Sherwin Williams Light French Gray SW 0055

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Sherwin Williams Light French Gray SW 0055 is a beautiful neutral-toned light gray paint color. It’s an amazing gray that works well in the interior as well as the exterior of a home. 

Oh, where to begin. If you have been here awhile you all know that Repose Gray is my go-to. It’s the perfect gray for almost every situation. It will be my forever number 1. However, I have become smitten with a new gray paint color, Sherwin Williams Light French Gray.

Let me start by stating I have always liked LFG, I just never had a true connection with it. Is this getting weird?

Light French Gray

Before I get into professing my new found love for SW Light French Gray,  (OK, now it’s weird) I want to give a bit of a back story.

An opportunity arose to buy and flip a house. My husband, along with his business partners jumped at the chance. I am lucky enough to be able to help them along the way with the design decisions, including picking paint colors.

During my search for an exterior paint color, I had rediscovered several amazing neutral paint colors one, in particular, Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Let’s learn about LFG, shall we?

Sherwin Williams Light French Gray 0055

light french gray

Why am I so smitten with this gorgeous gray?  It has to be because this gray is unlike many of the other grays I have been using and seeing as of lately. I’ll elaborate in a moment. I first want to go over the stats on LFG.

  • R: 194 G: 192 B: 187
  • Hex Value: #c2c0bb
  • LRV: 53

Just to remind you, LVR ( light reflectance value), is the amount of light the paint color either absorbs or reflects, is slightly higher on the scale. So the higher on the scale the more light it reflective the paint color will be. A great article to read to learn more about LRV is Light Reflectance Value: What Do Those Numbers Mean?

Light French Gray is also Featured in the following Sherwin Williams Collections:

  • Luxe
  • Purely Refined
  • Teen Space
  • Historic Interior Color Wall
  • Minimalist
  • Top 50 Colors

What Color is SW Light French Gray?

Not to be captain obvious but, LFG is gray. But wait, there’s more! Light French Gray is more than just a light gray. It is as close as you can get to a pure gray because of the perfect balance of warm and cool tones in it. There are no overly strong undertones stealing the show.

Light French Gray is an extremely versatile paint color that works well in almost any situation. It’s a great color to make smaller rooms appear larger.

Photo by The Kelly HomesteadLook for living room pictures

Sherwin Williams Light French Gray Undertones

As I just mentioned, Light French Gray SW0055 does not have any strong undertones. That being said, there’s a touch of blue in it.  You may be able to see the blue undertones, most often in North-facing rooms.

Is Light French Gray warm or cool?

Is LFG a warm or cool color? It’s hard to tell because it’s so neutral. No strong undertones are pulling the color one way or there other. However, when you compare LFG to colors like SW Agreeable Gray, Benjamin Moore Thunder, or  Mindful Gray, it is much cooler in comparison. That being said I would consider it in the cool gray paint color category.

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How does light affect Light French Gray?

Lighting plays a large role in how you will perceive a color. For this reason, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the lighting situation of the room you are choosing the right paint color for

fan deck
Photo taken in a North-facing room in morning light
  • North-facing rooms – Light in North-facing rooms come off cooler and somewhat bluish. Lighter colors appear more muted, while bolder colors will show up, or appear better.

A North-facing room is where you may see some hints of blue in Light French Gray. The cooler, bluish lighting will enhance the cool tones in color.

  •  South-facing rooms– In South facing rooms, there tends to be a consistently bright light throughout the day. Warm and cool tones work with south-facing light, This light intensifies colors, so darker colors will seem brighter while,  softer colors will almost look like they are glowing.

South-facing rooms work wonders for all paint colors, including Light French Gray SW. LFG will look lighter and brighter in a south-facing room.

  • East-facing rooms– East facing rooms have the brightest light in the mornings, with a yellow-orange tone.  If an east-facing room will be used mostly in the evenings, going with a warm palette will help balance the lack of natural light.
  • West-facing rooms- Early evening is when West-facing rooms have the best light. Warmer tones might seem overwhelming because of the red-orange the light gives off. However, if the main use for the room is in the mornings, the colors won’t appear as intense.

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Where can you use Sherwin Williams LFG?

You can use this versatile neutral paint color virtually anywhere because LFG has the perfect combination of warm and cool undertones. 

The most obvious place to use it is on the interior walls of your home. Pair it with a crisp white trim to create a clean and airy space. Aside from interior walls,  there are also a few other places Light French Gray will look great.

