The Best Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors

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With so many Sherwin Williams gray paint colors, how do you decide which one is best for you?

Instead of painstakingly going through each and every single gray paint color check out the 10 best grays from Sherwin Williams.

I have done the work for you and picked out the best of the best so you don’t have to.  These paint colors are ones I use in clients homes often and they are gray colors that I often recommend.

The BEST Gray Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

How do you choose a gray paint color?

I ‘d have to think gray is the go to paint color when painting your home. It meshes with everything and it’s the perfect paint color for any home decor style you have. Now one would say “sure, let’s paint the walls gray”

Ok, hold up Becky! It's not that simple.

There are so many shades of gray to choose from. Warmer shades tend to have a more brown or yellow base, while cooler shades have more of a blue base.

How do you decide between a warmer gray or a cooler gray?

Look at the fixtures, cabinetry, floors, and the trim in the home. A brushed nickel faucet pairs well with a cooler gray, where as a red brick fireplace is complemented beautifully by a  warm gray.

A good rule of thumb is you want to have the undertone of your home interior elements match the undertone of the gray paint color you choose.

Knowing your undertone will help you in picking out the perfect gray shade.

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The Best Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors

Below I have compiled a list of the best Sherwin Williams gray paint colors that I personally love and that are very highly requested by many clients.


Sherwin Williams Repose Gray 7015

Repose Gray is a warm gray. It has brown-taupe undertones. These undertones can be slightly unpredictable meaning you might see faint brown or purple depending where you apply this it.

This color is perfect because it is light enough to work in almost any space with any decor style. Repose Gray is one of the most popular Sherwin Williams gray paint colors and it’s also a regular on Fixer Upper. If its used by Joanna Gaines, you know its good!

Repose Gray Living Room
Repose Gray Walls

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray 7016

Mindful gray is a warm gray. There are no strong undertones making it the perfect neutral. It is another great light color but a bit darker than Repose Gray. Mindful Gray is also a Sherwin Williams Gray that is often used color on Fixer Upper.


Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray 7017

Dorian Gray is a gray that’s a medium-toned color, with a slightly greige undertone. This paint colors warmth pairs well with medium to dark flooring and bright white trim. I personally use SW Dorian Gray in my master bedroom. Dorian Gray can look dark in some lighting however in a larger room with a ton of natural lighting, this Sherwin Williams gray stands up well.

Dorian Gray Bedroom
Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray

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Sherwin Williams Dovetail 7018

Dovetail is a great charcoal gray with a hint of a blue undertone. It is a dark almost masculine color that makes your whites really pop. I used Dovetail for all the interior doors in my home. This Sherwin Williams gray is certainly darker than some of the other grays I have mentioned.

Dovetail barn door
Sherwin Williams Dovetail

Photo Credit: West Magnolia Charm

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray 7019

Gauntlet Gray is a deep gray that has more brown-taupe undertones than black. Gauntlet gray works great as an exterior paint color and also works well for cabinetry, wainscot, and trim. With it being a darker gray, it’s a great color to use on an accent wall in a room with a lot of natural light. If you’re looking for a gray charcoal color Gauntlet gray could be the winner.

Gauntlet Gray Kitchen
Sherwin WIlliams Gauntlet Gray

Photo Credit: Favorite Paint Colors


Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray 7023

Requisite Gray is a lovely medium tone Sherwin Williams grey paint color. It has a nice mix of warm and cool undertones, not too green and not too purple. This makes Requisite gray a phenomenal choice, working well in almost any home. This is a very sophisticated clean color.

Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray

Photo Credit: Houzz


Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray 7029

Agreeable gray has a brown/ slightly taupe undertone. The brown undertone keeps it on the warm side, not allowing it looks too cool. As the perfect greige, this color is an effortless neutral that brightens a space providing warmth and blending seamlessly with almost any color palette. Agreeable Gray is one of the most popular Sherwin Williams grays. A definite go-to neutral for many people and it's another gray paint color I always suggest to customers.

Agreeable Gray Hallway
Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

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Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray 7043

Worldly Gray is quite a soft color. It has brown and green undertones that gives the paint color a subtle beige feel to it. Worldly Gray can look more like a beige rather than a gray, giving a room a soft look to it.

