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16 Cool Gray Paint Colors – Sherwin Williams

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Cool gray paint colors evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity and provide a stunning backdrop for all types of spaces. In this post, I share the 16 best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors.

What are the best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors?

I am so very glad you asked. I conveniently have a list of the 16 best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors prepared and ready to go. You know, just in case anyone ever asked. Yup, that’s me always prepared.

Let’s get into these SW cool tone gray colors. Shall we?

Big Chill SW 7648

Big Chill is one of my favorite gray paint colors. At first glance, it looks like it’s the perfect gray paint color. And I have to say it’s pretty dang close.

SW Big Chill has very subtle blue undertones, giving it all its glorious cool-toned color. Its LRV is sitting pretty at 62 and is considered a light color. It’s a great option if you want a gray paint color that can sometimes possibly flash blue.

Gray Screen SW 7071

Gray Screen is one of the bluer grays on this best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors list. Again, just looking at it alone and not comparing it to another color, it looks like a fantastic GRAY. Oh and it is, but let’s not forget about the lurking undertones.

SW Gray Screen has blue undertones. Yup, they are loud and proud. It’s considered a light paint color with an LRV of 59. Gray Screen can sometimes look straight blue, depending on the lighting, exposure, and other elements in the room.

Passive SW 7064

Passive is a very popular Sherwin Williams paint color. If you were to compare Passive to Gray Screen, you can immediately see how much bluer Gray Screen is. That doesn’t mean Passive doesn’t have any undertones.

SW Passive has blue undertones. It has an LRV of 60, which is considered to be a light paint color. Passive is a great option cool gray paint color option that leans more gray than blue.

Silver Strand SW 7057

Silver Strand is another fantastic cool gray paint color. It’s in Sherwin William’s top 50 paint colors, and there’s a good reason. It is fabulous! It’s also rumored to be Joanne Gaines’s go-to paint color on Fixer Upper.

SW Silver Strand has blue/green undertones. It’s another light paint color with an LRV of 59. Depending on the exposure, Sliver Strand can look either blue or green.

Grays with a blue/green undertone tend to be a bit warmer (because of the green) than other grays.

Reflection SW 7661

Reflection Is a cool-toned gray that is light, bright, and airy. The name says it all because this cool-toned beauty reflects light like it is its job.

SW Reflection is on the lighter side of cool grays with an LRV of 66. It has blue undertones that are visible in certain lighting and exposure.

Olympus White SW 6253

Olympus White is a great cool-toned gray option. It can however look more blue than gray once up on the walls in certain situations.

SW Olympus White has, you guessed it, blue undertones. Now, this cool tone babe is a bit icier than some of the others. She may have an icy exterior but her heart is warm cuddle-y. Olympus White has an LRV of 68 which makes her one of the lightest cool tones grays on the list.

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Lattice SW 7654

Lattice is a soft gray that is, of course, cool-toned; however, it’s warmer than some of the other Sherwin Williams cool grays on this list. It has almost an earthy tone to it.

Sherwin Williams Lattice has blue/green undertones. It’s also considered to be a light paint color and has an LRV of 61. Again, exposure, lighting, and the elements in the space play an important part in how this cool-toned gray will look.

Front Porch SW 7651

Front Porch is next to Lattice in the Sherwin Williams paint deck. They are similar in the sense they both are cooler-toned grays colors. Yet Front Porch is a smidge lighter and a tiny bit cooler.

Sherwin Williams Front porch has blue and sometimes green undertones. It all depends on lighting, exposure, and all the surrounding elements. (Are you sick of me saying this yet?) Its LRV is 60, which is considered a light paint color.

Tinsmith SW 7657

Tinsmith is, surprise, also a cool-toned gray paint color. It sits on the same paint strip in the Sherwin Williams paint deck as Lattice and Front Porch.

Sherwin Williams Tinsmith has blue undertones. Its LRV is 57, keeping it in the light color range. Its subtle blue undertones give it a soft and airy feel.

Silverplate SW 7649

Silverplate is another one of the best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors. It is neutral with the grey, yet it has a blue-ish undertone that gives it its energy.

SW Silverplate has a blue undertone. It comes off a little less blue and more neutral than Passive. It has an LRV of 53, which isn’t the lightest of cool colors. This SW cool gray looks lovely with dark wood tones.

Ellie Gray SW 7650

Ellie Gray is a medium cool-toned gray. It has a stone-like feel to it. It’s not too dark, yet not too light. It is an excellent and popular option for an exterior paint color.

SW Ellie Gray has blue undertones and an LRV of 40. Not the darkest of cool gray colors yet not the lightest either. Ellie Gray is a cool gray that works well in a room with a lot of sunlight. Pair it with blue accents to make it really shine.

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Morning Fog SW

Morning Fog is on the same color strip in the Sherwin Williams deck as Olympus White. It’s certainly darker than Olympus White, but it has the same undertone.

SW Morning Fog is considered a medium cool gray color. Its LRV is sitting just below the middle of the scale at 42. As I said not the lightest cool gray paint color. Along with the blue undertones, Morning Fog also has a bit of violet in there, just a bit.

On the Rocks SW 7671

On the Rocks is yet another cool gray that is pretty awesome. If you were to compare it to SW Passive you can see how On the Rocks is the warmer of the two. But, it’s still a cool tone gray. You can even compare On the Rocks to my beloved Repose Gray.

Sherwin Williams On the Rocks has blue-violet undertones that can come and crash your gray paint color party. Its LRV is 62 which keeps it in the lighter end of gray paint colors. If you are not a fan of anything purple, I’d skip over on the Rocks.

