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10 Exterior Paint Colors for Brick Homes

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Brick homes have a ton of character and charm to them, but sometimes, pairing brick with the right paint color can be a difficult task. You want to find a paint color to complement the red brick without taking away from the home’s charm. Follow along as I share the ten best exterior paint colors that go with brick homes. 

I take my dogs on daily walks all around my neighborhood. I’m constantly looking around at all the homes I pass. I love to see what people choose as their exterior paint colors and how the color works with the characteristics of the home.

Lately, I have been particularly interested in red brick homes. Mainly because they can be challenging to pair paint colors with. Whether it’s a home with brick as an accent or brick on the full body, you want to ensure all the colors you chose play well together.

Today, I want to discuss a few paint color ideas that go with brick. 


Exterior Paint colors for brick homes graphic
  • Sherwin Williams Creamy SW 7012
  • Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray SW 7504
  • Benjamin Moore Black HC-190
  • Benjamin Moore Gray Mist OC-30
  • Sherwin Williams Gateway Gray 7644
  • Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth CC-490
  • Sherwin Williams Dark Night SW 6237
  • Benjamin Moore Himalayan Trek AC-34
  • Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage SW6164
  • Benjamin Moore Salamander 2050-10

10 paint colors that complement brick exterior homes

Below are ten exterior paint colors for brick homes. Whether these colors are used on the trim, front doors, shutters, or siding, they all complement the colors and tones of red brick. 

Sherwin Williams Creamy SW 7012

red Brick and SW Creamy
  • LRV 81

SW Creamy is a fantastic match for red brick.  It’s a warm off-white that doesn’t get too yellow. It stays pretty neutral, making it an amazing alternative to a bright white. 

Benjamin Moore Black HC-190

Brick and Black
  • LRV 2.48
  • Formerly known as Black PM-9
  • Part of the Historical Collection

BM Black is well black. I absolutely love the pairing of black and red brick together. It has such a classic, timeless look to it while feeling modern and updated. Black is a great contrasting color for brick homes. 

Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray SW 7504

Brick and keystone gray
  • LRV 29

SW Keystone Gray is another amazing paint color that complements red brick. This mid-toned neutral works wonders when paired with brick. Keystone Gray is not really gray. I’d consider it to be more of a warm greige. It’s also in the same color family as the ever-so-popular Agreeable Gray.

Keystone’s warm tones match the red brick perfectly. 

Benjamin Moore Gray Mist OC-30

Brick and Gray Mist
  • LRV 73.96

BM Gray Mist is a stellar lighter paint color that complements red brick. I like Gray Mist because it leans more toward beige, with a splash of mist or gray in it. It stays fairly neutral and doesn’t pull yellow.  Gray Mist is an excellent option if you are looking for a lighter paint color to complement your red brick home.


Sherwin Williams Gateway Gray

Brick and Gateway Gray
  • LRV 41

SW Gateway Gray is considered a greige but leans a tad more on the gray side. Gateway has some slight green undertones to it, which is why I love it next to brick. It’s a greige that has a little something extra in it.  It’s also very muted, which again is another reason it pairs so nicely with red brick.


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Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth CC-490

Brick and Stone Hearth
  • LRV 48.85

BM Stone Hearth is another incredible taupe / greige exterior paint color that will go with brick. This guy is more beige than gray and is considered more of a muted mid-toned paint color. However, when it’s used on the home’s exterior, it will look lighter. 

Sherwin Williams Dark Night SW 6237

Brick and Dark Night


Sherwin Williams Dark Night is probably my favorite paint color on this list. When combined with muted red brick, this paint color is the start.

Dark Night is a dark blue. It’s not quite navy, but it’s pretty darn close. It is the perfect exterior color to pair with brick if you want a darker color other than black.


Benjamin Moore Himalayan Trek AC-34

red brick and Benjamin Moore Himalayan Trek graphic
  • Also known as Cape Hatteras Sand AC-34
  • LRV 47.22

Himalayan Trek is yet another greige paint color that would look great with brick. The thing that makes  Himalayan Trek different from some of the other paint colors I have mentioned is that it has taupe undertones. 

Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage SW 6164

  • LRV 41

SW Svelte Sage is precise, as its name implies: sage. Not as green as some sage paint colors can be, Svelte Sage is more muted and toned down.

You must be careful when choosing green paint color to complement red brick. Why? For the simple fact that you don’t want your home to look like a red and green Christmas decoration. That’s why Svelte Sage is a great muted green exterior paint color option to pair with brick.


Benjamin Moore Salamander 2050-10

Brick and Benjamin Moore Salamander graphic
  • LRV 3.66

BM Salamander is another favorite paint color of mine. (can you tell I have a thing for dark colors?)  This dark, bold paint color is the perfect accessory for red brick. Yes, I know it’s green, but it’s not Christmas green, so it works. Salamander is also more vibrant than some of the muted exterior paint color options I discussed. 

Ben Moore Salamander is one of my favorite paint colors that go with brick homes. I’m fairly certain I said that about all of the paint colors. I can’t help it. I have a lot of favorites.

Want more paint color inspiration?

How to choose a paint color for a brick home.

exterior of a house with brick and blue siding

What exterior paint color goes with red brick? Do I need to choose a neutral paint color?

This question is asked often, and when it comes to brick exteriors, there are a few ways to choose a paint color to work with it. 

First, we know red brick is more muted and toned down. So, we want to keep that in mind when finding paint colors to complement it. 