Worldly Gray entryway
via @bloomingintheburbs on Instagram

Sherwin Williams Useful Gray 7050

Useful Gray is a warm and sophisticated neutral color with beige undertones. This gray brings the perfect amount of warmth if you love gray, but are not fond of the coolness some gray paint colors can have. Pairing Useful Gray with an off white, and deep espresso brown will give you that classic and timeless pallet, working well with a number of decorating styles.

Sherwin Williams Useful Gray Image via @designonapenny on Instagram

Image credit: HGTV Marianne Brown


Sherwin Williams Analytical Gray 7051

Analytical Gray is mildly similar to Useful Gray but with a certain depth to it. Both colors are light and warm with beige standing out to be dominant. Analytical Gray is a fantastic neutral color, beige mixed with just the right amount of gray.

Every space is different. My biggest recommendation is to pick 3 Sherwin Williams gray paint colors you are drawn to, get samples, and paint swatches in the rooms you want to paint.

Don’t paint small dinky swatches either.

I’m talking big, large, monster swatches so you can actually see the color. Then live with them for a few days checking the swatches in different lighting. You want to make sure you are covering all bases before choosing your perfect gray.

best sherwin williams gray paint colors (1)

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No matter the gray you choose, finding balance is key. Bringing in texture and warmth with your decor pieces such as, fabric, wood, and fixtures will help make the room not feel cold and bleak. 

Looking for an easier way to swatch paint colors? Try Samplize Peel & Stick paint samples. These peel & stick paint samples let you test a paint color in all different areas of a room. You know how I feel about testing paint colors in all lighting situations. And the best part about Samplize? They are mess-free! Check them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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45 thoughts on “The Best Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors”

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  3. I need a dark gray color for the base of my bar. I want to go dark because people’s feet band against it. I have anew gray (sw) in the block of the wainscoting outlined in white for the rest of the room. We also have a fireplace in there that is being refinished in stones (grays), a black mantel and black metal front. It’s a big room with a lot of light. The flooring is tile floor that looks like rustic wood (grays, browns, black). There will be a white French door by the bar and on the other side of the room is a large white bay window.
    I was looking at Guantlet Gray (sw).

    1. Hey Kathy!
      Sounds like a beautiful room.
      I personally love Gauntlet Gray and I think it would work great with the colors you have going on in the room. I also love DoveTail, it’s a shade lighter than Gauntlet but it’s beautiful. I have Dovetail on all the interior doors in my home.

  4. We,ve just painted our stucco home repose grey and we love it! we have a large metal stripe and shutters through the middle of the exterior that are bluish. Now we,ve considered Gauntlet grey , Dovetail grey all a bit too brownish so we may go to a bluish/grey but something sofy not too shocking! our home is south facing! Any suggestions? Thank you, love your site!!!

    1. Hi Ann!
      Isn’t Repose Gray an amazing color? Look into Steely Gray SW 7664, it’s a mid-tone blue gray, very pretty. Or Foggy Day SW 6235, this one is a little darker and a touch more blue in it. one last one to check out would be Web Gray SW 7075. This one is the darkest of the 3 but has a great mix of blue and gray. I hope this helped! I’d love to know what you end up choosing, keep me posted!

  5. I have a bright turoquoise front door and getting ready to paint shutters. What suggestions can you give? I was thinking in the gray colors?

    1. Hey Judy,
      I love a door that has a pop of color!
      What color is your home?
      I like Light French gray. It’s a light neutral gray. Or If you wanted a darker gray, look at Dovetail or Gauntlet gray

  6. We are moving into our new home and the builder used Dover White for the interior including the Trim. I was going with Anew grey but after reading your article maybe Agreeable Grey is a better choice? We have a lot of natural light and our floors are a Toledo grey tile (light) Help!!!

    1. Hey Muriel,
      First, I don’t think you can go wrong with either color, I love them both. That being said Anew Gray is a bit darker. The natural light will definitely help with making it feel lighter. In rooms with less natural light, the color will be more saturated, or darker. If this isn’t a concern, Anew Gray is a beautiful greige paint color. Now if you are worried about Anew being a bit too dark, Agreeable Gray is the way to go. It’s a light shade of greige than Anew Gray. I suggest swatching both Agreeable Gray and Anew gray (large swatches) near the trim and watching the colors throughout the day to see how the lighting affects them.
      I hope this helped! Let me know what you choose!