Paint the exterior of your home with Light French Gray.

gray paint swatches on exterior

Swatches from the top: Silverplate, Ellie Gray, Light French Gray, Passive. All Sherwin Williams 

Be prepared to swatch! Grab yourself some chippy brushes.

I rediscovered this fantastic gray while looking for an exterior paint color for the flip house. I wanted a gray paint color without any strong undertones.  It had to be neutral and not too light or dark.  I wanted the perfect exterior paint color, and Light French Gray was it.

SW Light French Gray Exterior

The thing I liked most about this color was that it appears lighter and brighter in the sunlight. So, LFG will look much darker on a paint chip compared to on the exterior of a home.  (I told your lighting has a big part in how paint colors look).

A Sherwin-Williams Light French Gray exterior will make your home appear fresh, crisp and airy. Who doesn’t want that? 

Use Light French Gray on your kitchen cabinets.

light french gray cabinets
Light French Gray Cabinets by Beachy Boheme

Kitchen cabinets are the perfect place to use this neutral gray paint color. Again, with no strong undertones, Light French Gray will provide the perfect base color for your kitchen.

What do I mean by base color? 

To me, It’s the color in your kitchen that you can play off of. So using a neutral gray Like Light French Gray on your kitchen cabinets will not overpower the room while allowing you to use brighter colors elsewhere.

Not into gray kitchen cabinets? That’s cool, you can still use LFG on your kitchen walls. It will make the perfect backdrop for the rest of your kitchen.

Don’t start painting until you have the right tools!


Similar colors.

With all the Sherwin Williams paint colors, there are bound to be colors that are very similar to one another. 

I got curious and decided to pull a few gray colors I thought were similar to Light French Gray.

Colors Similar to light french Gray (1)
  • March Wind SW 7668
  • On the Rocks SW 7671
  • Big Chill 7648
  • Silverplate SW 7649
  • Knitting Needles SW 7672

Out of the five similar colors, I’d have to say SW Silverplate is the closest match to LFG. It’s also fairly neutral, without any strong undertones.

Big Chill and On the Rocks are both a bit lighter than FFG but still have the same neutral undertones. They are both great options if you want a lighter gray.

Quick side note. Can we just admire how beautiful SW Big Chill is? 

Coordinating colors.

We have similar colors to Light French Gray, now let’s talk about a few coordinating colors.

SW Light French Gray Coordinating Colors

Light French Gray is such a versatile gray that it’s compatible with many colors. Its neutral tone makes it easy to coordinate.

I particularly like it with darker blues or classic black.

Interested in more paint colors?

Sherwin Williams Light French Gray vs Behr Light French Gray

They have the same name, but are they the same color? Let’s find out.

Behr Light French Gray vs SW Light French Gray
  • Behr Light French Gray has an LRV of 61. SW LFG is 53.
  • SW LFG is a very neutral gray, no strong undertones.
  • Behr LFG is not as neutral, it’s cooler and has undertones of brown and green.
  • Behr LFG is more of a blue-gray

Off the bat, you can tell the two colors are not the same. Behr is much more of a cool, blue-toned gray whereas, Sherwin Williams appears to be more of a pure gray.  Both great colors, just not the same.

Light French Gray vs. Repose Gray

I’m sure you saw this comparison coming. I like to compare Repose Gray to everything.

Light French Gray
  • Both colors have an LRV of 53 which is mid-range on the scale. 
  •  Repose Gray has more warmth in it.
  • Repose Gray’s undertones are a mix of brown, gray, and greige with a tiny kiss of purple. 
  • You can see some of the undertones Repose Gray has in different lighting,
  • Light French Gray stands fairly neutral. No surprises with this guy.

Ok, let’s break this down. Comparing the two colors, you can see that Repose Gray has some warmer tones to it. On the other hand, LFG looks cooler, but still very neutral. 

Is one gray better than the other? No, certainly not.  It all depends on what you are looking for in a gray.  If you want a little warmth to your color Repose Gray is the way to go. Want more of a true gray, go with LFG.

No winners or losers here, everyone gets a trophy.


Light French Gray vs. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

Here is another comparison I get questions about all the time.

Stonington Gray vs LFG
  • Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore has an LRV of 59.75 which is a tiny bit higher than LFG at 53.
  • Stonington Gray is a cool-toned gray with blue undertones.
  • Stonington Gray is a bit lighter than LFG.
  • When compared side by side, you can see that Stonington Gray is the lighter of the 2 gray paint colors.

