Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

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When it comes to paint colors, neutrals are king, they are top of the class, they run the game. Can you see where I’m going with this?

For the purpose of today’s post, I want to zero in on one particular neutral paint color, the Kelly Clarkson of paint colors…

Sherwin Williams

Alabaster SW 7008


Why is Sherwin Williams Alabaster the Kelly Clarkson of paint colors?

Well first off,  it was chosen as Sherwin Williams Color of the Year in 2016, which is saying a lot in my opinion. And it’s still going strong to this day!

Here’s how Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing describes it:

A hue symbolic of new beginnings, Alabaster (SW 7008), is Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color of the Year. At a time of interconnected commotion and overstimulation, Alabaster offers a sense of personal solace and revival to weary minds. It is the true neutral to set the tone for 2016.

Alabaster represents a straightforward and necessary shift to mindfulness, well-being and an atmosphere that is pure and simple.

Also, because this neutral off-white paint color is the perfect backdrop to highlight any decor style. It lets the decor stand out as the star of the show, as well as allowing you to easily switch up said decor if you are looking for a change. 

Let me fill you in on the stats of SW Alabaster.

  • Alabaster SW 7003 has an LRV of 82. That’s pretty high up there on the scale so this paint color is reflecting a ton of light.
  • R: 237 G: 234 B: 224
  • Hex Value: #edeae0
Alabaster 2

SW Alabaster is featured in the following Color Collections:

  • Senior Living Cool Foundations,
  • Pottery Barn – Spring/Summer 2019,
  • Pottery Barn Kids – Spring/Summer 2019,
  • PBteen – Spring/Summer 2019,
  • Nurterer, Timeless White
  • 2016 Pura Vida

Is Sherwin Williams Alabaster yellow?

SW Alabaster is not yellow. It has a neutral base to it, which gives it it’s creamy almost off- white color. The neutral base grounds the color preventing it from going to warm or looking yellow.

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Is Sherwin Williams Alabaster white?

Alabaster isn’t quite white. It is categorized by Sherwin Williams in its white color section, however Alabaster is not a true white. As I mentioned before, the neutral base this color has gives it a bit of warmth lending it more towards an almost off-white color. 

So what color is Sherwin Williams Alabaster?

Alabaster is a soft, almost off-white paint color. It’s definitely not white because of the neutral beige undertones it has, though it is close. The neutral beige undertones give this paint color a creaminess, but not too creamy. It’s just the right amount of creamy to make it not white but also not yellow.

Let’s say Sherwin Williams  Alabaster is a soft, warm almost off-white. 

What are SW Alabaster’s undertones?

Undertones are what make a color. Alabaster has subtle beige undertones. They are not too cool, yet not too warm. Basically it’s the perfect balance of both warm and cool, which explains why Alabaster is such a popular color choice among many designers and homeowners alike.

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Alabaster and lighting

Light plays an important role in the way a color looks and can change the appearance of virtually any color. For this reason, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the lighting situation of the room you are choosing the right paint color for

  • North-facing rooms – Light in North-facing rooms comes off cooler and somewhat bluish. Lighter colors appear more muted, while bolder colors will show up, or appear better.

Since Alabaster is a lighter color, it may have the tendency to appear a smidge on the muted/drab side in a north facing room. It’s very slight though. 

  •  South-facing rooms– In South facing rooms, there tends to be a consistent bright light throughout the day. Warm and cool tones work with south facing light, This light intensifies colors, so darker colors will seem brighter while,  softer colors will almost look like they are glowing.

We can say Alabaster is “living its best life” in a South facing room. The warmth Sherwin Williams Alabaster has comes out, without looking too yellow.

  • East-facing rooms– East facing rooms have the brightest light in the mornings, with a yellow-orange tone.  If a east facing room will be used mostly in  the evenings, going with a warm palette will help balance the lack of natural light.

Since Alabaster does in fact have the slight warmth to it, it will work well in East facing rooms.