Fleur de Sel SW 7666

Fleur de Sel is such an amazing option when you are trying to create a calm and serene atmosphere. This Sherwin Williams cool gray has a very spa- like feel to it. You cannot help but feel relaxed when in its presence. Blue-green gray

SW fleur de Del has a blue-green undertone. Its LRV is sitting wonderfully high at 72. Compared to SW Reflection, Fleur de Sel has a bit more blue-green undertone to it. Whereas, Reflection is more of an icy blue.

Silverpointe SW 7653

Silverpointe is another gorgeous cool gray paint color. It has an LRV of 64 which makes it a light cool color.

SW Silverpointe has blue-green undertones to it making it a great cool gray option. Grays with blue-green undertones tend to have a touch more warmth to them than grays with just blue undertones.

Serious Gray SW 6256

Serious Gray is a popular dark cool gray and the darkest gray on this best SW cool grays list. It can be used to create a beautiful accent wall or to paint your kitchen cabinets for a bold statement.

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray has an LRV of only 23. And at 23 Serious will not be reflecting too much light. This cool-toned gray has blue undertones which give the color a slate-like appearance.

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What is a cool gray?

Have you ever heard someone use the term “cool gray”? I’m sure you have if you have searched for gray paint colors on Google or Pinterest. But what exactly does cool mean?

The cool in cool gray is referring to the undertones the gray has. Not how hip the gray colors are. Though in my opinion, they are pretty badass. Anyway, gray paint colors can be either warm or cool. Cool grays like Light French Gray are soothing and promote relaxation. whereas warm grays like Agreeable Gray and Mindful Gray are cozy and comforting.

Today we are all about Sherwin William’s cool gray colors.

What are the undertones in a cool gray color?

Cool gray paint colors can have three undertones

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Violet

Repeat with me: Blue, Green, Violet.

Where can you use cool gray paint colors?

Short answer: everywhere. A cool gray is a neutral, and neutrals work in a ton of different settings.

Cool Grays look particularly beautiful when paired with a crisp white trim. They also work splendidly with dark wood tones.

Use a cool gray color in the Bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place to use a cool gray paint color. Bathrooms are supposed to feel relaxing and stress-free. Basically, you want it to feel like a spa. Spas are known for having cool calming tones and decor. The easiest way to recreate the spa-like feel is by painting your walls a popular cool-toned paint color.

Cool toned spa-like paint colors are a sure way to make your bathroom feel like a peaceful retreat.

Paint your bedroom a cool toned gray

Where else would you want a peaceful setting to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work? The bedroom of course. Using a cool gray on your bedroom walls is a great way to make it feel serene and relaxing.


Here’s a quick list of the best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors.

  1. Big Chill SW 7648
  2. Gray Screen SW 7071
  3. Passive SW 7064
  4. Silver Strand SW 7057
  5. Reflection SW 7661
  6. Olympus White SW 6253
  7. Lattice SW 7654
  8. Front Porch SW 7651
  9. Tinsmith SW 7657
  10. Silverplate SW 7649
  11. Ellie Gray SW 7650
  12. Morning Fog SW
  13. On the Rocks SW 7671
  14. Fleur de Sel SW 7666
  15. Silverpointe SW 7653
  16. Serious Gray SW 6256
the best sherwin williams cool gray paint colors

Gray paint colors are by far the most popular paint colors people want to paint their walls. However, there are also the trickiest and most terrifying paint colors to try and choose.

If you hear someone say they found the perfect true gray paint color without any “undertones,” it means they found a perfect gray paint color for their specific space. It all comes down to lighting, exposure, fixed elements, and the decor in your space.

Not into Cool Paint Colors? Try one of these instead!


painting checklist

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, I truly feel as though these are some of the best Sherwin Williams cool gray paint colors. You have it all: dark cool colors, light cool colors, blue undertones, green undertones, etc.

I don’t think cool gray paint colors get nearly enough love as they should. They are amazing paint color options and if you remember to consider lighting, exposure, fixed room elements, non-fixed element, and even what’s outside your windows, I’m confident you can find a Sherwin Williams cool gray that works for you.

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Paula D

Saturday 30th of April 2022

Help! I have a pink/ burgundy tile bathroom with a light gray tub/ sink. I presently have white walls but would like to repaint the walls- I am thinking gray but so many options! Any suggestions (not looking for blue undertones) Is very light pink walls an option?. Thank you!


Friday 25th of March 2022

Which has less blue—Passive or Big Chill? I need a gray for a master bath off of a master bedroom with Evening Shadow. Evening Shadow is very blue in the room, which I like fine. That much blue will not work in the bath, but I need them to flow. The less blue the better without making the translation harsh nonsense.


Wednesday 31st of March 2021

My builder has suggested First Star with Extra White trim. The gray room has west and south windows and the bedrooms have east windows. Any thoughts? I don’t see First Star mentioned in any painting posts.


Monday 29th of March 2021

Hi! Do you think Olympus White has enough color for an exterior paint so it won't look just white? I'm trying to find a light gray for our exterior, with enough color to it so it doesn't look white in the Florida sunshine. I prefer blue undertones to any others. Also, which SW white do you like to use to make the gray really pop outside and what color would you paint the pool deck if using Olympus White? Thx a bunch!


Wednesday 9th of December 2020

Hi Cate, I love all the info you give on paint colors! I was wondering if you’ve ever used SW Magnetic Gray? What other paint colors do you think compliment magnetic gray? Thanks for your input! Karen

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