Again, there is no winner or loser in this battle of the grays. Both LFG and Stonington Gray are gorgeous gray paint colors.



  • LFG is very neutral in terms of undertones.
  • It has the perfect balance between warm and cool tones
  • In certain lighting conditions, it can show blue undertones
  • coordinates beautifully with many different colors.
  • It has an LRV of 53
  • It’s a great gray paint option for the exterior of the home as well as kitchen cabinets

Final Thoughts

I am truly loving Light French Gray SW 0055 by Sherwin-Williams. When I think of gray, this is it. I like that it’s not a blue-gray or a greige, it’s strictly gray. I also love that it’s so versatile and will work in any space, especially the exterior.

Is this another gray I’m adding to my favorites list? Absolutely! 

Is it going to replace Repose Gray? Don’t be crazy!


Don’t forget, when it comes to paint colors it’s always a good idea to test large swatches where you intend to use the color. Lighting will change in the room so pay attention and be observant. You want to make sure you will love the color in every lighting situation.


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63 thoughts on “Sherwin Williams Light French Gray SW 0055”

  1. Hi! I have kitchen cabinets in Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams. Using Benjamin Moore for window/door trim- Decorators White and a beige/gray/white tile for the floor (neutral) . The room has some dark brown beams over the kitchen table area… wondering what color I should paint the walls around the table area?

    1. LFG seems beautiful! This is my intro to it! I’ll probably get a sample this week. With the LV being more medium than light, if I lightened it say, 25%, would the LV be slightly higher (conceptual question, I don’t care about finding out the new LV)? I want to try this for my basement, but think LV 53 is darker than I want to go with the lighting situation I’ve got.

      Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

      1. Hi,
        If you don’t have a tone of light artificial or natural, Light French Gray may seem a bit dark. You can def try lightening it but the undertones may shift a little so keep that in mind. And make sure you get a sample of it first.

  2. We are doing pure white on the cabinets and trim. I decided to do light French grey on the kitchen island. I am completely stumped on what color to paint the walls. Help please

  3. Thank you for this run down on Light French Gray. We are building a house and I just fell in love with this color. Now after reading your article, I’m very happy I choose LFG for our overall house color. Most of my decor colors are on your coordinating colors list! Designers kept recommending to me the Mindful, Repose, Pussywillow and other not true grays. To my eyes, they all seem greige not gray and I couldn’t get over all the undertones. I have always leaned more on the neutral cool side than warm. I just kept going back to LFG. I can’t wait to see it with our light wood floors and pure white trim. Our kitchen quartz is swanbridge cambria which has some light gray veining. I can’t wait to see it all together.

    1. Hi Janet,
      I absolutely love SW Light, French Gray. It’s really an amazing GRAY, especially if you aren’t big on the warmer toned grays. With you light wood floors and white trim, LFG is going to look stunning! Congrats, Enjoy your new home!!

  4. marcella hernandez

    Thank you. This is very informative. I too, fell in love with Light French Gray. Ill be using it in my living room and part of my dining rooom.

  5. I too love Repose, but I discovered LFG while looking for a gray for kitchen cabinets. It’s perfect and doesn’t play off as anything but gray in all the lighting possibilities.
    SW makes it a little easy to overlook due to its location on the current paint fan. It is not near the other grays, but it is in the Historic Interior section of the fan.
    I have no regrets and am about to use the paint in a new office building.

    1. Hey Shelley,
      I agree, Light French Gray is amazing and I think way too underrated. You are right, it’s often overlooked because it’s not by the other grays. I think Sherwin needs to switch that up.

  6. Hi, correct me if I’m wrong, but this color would not go too well with a very dark floor, slate grey, almost black looking, or Benjamin Moore white dove trim, nor not much natural lighting,would it? Thanks

  7. I am considering light french gray for a small bedroom. My husband thinks its a bit dark, but with white trim, i am thinking it would look great. Your thoughts please?

    1. Hi Diane,
      I love Light French Gray with a white trim, it always looks so clean and crisp. How’s the lighting in your room? Light French gray tends to look darker when its wet or when you are looking at it in the paint can. I suggest grabbing a small sample and testing it out around the room. Make sure you let it completely dry to see what he color really looks like.
      I personally don’t think LFG is too dark of a gray.

  8. LFG is a nice gray but I do find it kind of has moods. We put it in our bedroom. Sometimes during the day it looks pure gray. Sometimes it has a purple tint and once in a while it’s a bit blue. If you’re looking for a pure gray all day long, based on my experience, depending on the light you have in the room it may disappoint.