For example, if you were thinking of using white, choose a creamy white rather than a bright white. Bright white can sometimes appear a little too harsh against red brick. An off-white will give the appearance of white against the brick but be a little softer. 

Second, we want the paint colors to complement the red brick, not work against it.

One way to do this is by pulling colors from the actual brick itself. Generally speaking, red brick has a variation of colors in it.

Choosing one of those color variations will keep the home looking cohesive.

Don’t start painting until you have the right tools!


Recap: Colors that go with red brick

To recap, these are ten exterior house color ideas for brick. I shared five Benjamin Moore and five Sherwin Williams paint colors—all absolutely amazing choices if I do say so myself.

  • Sherwin Williams Creamy SW 7012
  • Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray SW 7504
  • Benjamin Moore Black HC-190
  • Benjamin Moore Gray Mist OC-30
  • Sherwin Williams Gateway Gray 7644
  • Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth CC-490
  • Sherwin Williams Dark Night SW 6237
  • Benjamin Moore Himalayan Trek AC-34
  • Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage SW6164
  • Benjamin Moore Salamander 2050-10
black and brick home exterior


Quickly, let’s talk about testing paint colors.

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Let’s talk about exterior trim colors for brick homes.

So, we have our color ideas for the brick now. Let’s discuss how to actually use them in different areas of the home. 

The trim of a brick home is a prominent place to use one of these paint colors. If your home is full brick, you can go as bold as you want. Trim doesn’t always have to be white or off-white. Consider using Black as your trim color. As we already know, black looks great with red brick, so using it on the trim will make a bold statement. SW Tricorn Black is a fantastic choice.


Black trim and windows are becoming increasingly popular as well.  You don’t have to worry about this trend going out of style because black is a timeless color. I am personally feeling this trend right now. 

I think any one of these paint colors is an excellent idea for the exterior trim of your brick home, but if you are looking for something more in the neutral off-white family, SW Creamy is a fantastic option.


Red brick and siding color combinations.

If you have brick and siding on your home, the siding is another opportunity to use one of the colors I have mentioned. The colors I feel would work best as siding options in combination with red brick are:

  • SW Keystone Gray
  • SW Gateway Gray
  • BM Stone Hearth
  • BM Himalayan Trek

They are all mid-tone neutrals that won’t compete with the brick. We are all friends here.

Add a pop of color if your heart so desires. Think about going with a bold front door paint color. It will add just the right amount of color to your brick home without being too flashy. 

Brick homes with shutters

Photo by Discover exterior home design ideas

Not all homes have shutters, but I wanted to touch on this because some homes do have them.  You can really make your brick home look amazing by choosing a stand out shutter color

My top shutter paint color choices to match brick are:

  • SW Dark Night
  • BM Salamander 
  • SW Svelte Sage
  • BM Black

I like the idea of going bolder and darker on shutters. It adds something a bit unexpected but, once again, not over the top. Blue and gray paint colors work really well with brick, too.


Final Thoughts

I know finding a paint color to match red brick can be tricky. Keep in mind the overall exterior of your home, for example, roof color and landscaping.  Doing this will keep your brick home cohesive. And use the color options I listed as a starting point. In no time, you’ll have the brick home of your dreams.

Finally, as I say in all my paint color posts, make sure you swatch the paint colors you are considering using. The colors you see on the computer look different than a swatch on your home.  So, choose a few colors you want to try and swatch those babies. Trust me, selecting the wrong paint color is an expensive mistake, especially when you are dealing with the exterior of your home. 


Grab yourself some chippy brushes.


Use Samplize Peel & Stick Paint Samples for a mess-free way to test paint colors!

Looking for more color options?

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Monday 2nd of October 2023

We have an 1888 red brick Victorian with an older frame addition all with a variegated grey slate roof. I picked a pumpkin color, Firenze, from the brick for the older clapboard wing. All of the trim is white. The porch trim, brackets and below have Mopboard Black details. The doors and garage are Palmer Green, an olivey shade. All Benjamin Moore paint. It looks amazing! Neighbors were shocked but 4 have since stopped to say they love it and now get it! The heck with all these neutrals, it’s a Victorian! It’s different and color is wonderful on most any house so you don’t look like your neighbors! Be brave and creative!

Cate Griffing

Monday 2nd of October 2023

It sounds absolutely stunning!! You need to go with colos that make you happy!


Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Thinking about repose for our exterior. How do you think it pairs with a true red brick? Just using brick on our four pillars.

Patricia Thomas

Monday 12th of July 2021

Hi I have a three story twin red brick house with a porch. I am replacing my two side retaining walls with a gray stone with columns topped off with matching red brick. I have two additional walls, the side of the house and front door to be painted. I don’t know what colors would present a cohesive look. I am also adding porch and step railings - white or silver. I know it’s a lot and I could use some help.


Monday 22nd of March 2021

Great Article - appreciate the insight. We have a red brick 1999 Dallas style house. We just replaced the roof and put on a black roof which I love. Really the only thing left to paint is the trim, garage doors and front door. What colors do you recommend for a red brick house with black roof?


Saturday 14th of November 2020

We have a red brick rancher with a green metal roof and matching green gutters. Soffits and trim are a light tan, no shutters. The windows are white and with white panels inside them. To me, the light beige trim looks dingy next to the white windows. The white windows and green roof are new and we can't do anything about that (the prior owner made those color decisions). What color would you paint all the trim and the front door, and other doors?

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