust me, paint can entirely transform a space.

Painting your cabinets will not only give you the fresh update you want but it will also keep some money in your wallet.

How to pick a kitchen cabinet paint color?

With thousands of paint color options, there’s a slight chance of becoming overwhelmed, frustrated and just plain fed up with the whole process.

It’s understandable, I mean, you want to make sure you pick the best paint color for your kitchen.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind. when it comes to choosing the perfect paint color for the kitchen cabinets.

What should you consider when choosing a kitchen cabinet paint color?

So when you start thinking about a paint color make sure you take into account your walls, counters, backsplash, floor, and appliances. You want everything to be in balance and play nicely with one another.

Consider the following:

  • Cabinet style
  • Kitchen size
  • Decor style
  • Lighting – natural and artificial
  • Countertop color
  • Backsplash
  • Floor color
  • Appliances

Do your paint color research.

All that being said it’s a good idea to do some research before diving right in with a paint color for your kitchen cabinets. You want to make sure it’s the right choice and you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Do a Google search for the paint color you are thinking about. You’ll be able to find great articles and pictures of what the color looks like

I have a ton of in-depth posts about all different paint colors. For example, my two most recent paint color posts were the ever so popular Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray and Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray.

  • Look on Pinterest. Like, google you’ll be able to find several helpful pictures of the paint colors in question. 

I am browsing and post on Pinterest all the time. Check out my Pinterest page for some inspiration.

  • Talk to a professional. Sometimes scheduling a color consultation and getting help from someone who knows about paint colors can be a tremendous help. 

This is something I do all the time for clients. A lot of the time people know what they want but they just need a little help making the final decision.

You can request an online color consultation with me if you are struggling with a paint color.

Once you find a few shades you like, buy paint samples! Paint swatches in different spots on your cabinets to get the full effect of how light will play off of them. Then live with it for a few days.  

Doing this will help you discover if you are in love with the color or if you end up completely hating it. 

Remember to swatch your paint colors. Pick up your Samplize Peel & Stick paint samples today! 

Sure, painting your cabinets is much cheaper then replacing them but, if you choose the wrong color you’ll end up repainting them. Not only is this more time but, it’s also more money.

Be prepared to swatch! Grab yourself some chippy brushes.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Below I have listed some popular kitchen cabinet color choices for you to use as inspiration.

popular kitchen cabinet paint colors

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A clean and crisp white works really well in almost any kitchen. It allows other design elements to stand out as a focal point. It’s a classic look that stands the test of time

Popular White Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace – GET A SAMPLE

Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005 – GET A SAMPLE

Sherwin Williams 7008 AlabasterGET A SAMPLE

white kitchen cabinets
Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels


Gray is a great color for your kitchen cabinets. It makes a statement while still being neutral. 

Popular Gray Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors:

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray 7017 – GET A SAMPLE

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray HC-169 – GET A SAMPLE

Sherwin Williams  Intellectual Gray 7045 – GET A SAMPLE

Sherwin Williams Light French Gray SW 0055GET A SAMPLE

Check out my post on the Best Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors and  The Best Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors for some more awesome gray color options

Looking For Color Inspiration


If you are looking to make a bold statement, blue is the color to go with. Choosing a darker shade of blue will add the perfect contrast to your kitchen while still staying somewhat neutral. Blue Gray Paint colors are also a fantastic option for your cabinets.

Popular Blue Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors:

Benjamin Moore Charlotte Slate AC-24 – GET A SAMPLE

Sherwin Williams Naval 6244 – GET A SAMPLE

Sherwin Williams Charcoal Blue 2739 – GET A SAMPLE

Sherwin Williams Riverway SW 6222GET A SAMPLE

navy cabinets

Photo Credit: Meriwetherinc

slate cabinets
Benjamin Moore Charlotte Slate

Photo Credit: EmilycButler

Off- White

Off-white is the perfect paint color if you don’t want the starkness of bright white, but you still want a clean neutral palette. An off-white paint color will keep your kitchen light, bright, and airy while having a bit of warmth to it. 


Popular Off-White Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors:

Benjamin Moore White Heron OC-57 – GET A SAMPLE

Sherwin Williams Antique White 6119- GET A SAMPLE

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17- GET A SAMPLE

White kitchen cabinet makeover
Wow 1 Day Painting


Greige is a little bit gray, a little bit beige. Cooler than taupe, but warmer than a full gray, it’s right there in the middle, where it can help bring subtle contrast to crisp white countertops or balance to a bright accent piece.