  • West-facing rooms- Early evening is when West-facing rooms have the best light. Warmer tones might seem overwhelming because of the red -orange the light gives off. However, if the main use for the room is in the mornings, the colors won’t appear as intense.

In a West facing room, Alabaster may tend to show off the most warmth.

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Where can you use Alabaster SW 7008?

Because Alabaster has the perfect combination of warm and cool neutral undertones, you can use this perfect paint color virtually anywhere. 

Use Alabaster on shiplap.

There is no denying the farmhouse style is in and shiplap practically defines that style. But sometimes stark white shiplap can be a bit too much for some people.

Enter Alabaster Sherwin Williams.

Why is this the perfect color solution? The warmth it has to it. It’s still close to white, just without the starkness or being glaringly white.

Alabaster is actually what Joanna Gaines has in her kitchen.  So that pretty much explains it all right there. She can do no wrong in my eyes.


Thinking about adding shiplap to your home? DIY shiplap is an inexpensive alternative to the real thing.   Also check out these helpful shiplap painting tips.

Use Sherwin Williams Alabaster on walls

Alabaster is the perfect neutral  almost off-white paint color for walls. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a white, just not too white. 

As we now know Sherwin Williams Alabaster has a neutral base with a hint of warmth too it. This bit of warmth makes it perfect for walls without being too warm or yellow looking, while still providing you with the off-white appearance.  

The subtlety of Alabaster makes it an excellent wall color option especially in nurseries and bedrooms because it is said to promote rest and relaxation.  And that’s certainly what bedrooms are for. 

I personally used SW Alabaster in my guestroom. I had wallpaper I had been wanting to use as and accent wall and I knew Alabaster would be the perfect choice to allow the wallpaper to stand out.


Alabaster also provides the perfect backdrop for bringing color in other places, such as furniture, artwork and decor. It gives you the opportunity to play around and experiment with color elsewhere.

Use Alabaster SW 7008 on trim, molding, ceilings and cabinets

Trim, molding and ceilings do not always have to be pure white.

Using a color that is a warmer white like Alabaster Sherwin Williams is ideal for those with decor and main wall colors that are on the warmer side. The creaminess of this color is what makes it work flawlessly with the warm tones.


Use Alabaster on Cabinets too

Alabaster SW 7008 is ideal for kitchen cabinets. It provides a beautiful contrast against the wall color of your choice without being overly stark and white. Alabaster is one of the best white paint colors for cabinets, kitchen as well as bathroom.

Use Alabaster on your exterior

Remember from earlier when I mentioned that Alabaster has an LRV of 82? Well using Alabaster on the exterior perfectly demonstrates how light reflective this color really is. 

Even though Alabaster does have a slight warmth, it’s not as apparent on the exterior of a home because of how light it is.

An exterior in Sherwin Williams Alabaster will look light, bright and beautiful! 

Alabaster Exterior

If you are looking for an exterior paint color with more warmth look into Shoji White SW 7042, it has an LRV of 74 which is less light reflective than Alabaster and it has more of a  beige undertone. 

Alabaster SW 7008 compared to Evening Shadow 7662


By pairing Alabaster with a neutral color which is in the opposite hue color family, like a cool tone color like Evening Shadow SW 7662 or SW Passive, it will make SW Alabaster appear crisper and brighter.

Alabaster SW 7008 compared to Ethereal Mood SW 7639

When compared to a darker color, such as Eathearl Mood  with a lower LRV, Alabaster tends to look brighter, and not dingy at all.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs. Benjamin Moore White Dove

When comparing Sherwin Williams Alabaster to Benjamin Moore White Dove, there are a few differences very slight between the two colors. 

  • White Dove is a bit more white than Alabaster.
  • Both paint colors are very light and have a high LRV, White Dove being a tiny bit higher at 85.38. 
  • BM White Dove has a hint of gray in its undertone, which grounds the color from going too warm. Though both colors have the perfect balance of  warm and cool undertones, 

SW Alabaster and BM White Dove are two colors that we recommend to clients all the time. They are no fail paint colors that are truly timeless just with a few slight differences.