    1. Hey Peter,
      You are right, lighting is everything when it comes to paint colors. It can also show a paint colors sneaky undertones.
      That’s why I always tell everyone to swatch the colors and observe them during the day to see what you will get.
      Regardless of the undertones, I hope you love the color.

  9. I’m building a home and am leaning towards LFG for most of my house, but in particular my living room. I have this idea of having a dark blue/gray ceiling with wood beams and then LFG for the wall color. Do you think the two colors wood lair nicely? Leaning towards lighter wood floors and will have a brick fireplace with wooden mantel to match the beams and white built ins in both sides and white trim. Im trying to coordinate the right mix of tones and colors for the brick, flooring, mantel and beam wood, and wall/ceiling paint color. Right now leaning towards cyberspace and LFG for ceiling and walls respectively and the beam/mantel wood to be medium compared to the lighter wood flooring. Do you think this will work? What do you recommend for the brick fireplace and wood accents?

  10. I loved that you put similar colors! LFG is the sample I have on my wall now – but it’s almost toooo grey at times… like a cement wall almost. What is your take on the Knitting Needles and March Wiinds you mentioned in comparison? Also, it’s for my master and it’s north facing! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Alina,
      March Winds and Knitting Needles are both cooler colors so in a North facing room the light will enhance the cooler tones. If you are looking for the cooler tones they will be perfect. But if you want to warm up the space, I suggest looking at grays paint colors with more of a warm undtertone. For Example Agreeable Gray SW 7029

  11. We love Light French Grey. We have it in every bedroom in our house and it is the perfect soothing background for these spaces. When we redid our kitchen, our interior designer suggested Mindful Grey which looks great in our main living rooms as it is warmer, but LFG matches our gorgeous Copacabana granite perfectly so it’s in our kitchen and I just love it. It is hard to find a chip at Sherwin Williams so I was worried they may be discontinuing it. I hope not!!

    1. Hey Elizabeth.
      LFG is for sure one of my favorite gray paint colors by Sherwin Williams. They don’t keep the paint chips in the gray section which is why it’s hard to find. Sherwin Williams isn’t discontinuing it.

  12. Hi Cate, we are painting our home and to no surprise, we are actually stuck trying to decide between Repose Gray and LFG. Our home is 2 story and very open. (Kitchen and living areas are 20 ft tall.) We have darker wood like charcoal tile with a brown undertone. Any thoughts would help, my wife Loves the repose but is afraid it will be too light. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mike,
      If you are worried Repose may be too light you can have them darken it but 25%. But keep in mind, this can alter the tone. I’d 100% get a sample of it if you want to tray that,

  13. Hi!! I am doing LFG in my living room and dining room. Would SW pure white or extra white for baseboards, trim and doors pair better? Also What sheen would be best for that? As those are our big traffic areas. First time doing this on my own 😬

    1. Hi Arellana,
      Both Pure White and Extra White will work with Light French Gray. Extra White is a bit brighter and cleaner looking than Pure White. For high traffic areas the higher the sheen the easier to clean. I find semi-gloss works well.

  14. Hi Cate
    I need some help/advice. I recently purchased the new GE washer with fresh vent technology and matching dryer in matte sapphire blue. I have narrowed the color choices to paint my laundry room, down to big chill and on the rocks. My laundry room is 5’ x 10’ without any natural light, no windows. I know these two colors are very very similar. Both colors have a very big stormy blue undertone, but on the rocks has a wink of purple as well. Which color would you use with the sapphire blue matte colored appliances? The appliances will be delivered Saturday, I have to make a quick decision, so I can paint before the delivery.
    Thank you for your time.
    Thank you for your time

    1. Hey Lauren,
      On The Rocks and Big Chill are both fantastic colors and honest I don’t think you can go wrong with either. If It were my laundry room I’d choose I “on the rocks” it’s got a little more life than big chill

      1. We are building and would like a true gray, so we are leaning towards LFG. In the kitchen our island is a quartz with a little gray veining. We want to go a darker with blue undertones. We were thinking SW Nevermore or SW software. What are your thoughts on this? Our kitchen cabinets are pure white as well as the trim.