Popular Greige Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors:

Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray – GET A SAMPLE

Benjamin Moore Hampshire Taupe – GET A SAMPLE

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray – GET A SAMPLE

Sherwin Williams Agreeable GrayGET A SAMPLE

agreeable gray kitchen
via @hauling_hendley on Instagram


Popular kitchen cabinet paint colors to consider:

  • Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace
  • Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005
  • Sherwin Williams 7008 Alabaster
  • Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray 7017
  • Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray HC-169
  • Sherwin Williams  Intellectual Gray 7045
  • Sherwin Williams Light French Gray SW 0055
  • Benjamin Moore Charlotte Slate AC-24
  • Sherwin Williams Naval 6244
  • Sherwin Williams Charcoal Blue 2739
  • Sherwin Williams Riverway SW 6222
  • Sherwin Williams Antique White 6119
  • Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17
  • Benjamin Moore White Heron OC-57
  • Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray
  • Benjamin Moore Hampshire Taupe
  • Sherwin Williams Anew Gray
  • Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
Final Thoughts

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen. Paint can truly transform the space. Not only is it a more budget-friendly way to renovate your kitchen, but it’s also a project you can DIY.

When it comes to choosing a kitchen cabinet paint color, don’t forget to take into account things like the lighting or design features in the room. You want to make sure the kitchen is well balanced.

Don’t forget to swatch the paint color you choose. If you read my paint color posts, you’ll see I’m adamant about this.

Be prepared to swatch! Grab yourself some chippy brushes.

Swatching the paint colors will allow you to get a real feel of how they look once they are up on the cabinets. 

Use Samplize Peel & Stick Paint Samples for a mess-free way to test paint colors!

Finally, take your time and go through the appropriate steps when choosing the perfect cabinet color.  Using this advice will save you time, money and aggravation in the long run.

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33 thoughts on “Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors”

  1. Your post very essential for choosing cabinet colors. Here the combination of grey is much preferable for me. Others are also very standard combinations. Thanks a lot for helping me out to choose the color!!

  2. My beautiful large kitchen has green granite on island and counters.
    -The name is Hawaiian green , it is definitely dark green with an occasional dot of dark red. -Cabinets and fridge are dark stained solid cherry. the b
    -Back splash is soft, cream/ white 5″ stone squares set on diagonal.
    -Hard wood floors.- medium color.
    -Bronze hardward pulls
    After 15 years of the dark look, I want to go lighter. Would Antigue white by Benjamin Moore worK, especially with dark green granite?

    1. Hi Neil!
      Check out the color Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. Its a warm off white that I think will complement your beautiful green granite. Sometimes Antique White can show some pinkish undertones in certain lighting. Make sure to swatch your choices!

  3. I have ‘Days End’ by Benjamin Moore in my kitchen for the island and lower cabinetry. I have white for my pantry cabinetry and around my fridge, and my one upper cabinet. The rest of the uppers are floating shelves. I LOVE the navy/gray color of Days End.

  4. I’m struggling. My floor has browns, tans and gray and I want my walls gray and cabinets a gray but what I end up with is blue. Going Greige is an idea but did want to pull out the gray in my flooring and have more gray to my kitchen. ideas??

    1. Hey Kay,
      not knowing exactly how the floors look, its hard to give you a color that will work perfectly. However. I can recommend you take a look at a few Greige paint colors that may do the trick. Lighter options Sherwin williams Agreeable Gray 7029, Repose Gray 7015, Worldly Gray 7043. Darker options.Dorian Gray 7017, Mega Greige7031 and Intellectual Gray 7045

  5. Nice options. Are you able to have look at the name of the paint colour on the resource you’ve made for pinning? 2nd row from top, first colour in the row. It’s repeated from the bottom row and I believe the bottom colour matches the name.

  6. Hello,

    I want to paint my kitchen (well the whole house In BM classic Gray) and I was thinking about doing SW Alabaster for the kitchen cabinets. My floors are Pergo rustic amber chestnut. Do you think I can pull it off? Or itโ€™s too much. Any advice is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  8. I have an antique Harvest Gold stove and don’t want to get rid of it. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets an off white color. They are now a shade of light yellow. What color would you recommend to compliment the stove? Thanks for any help!

  9. I have my walls painted Agreeable gray. My floor is tile, white with a little taupe, mostly white. I can’t decide what color to paint my cupboards. Any suggestions?

  10. I have a very small kitchen that I am in the process to paint the walls and cabinets. I was thinking gauntlet gray on cabinets and LFG or Repose Gray for the walls. Would they coordinate well together?

  11. Are you familiar with the color KITTY GRAY by BM? How would that be for a kitchen island and a range hood that is amongst a wall of white cabinets?

  12. I’m so nervous – starting kitchen painting today – doing SW Alabaster top cabinets with SW Roycroft Mist Gray bottoms and a Charcoal blue island with Mega Griege accent wall behind cabinets. I know it’s a lot of colors but I think they go well together – I have been so stressed over this!

  13. Hi I painted my walls in Sherwin williams silver point grey, I have tile flooring in a neutral looking color. I want to repaint my kitchen cabinets in sherwin williams naval with white counter top. Do you think this combination will pull it off?

  14. For weeks Iโ€™ve been going back and forth between navy blue or charcoal grey cabinets. Iโ€™m so glad you mentioned Charcoal Blue from Sherwin Williams, thatโ€™s exactly what I want! A perfect mix between the two. We have a kitchen cabinet painting company coming to paint our cabinets in a few weeks so this post was super helpful! Thank you!!

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