SW Alabaster 7008 vs Greek Villa SW 7551

greek villa vs alabaster
  • Just like Alabaster, Greek Villa SW 7551 has greige undertones to it. 
  • Greek Villa is a hair warmer than Alabaster.
  • Greek Villa is a tad lighter with a LRV of 84 which is higher than Alabaster’s LRV of 82.
  • SW Greek Villa is my home office paint color.

SW Alabaster 7008 vs SW Pure White 7005

  • SW Pure White is has an LRV of 84, it’s lighter than Alabaster, which again has a LRV of 82. 
  • Alabaster is warmer and softer than Pure White. Pure white bringing closer to a true white.
  • Pure white only has a very small amount of yellow in it, which gives it the tiniest amount of warmth to it. 

Out the two colors Sherwin WIlliams Pure White is more on the white side. 

Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008 vs Benjamin Moore Alabaster OC-129

Sherwin Williams Alabaster-SW-vs-Alabaster-BM-

Yup, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore both have a color named Alabaster. However, these colors are not identical. Sure they are both very light, but there are a few differences.

  • Benjamin Moore Alabaster has a higher LRV of 87.04, which is pretty dang light.
  •  Benjamin Moore Alabaster has more of a pink undertone, while Sherwin Williams Alabaster has that neutral greige undertone.
  •  The undertone is the major difference between these two colors. SW Alabaster has a hint of warmth and Alabaster BM has a hint of cool. 
Alabaster SW 7008 comparisons

Check out how some of the most popular Sherwin Williams off-white colors compare to Alabaster.

Urbane Bronze SW 7048, Gray Area SW 7052, Worldly Gray SW, and Accessible Beige pair beautifully with Alabaster.

Amazing colors to pair with Alabaster (1)

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Color Recap

  • Sherwin William Alabaster is neither white nor yellow. It’s more of a softer, creamier almost off-white.
  • Alabaster is very light reflective, remember LRV of 82
  • The undertones here are on the griege side, making it a warmer color. 
  • SW Alabaster looks amazing in just about any application. 

Final thoughts on Sherwin Williams Alabaster Sw 7008

In my opinion, Alabaster is one, if not my favorite white colors. The slight warmth it has makes it easy to work with and pair with other colors. That is one of the main reasons why we end up suggesting this color to clients of ours. The versatility of this color is just so appealing, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. 

Don’t forget, when it comes to paint colors it’s always a good idea to paint large swatches where you intend to use the color. Lighting will change in the room so pay attention and be observant. You want to make sure you will love the color in every lighting situation.

Be prepared to swatch!

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153 thoughts on “Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008”

  1. I LOVE my Alabaster shiplap! I actually want to paint our main living area Alabaster, but we just painted 2 years ago so according to the hubby, that isn’t happening. 😛

    1. I love alabaster as well. We are building and will have a two story shiplap living room that we plan to paint with SW Alabaster – I want a modern white farmhouse kitchen, but my husband feels it will all be just to much white! What color do you recommend on the kitchen cabinets and quarts countertop that pairs well but not to sterile? Thanks so much for any help!

  2. We put alabaster in our kitchen, which is west facing and it is definitely looks yellow. Pretty bummed, as I thought we finally found our color. Back to the drawing board.

    1. Sorry to hear that Matt. I’ve had the same problem with west-facing rooms, the paint colors always look warmer. Take a look at Ivory lace or Pearly White by Sherwin Williams. they might work better in your kitchen. Both beautiful colors too.

    1. Hi Rick,
      are you looking for a light trim color? I personally have Alabaster in my spare bedroom and it’s paired with white trim. It looks lovely. But if you are interested in a different color a warm gray would work beautifully, Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams is a great warm gray.

  3. Hi Cate,
    I have just purchased Alabaster for my cabinets in semi-gloss cabinet paint. I had intended this color for the top half of my breakfast area that is all beadboard paneling, in eggshell (Never go paint shopping after a long day with middle school kids!) I also bought repose gray which I love. I need a white that works well with both of these colors to paint on the bottom half of the paneling, and the plastic fake brick that is my back splash. Or, using these 3 colors, where would you put them – Cabinets, backsplash, top and bottom half of walls? Thanks a BUNCH!