  7. I have Useful Gray in the kitchen and it has a lot of light green tones depending on the time of day. The Analytical gray in the dining/living is a bit darker, but also has green. I don’t know if I love it, but it’s a very neutral color.

  8. We are painting our living room and dining room that connect. We have dark trim on the windows, base boards and door ways, with beige carpet. What color grey would go good. also we have a lot of windows in both rooms.

    1. Hey Mary!
      I’d look at Agreeable Gray. It has warm undertones that will work with the (assuming) wood trim, baseboards ect. I’d also look at Modern Gray SW 7632. It’s similar to Agreeable Gray but with a little more beige in it.
      Hope that helps!

  9. After reading your article (so helpful, thank you!) I’m thinking of painting the exterior of our house Repose Gray. I was thinking of a dark charcoal for the door and chimney. Do you have any suggestions for a true charcoal that isn’t bluish? Thanks again!

    1. Hey Lori!! I’m so glad you found it helpful!
      A great option for a charcoal color would be Wrought Iron or Kendall Charcoal from Benjamin Moore. Wrought Iron is a bit darker than Kendall Charcoal. You can also check out Peppercorn from Sherwin Williams. Hope that helps!!

  10. We painted our new home interior with Mindful Gray. We wanted a warm greige color. Unfortunately, we also have led recessed lights. The mindful gray is very much a blue green color. So disappointed. We have looked into replacing all the bulbs in the house, but would still have led undercabinet lights in the cool led bulbs. Our other choice is to repaint the entirety of the home interior. Either option is very expensive.

    1. Hey Sherri,
      Unfortunately Mindful Gray will show its blur/green undertones in certain lighting, especially cooler light. Maybe you can consider bringing in decor items or fabrics that have a warmer feel to them. It can possibly help balance out the coolness of the wall.

  11. I’m doing naval on my kitchen cabinets. The kitchen opens to the living area with cathedral ceilings and a dining area. Both the dining and living area have floor to ceiling windows looking out to the East. My flooring will be a tile wood reflecting wood tones with a touch of grey. Can you suggest a paint color for walls and trim? There will also be a floor to ceiling light stone fireplace and Natural wood beams on the living room ceiling.

    1. Hey Holly!
      I absolutely love Naval cabinets! The space sounds gorgeous. I’d look into Repose Gray. I like Repose because it’s not too warm or cool. You can also look into Alabaster. It’s a creamy off white-ish color. Agreeable Gray is a great option too. It is a tad bit warmer than Repose. Big Chill is another great Gray. this one is a bit cooler than the others though. For the Trim, look at Pure White or Extra White. I hope this helps!

  12. My kitchen/great room is painted Wool Skein. I have an adjoining dining room and adjoining family room (lots of windows in the family room). I was looking at Mindful Grey for the dining room (medium color hardwood and darker wood furniture, northeast facing room) and a slate blue for the family room. Is this too much?

    1. Hi Vickie,
      I’m curious how Wool Skein comes off. Does it look beige/ tan? I know that it can sometimes have a slight green undertone. Wool Skein doesn’t work with some grays so It’s hard to say if the other colors will work without knowing How WS looks in your home first.

      I do love how Mindful Gray complements wood tones though. Also, Northern facing rooms tend to bring out the cooler tones in a color. With Mindful Gray it has the potential of looking blue/green.

  13. I have a home where the exterior has red brick. I’m thinking about painting the exterior shutters Black Fox. I’m trying to find a light gray for trim. Any suggestions?

  14. Hi! We are trying to change our home colors from beige to the greys. Our kitchen has granite that has beige, some grey.. overall pretty neutral. The backsplash however is the old Tuscan look and leans more towards the beiges and is rather busy (I don’t like but the budget doesn’t allow it to be replaced). We have oak cabinets that were painted a very dark charcoal. We would like to bring in a fridge for the walls but can’t decide which one. We want it on the lighter side but dark enough to have some color. What would you recommend? Thanks so much!!

