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Amazing Front Door Colors

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The front door is your home’s focal point. It’s the first thing your eyes are drawn to, and it can significantly impact its overall curb appeal.

If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to update the exterior of your home, painting your front door a bold color is a perfect choice.

The best front door paint colors To MAKE YOUR HOME STAND OUT

Summer is one of our busiest times in the painting business. Everyone is looking to update their home exteriors. Over the last few weeks, I have come across some of the best front door color options. I wanted to share them because picking a front door color can sometimes feel impossible. 


gray house with black shutters and red front door

Red is a classic and popular door color choice, as it works well with many different house colors. A red door with a white home brings an elegant aesthetic to your property, while pairing a red front door with a gray house makes an impressive statement.  Even with the classic red brick exterior, a red door can draw the eye toward the entryway, creating a monumental impact.

Make your red front door pop with the right outdoor accessories. The right welcome mat will complete your entryway.

Red Front DOor Paint color options

  • Sherwin Williams Positive Red  SW 6871
  • Benjamin Moore Ruby Red 2001-10
  • Sherwin Williams Antique Red SW 7587


Yellow front door on a gray home

Yellow is such a cheerful color. Choosing yellow for your front door will set the tone of the whole exterior and will immediately be the first thing your eye is drawn to when looking at your home. Yellow also pairs beautifully with many house colors, including a classic gray like the above picture.

With the right outdoor accessories, your yellow front door will pop. The perfect outdoor light will complete your entryway’s look.


Yellow FRONT DOOR Paint Color Options:

  • Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow HC-4
  • Sherwin Williams Decisive Yellow 6902 
  • Sherwin Williams Venetian Yellow SW 1666



exterior of a home before and after, painted white to painted beige with orange front door

Orange front doors make a bold statement. Brighter oranges work exquisitely well with a more modern home, whereas the deeper, more robust oranges add perfect charm to a traditional home. Orange is an excellent, stand-out front door color for a beige house. With an orange front door, it will be hard for your home not to get noticed.

Make your orange front door pop with the right outdoor accessories. Planters on both sides of your front door add just the right amount of curb appeal.

Orange Front Door Paint Color Options

  • Benjamin Moore Golden Dunes 2157-10
  • Sherwin Willams Knockout Orange SW 68875 
  • Sherwin Williams Copper Harbor SW 6634


brick home with sage green front door with wreath

Green paint colors can be very soothing. A subtle sage green can be the perfect color choice when you want that pop, just with a little less pizzaz. Sage green works notably well with white, cream, putty/gray, and classic red brick homes.

Make your sage green front door pop with the right outdoor accessories. Add a playful wreath to your front door to give it an extra dose of charm.

Sage Green Front Door Paint Color Options:

  • Benjamin Moore  Nob Hill Sage 450
  • Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage HC-114
  • Sherwin Williams Sage SW 2860


front door before and after- man on ladder painting door black

A black front door will add instant class to any home. Black is a time-honored color that pairs well with most other colors. A high gloss black will add a modern flair, whereas a matte black will give your home a more traditional feel. Black is also one of my favorite front door paint colors for brick houses.

Make your black front door pop with the right outdoor accessories. Update your house numbers to coordinate with your new bold front door color

Black Front Door Paint Color Options:




Navy front door on white house with black shutters

A navy blue front door is the perfect complement to a beige home. It adds just the right amount of color to create an impactful punch to your entryway. Beige is not the only home color navy front doors that work well. A classic white home will make your navy front door the star of the show.

With the right outdoor accessories, your navy blue front door will pop. Add a few planters to create a welcoming front porch.


Navy Blue Front Door Paint Color Options:


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how do you pick a front door color?

It may seem simple enough: pick and paint a front door color. However, before you pick up the paintbrush, you want to keep a few things in mind to ensure you choose the perfect front door paint color for your home.

I have three tips to help you find the front door color that will work best with your home.

1. The color scheme of your exterior.

The color of your home will have the most extensive impact on the paint color choice of your front door.  But you should also consider the other details of your house, such as roof color, trim color, any brick or stone, landscaping, and door hardware. 

All these things will impact your front door color. A home painted a neutral paint color is more straightforward when choosing a door color. On the other hand, a red door might not be the best choice for a green home. You want to ensure all the colors coordinate beautifully, creating a seamless color palette for your home

2. The style of your home.

The style of your home is a significant factor to consider when choosing your front door color. Whether your home is Tudor, Colonial, or Victorian, it has unique characteristics. Some home styles look better with specific colors.

For example, a yellow front door might work beautifully with a Victorian-style home, while a yellow door on a Tudor-style home might not. This rule is not set in stone by any means. It’s only something to consider.