        1. Hi Susan,
          LFG is a great Gray, but it does have some blue undertones. So make sure you swatch the color in the space before moving forward. As for the accent color, I like both Nevermore and Software. I think they would both work. I also like SW Foggy Day or Grays Harbor

  15. Hi, I’m pretty sure we have decided to paint our kitchen cabinets in our RV LFG. I wanted to have the walls white as a contrast to painting the cabinets and all the wood trim LFG. Any suggestions for the white that will go on the walls? Thanks!

  16. Looking to redo condo hit by Hurricane Michael in 2018. Want light gray walls & a little darker cabinet color. We are beachside so lots of light. Really like LFG but also looking at Lazy Gray. Passive seems like a good wall cover but I need two colors that have the same tone. Really need your advice! Also on finish for walls & cabinets. Many thanks!

  17. I am choosing LFG for the exterior of our home. Trim and all. I want to paint the gutters bronze. Staining board and batten shutters to coordinate with bronze and front door sea foam green. But what color do I paint my garage door?? LFG?

  18. I am trying to decide on a Grey for the house we are building g so lighting is hard!! I love all the comments on LFG. What finish do you prefer? I have always used eggshell, but I am ready a lot of people prefer flat. I like the cleaning ability of eggshell over flat but wondered your opinion for living rooms and bedrooms.

    1. Hi Kelly,
      The finish really depends on how the room is used. For example, if you family room is a high traffic area and needs to be cleaned often the eggshell finish is the way to go. The flat finish is for low traffic areas where there isn’t any major cleaning needed. I personally have a flat finish in my living and bedrooms but, it’s pretty low traffic with only my husband and myself.
      I hope that helps!

  19. Hi, What color would you paint the ceiling if the walls will be LFG and the trim will be Extra White? And what would you do for the ceiling if the walls will be Repose Gray with Extra white trim in another room? Thanks!!!

    1. Hello Lisa,
      You can go with a white ceiling, I like Sherwin Williams Ceiling Bright White or you can use the same color as your wall lightened 50% if you are looking to add some interest.

  20. I’m considering LFG for the exterior body of my house. We have painted shingles in the gables. There is no color separation (white line) between the siding and the shingles. LFG will be butted up against whatever color we paint the shingles. What color would you suggest for the shingles? I plan to use extra white for the trim and tricorn for the shutteres.

  21. I have a brick rancher and want to paint the brick LFG. The roof is dark grey shingles and the windows white. What color trim should I use on shutters, trim and door.

  22. I am painting the stained kitchen cabinets, trim, and wainscoting in my 1974 traditional home.
    I kept looking for a white paint color but the thought of so much white was overwhelming! I saw photos of white walls with gray trim and immediately fell in love with the look. I can now imagine living with the cabinets, trim, and wainscoting light gray. I have decided that I like SW Light French Gray for the cabinets and trim with SW Alabaster for the walls. My kitchen is north facing but there is a large picture window that looks out to the backyard so it gets natural light. The master bedroom is also facing north. However, I want my bedroom to be a comforting white. Am I on the right track? I would love your thoughts.

    1. Hey Jackie,
      It sounds like you are on the right track. Alabaster and Light French Gray are 2 great colors.
      Does your master have a lot of natural light? You have to be careful with whites, If there isn’t enough light, they tend to look dull and shadowy.

      1. Hi Cate!
        The master bedroom does have some natural light. There are two windows that go almost to the floor. I have also considered Westhighland white, Cotton, Greek Villa, and Shell White. I want the bedroom to be cozy, not cold and stark. However, I don’t want it to be yellow or gray. I am really struggling with the colors because of the north facing rooms. My den will also be painted the same color and it does not get any natural light on the back because there is a porch. However, it will be getting some south facing light because we opened up a wall that separated the living room and den. I am hoping that my low light issue will be helped greatly! I am also thinking of adding track lighting. Since I am painting the whole house in the same white and gray trim, I need to get it right! Thanks for your suggestions!

  23. Hi Cate, thank you so much for the in depth review. I need your help! I am painting my house Sherwin Williams Eider White but I am doing the trim and doors in Benjamin Moore to use their Advance paint product. I need to find colors in Benjamin Moore to compliment the Eider White. I am going to do either Chantilly Lace or Decorator’s White on the trim, but the doors in the house we wanted to paint Light French Gray in Sherwin Williams. What is the equivalent in Benjamin Moore products?? Metro Gray? Nimbus? Stonington Gray? HELP! We are painting this week and I’ve been scouring the internet for answers.

  24. We are actually doing a painted trim for our house and been trying to find a great gray for that. What do you think about using the LFG as a trim/baseboards/doors throughout a house? I’m thinking this may be the gray to go with.