    1. Hey Danielle,
      Since you still have tans and beiges going on. to complement them and bring everything together I’d go for more greige paint colors.
      It’s hard to give you a specific color since I don’t know the exact colors in the space. I will suggest you look at a few of my favorite greige paint colors.
      Sw Agreeable Gray, SW Anew Gray, SW Worldy Gray and SW Amazing Gray

  15. Hi Cate,
    We just tiled our shower a dark grey with black and white tones in it. We have a grey vanity with Quartz too that has slight black and grey swirls. Our floor is a dark wood with some grey and tan in it. Would like the walls grey. Help with a color please! Thank you.

  16. Hi, we are putting in Appalachian pine coretec flooring in our kitchen and was thnking of doing gauntlet gray on cabinets, what wall color would you do to compliment the floors and cabinets?

  17. Your article is extremely helpful as I have no eye for color! Last year we painted most of our interior spaces in Repose Gray and like the color. We are updating a guest bedroom which formerly had wallpaper and a stained chair rail. All the molding in the 1980’s house is stained wood. We have decided to leave the chair rail as it adds some character, and I ‘d like to use that as an opportunity to paint two colors in the room. Planning on Repose Gray for the top and want to select a darker gray for the bottom. Finally, I have already selected bedding which contains lots of blue/off-white, and I plan to find an accent rug with dark blues in it.
    What would you recommend for the darker gray paint color?

    1. Hey Debbie!
      I’m Glad my post helped!
      Whenever I use Repose and want a darker gray to complement it, I’ll use a shade from the same paint strip. I do that because I know the grays will have the same tones in them. Now i’m not sure how dark you are looking to go but Dorian Gray is 2 shades darker than Repose Gray. Then there are Dovetail, and Gauntlet (gauntlet being the darkest). All 3 shades coordinate perfectly with Repose.

  18. It’s me again……….after consideration, a dark blue rug may conflict with the darker gray shade on the lower half of the wall. I do want to play up the blues in the quilt, however. I think the rug will be lighter shades of blue (faded denim?) and gray.. FYI in case that alters your response.

    1. Hey again!!
      So I have DOrian Gray painted in my master bedroom and my night stands are a faded blue denim color. My rug is a mix of grays, off whites and a tiny bit of yellow as well faded blue denim too. I love have the blues pop against the gray.

      I hope this helps with your decision! I’d love to know what you decide.

  19. Hi! Your advice on selecting a darker gray to complement Repose Gray was very helpful. Thank You! I chose the Dorian Gray (two shades darker on the same paint strip) to use on the lower half of the walls in the bedroom below the chair rail. It looks fantastic….not too dark but a nice contrast. It really adds depth. With blue accents I have in the room now it really pops. I am very pleased with the outcome. I appreciate your help as I am definitely “color-challenged”!

  20. Our kitchen, great room and dining room are all open area. The great room has 16’ ceiling. We are having our cabinets painted in SW Dorian Gray. Do you think SW Worldly Gray would work on the walls ? All trim and shutters are white. Flooring will be tile that looks like wood.

    1. Hello Terri!
      I do think Worldly Gray would work. Repose Gray is another color that looks great with Dorian Gray. Compared to Worldly Gray, Repose Gray is slightly cooler. It’s still a warmer gray but its cooler than Worldly.

  21. Hi! I really appreciated this post! I am looking to paint a Greige or warm grey throughout our semi-open living, dining and kitchen area. All of the trim is painted SW Dover White. The cabinets and fireplace mantel are warm medium brown stain. Any recommendations for a Greige that will go with the Dover White and not make it yellow or dingy? I have been considering SW Agreeable Grey and SW Worldly Grey but am open to more suggestions.

  22. Hi Cate,
    Thank you for all of your reviews they are fantastic !
    I am trying to pick out a warm griege for my dark kitchen , small bubble skylights that face north / west and there is a large bay window about 20 feet away which faces north/east . My walls are simply white and floor is an old parquet floor with pine and the detail has a dark brown/colonial color. I want to balance/mellow down the orangey wood tone from my restored floors . I am looking for a warm Greige for my cabinets possibly with a green undertone?. Was looking at anew grey and analytical Grey , soo many options ! Any suggestions of which samples to order ? Thank you !

    1. Hi Grace!
      Thank you for your kind words.
      You are right, there are soo many options! Anew Gray and Analytical Gray are both great options.
      You can also check out Useful Gray (lighter option) or Mindful Gray.
      I hope this helps a bit!

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