3. Ask your neighbor’s opinion. *

I placed an * on this one because not all neighbors are alike. I have been blessed with lovely neighbors, and I value their opinions. However, if you do not have friendly neighbors or you don’t have a relationship with them, then there is no need to get their opinion on the color of your front door.

Something it’s nice to have an outsider’s opinion. Ultimately, though, you are the one with the final decision. 

*Bonus Tip*

Your front door does not need to match your shutters. That said, when choosing shutter colors, select one that will complement the front door.

The front door is usually the home’s focal point, so why not let it shine? 

Considering all these details of your home will not only make choosing a color for your front door a breeze but also increase its curb appeal. 

If you plan on tackling this project, use these Pro tips to help you. Also, it’s crucial to make sure you use the correct paint on your front door.

Don’t forget to pick up these amazing painting tools! They will only make your life easier!

The best exterior front door paint.

If you want a beautiful, professional-looking result, you need to use quality paint. With so many options available, I thought I’d share a few products that I use when painting my customers’ exterior front doors. 

WAIT! Before you start painting make sure you have the best painting tools to make your job easier. It will take hours off your painting time!

Keep in mind though, all doors require different prep work and different paint types. For example, should you use an oil-based or water-based paint?  Is there staining on your front door you need to cover?  In this case, a primer may be required. 

If you are unsure what should be used, it is best to contact a professional.

I showed you some of my favorite front door color options, but not all these colors will work with every home. Specific house colors pair better with some colors than others. Let me go through a few exterior colors and how to pick the front door colors that will coordinate well with them.  

Front door colors for a gray house.

A gray home is a perfect opportunity to use a fun front door color.  Nearly any color will work with a gray home. Picking a front door paint color in the yellow family will give your home a modern flair. Or, for more of a classic feel, try a white paint color like SW Pure White. There is also the option of going monochromatic and using a different shade of gray for the door.

Front door colors for a tan house.

A tan home can also handle some tremendous front door colors. Depending on the style of your home and the look you are looking for. Choosing a front door paint color that is sage or a muted green like BM Caldwell Green will add a sophisticated charm to your home.

Front door colors for a beige house.

On a home that’s painted beige like SW Accessible Beige, I love a classic white door. There is something so simple and elegant about it. Some other front door colors for a beige house would be black, teal, or orange.

Follow the tips I gave you on how to pick a front door color along with the front door color suggestions, and you’ll have your new front door paint color picked out in no time.

Regardless of the paint color, refreshing your front door with a new coat of paint is a quick way to make a lasting first impression.

Don’t Forget!

Finally, as I say in all my paint color posts, make sure you swatch the paint colors you are considering using. The colors you see on the computer look different than a swatch on your home.  So, choose a few colors you want to try and swatch those babies. LARGE swatches, too! 

Check out my review on Samplize; it’s a more manageable, mess-free way to swatch!


Trust me, choosing the wrong paint color is an expensive mistake you do not want to make.

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Monday 11th of October 2021

My house is debonair blue and I’m looking for a soft yellow color Any suggestions?


Thursday 21st of May 2020

I have cranberry shutters and tarnish brick, what color door you think would look good. Thanks


Thursday 23rd of January 2020

what garage door color works with that red brick and black trim that adds spice if I go with a black door too. red brick is hard but I do have a dark red shingle roof makes it harder

Nancy BB

Sunday 8th of December 2019

I LOVE that sage green door on the red brick house (my house is also red brick): what is the color of that door? My shutters are painted Duron "Thatch Roof" color - a dark taupe, and I'm searching for a complimentary sage green door that will "pop" and be cheerful but understated / classy. I don't like greens that are minty or blue toned; I prefer more of a gray / taupe undertone. If you can share the color on that example, I'd appreciate it, along with any other suggestions for a sage green front door on a red brick house with taupe shutters. Thank you!! :-)


Sunday 7th of November 2021

@Nancy BB, I am also looking for that sage color to go with my red brick. Please post if you found something very close. Thanks!

Cate Griffing

Tuesday 14th of January 2020

Hi Nancy! Unfortunately, I don't have that exact door color. I do have a few sage colors that are close that you can look into. SW 6191 Contented, SW 6205 Conmfort Gray and SW 6184 Austere Gray

Faye Bridges

Wednesday 27th of November 2019

I'm having a difficult time choosing a front door color that goes with a lowFayw country minty teal painted house. Shutters are SW Mississippi Mud stain color. Please help me.

Cate Griffing

Thursday 5th of December 2019

Hey Faye, This is so tough without knowing the exact colors of your home. SW Alabaster is an almost off-white color that will work with just about any thing.

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