  25. Hi Cate!
    Struggling with white paint choice in kitchen for trim and cabinets. Walls are already SW LFG (actually all over house except for 2 bedrooms), and I LOVE it. Floors are a dark gray wood look tile, island is SW Mineral Grey, and again walls are LFG. It’s not a large kitchen, and it faces east. What trim and cabinet color would you suggest… looked at Alabaster, Snowbound, and Pure White. CAN’T decide Cate! HELP! Christine

    1. Hey Christine,

      Those are three amazing colors. But It’s hard for me to give you an accurate suggestion without seeing the finishes in the kitchen. You want to make sure the white you choose goes well with your counters, backsplash etc.

  26. Hi there, do you have more photos of LFG on a home exterior? I am considering using Light French Gray for the outside of my home (which is primarily south facing), and I’m wondering if it will maintain it’s ‘grayness’ or look too washed out in sunlight. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

  27. I have Big Chill in my white cabinet Kitchen and Great Room. I’m considering Light French Grey in my entryway and hallways. Can these colors work together?

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      LFG and Big Chillare both on the cool side and should work together. Without seeing your space I cannot say for sure though. Make sure you swatch Light French Gray beforehand.

  28. Hi Cate! Love your website! Newly painted 2 story foyer in LFG. (Open floor plan)did kitchen in SW “Reflection” and visible laundry room in “Online”. Fam thinks I have too much gray going on, but it’s all connected areas. Looking for 2 more colors for family room and sunroom that are different but no obvious line of demarcation? Also young daughter wants an aqua/teal in dining room but I dont know if that will clash with LFG? Any suggestions to keep family peace? Be well. Thx Kathryn

  29. I’m moving into a small home with light wood floors. I can’t decide between Repose gray and LFG. Front of house faces north. What color would you paint ceiling and trim. At one point I considered Rever Pewter but read it brings out reds or greens. I have a dark wood entertainment center and dark brown couch. Thank you for your help.

  30. Help me decide on paint color for interior and exterior. From reading your remarks not sure which is better to use. New home is open floor plan, living room kitchen dining room open, two bedrooms 2 baths laundry room. Which would look best the Mindful grey with sea salt with Alabaster white cabinets or Accessible beige grey with sea salt. If use Mindful grey you mentioned using Snowbound for cabinets and trim. Your suggestion please for interior. I also like the Light French Grey. Would this be better with other colors?

    Exterior: I like the idea using Light French Grey. What color for trim stone etc. I really need help deciding. Thanks very much. Eloise

  31. I seem to have bad luck with grays at Sherwin Williams. In my old house, I wanted a light gray, and I went with Lazy Gray. It looked much bluer than I wanted. In my new home, not to be fooled again, I went with Zircon. But it is looking blue too. It is for an office that has a slate color (or best match might be SW Tricorn Black) bookcase I am trying to coordinate with. I have two walls painted with the Zircon and not sure if I should continue or try a different color that is not as blue (sometimes it even seems purplish). It is a west facing room. Any suggestions? Would LFG do the trick?

    1. Hey Robert,
      Light French Gray is a cooler gray that has a hint of blue in it. So there is a chance the blue will come through. It is a bit more neutral that Lazy and Zircon. And Zircon does have a little bit of violet in it so that why you are seeing purple at times. Are you looking to have a cooler toned gray? If you want something a little warmer, geta sample of Repose Gray.

  32. I am building a new home and have chosen LFG with Extra white trim for walls. I want gray cabinetry too, with white quartz tops, and white subway tile backsplash. Do you have a suggestion for the perfect gray that would go with LFG?
    thank you!
    really enjoy your site…..

  33. Starting a kitchen renovation in a south facing room. Want a light gray and fear lgf might be too dark. We have red oak floors.. Could u do big chill or on the rocks for cabinets? If so.. what wall color would match.

  34. Hi! Thanks so much for this post! I love LFG and Repose Gray and I am finding myself in a dilemma! My trim is Shoji White (it’s like that all over the house, we bought it like that), and I really wanted a white that served as neutral color in my open floor plan. So we ended painting shoji in our hallways. The painter still needs to paint the living room/ kitchen ( both in south facing area). And I wonder if I: 1. should use either Repose Gray or LFG in these 2 areas, that connects with the hallway, or just go with Shoji also for the living/ kitchen area? If I go with Shoji, which color would look better as a accent wall? LFG or Repose?


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