  4. Hello, have a kitchen facing west. My countertops are close to the classic granite color of celestial shift. That is close to! I think they are browns off white and taupe. Something like that. Since kitchen is facing west what color for walls and cabinets? Want cabinets more on the white side and walls a different ,little more ,off white shade or some kind of tan. Please help.

    1. Hey Nancy,
      In a west-facing room, in the morning light, colors can tend to look on the dull side but in the afternoons colors will have more warmth to them and look brighter. So my suggestion would be to grab samples, Alabaster for the cabinets and for the wall color check out SW Accessible Beige. I think these 2 colors will work with your granite.
      Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Cate,
    Trying to decide on paint colors for our new build. I have an open concept living/kitchen area with 13ft ceilings in both and cedar beams. My island and vent hood will be a stained hickory wood. Do you think Mindful Gray on the walls and Alabaster trim and cabinets would look good together? Thanks for your help!

  6. Hi there! We have already bought the paint for our entire house. I am going for alabaster flat walls and ceiling and the trim and doors are being painted in extra white. I have stopped the whole process because I realize that the extra white trim is causing the alabaster to look dingy and yellow! Help! Do you suggest that I have the extra white trim and doors paint tinted to pure white or to alabaster?
    What are your feelings of an all alabaster house (including the kitchen cabinets, trim, doors, walls and ceiling?) the doors going outside will be SW Iron Ore and the banister and spindles as well. would this look strange in three of the bathrooms with prefabricated white vanities?

  7. Hi, I just installed a metal roof in mansard brown. I was thinking of Alabaster for the exterior wall color and pure white for the trim. My home faces East in Miami. Do do think it will have enough contrast.

      1. Hi, im about to get my kitchen cabinets painted and i was going to paint the uppers alabaster white and the lowers navel with brass hardware the walls being oyster white. Do those colors all work well together? Looking for suggestions. would hate for my upper cabinets to look yellow, i just didnt what a stark white

        1. Hi! What did you decide? I’m in the same boat with Alabaster cabinets trying to decide wall/trim color that won’t leave my cabinets looking yellow.

  8. Hi- I am wanting to paint my brick and looking for a shade of white. Thinking of alabaster? It is in a darker area of my house, a south facing sunroom off to the left, but the fireplace is the bottom of an “L” shape- so fireplace is north facing. Ideas or suggestions for the “white fireplace” Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Jeneen,
      Alabaster works great in North facing rooms. Its a great all around color. If you want a color a that is a bit more white, look at SW Pure white. It’s a step above SW Extra White. Pure White is a great neutral white. I use this one all the time.

  9. Hi! Alabaster is a color I’ve been revisiting frequently for my Northwestern facing open concept kitchen/family room. I don’t want any yellow to come through in the color I choose. I plan to grab a sample and paint various walls in the space but I’m interested in your experience w this color in NW rooms.
    Thanks so much 😁

    1. Hey Dana,
      Alabaster has worked beautifully for me in North facing rooms. I have used it in west facing rooms and in the evening sun, it can look a little warmer. Not yellow, but you can see the little bit of warmth it has.

  10. I have white oak cabinets and flooring. The stain for cabinets was a SW wheat that is diluted as much as possible.
    White marble backsplash with coffee color leathered granite countertop.
    Trim throughout will be SW Greek Villa.
    Wondering if I could use SW Alabaster for walls? My other choice would be SW Mindful Gray for walls. Walls include dinning and family room. East facing dr, West with lots of windows for the rest.
    Thank you so much!!!

  11. I recently painted my kitchen cabinets alabaster. I have granite counter tops that are light brown speckled along with some flakes of dark brown/white. We have brownish tile floor throughout the kitchen. Any suggestion for a wall color that will make the alabaster pop, but not look off with the brown tones of the floor and counter tops?
    (Also, we have white trim in the room and on the pantry door, which I am also considering painting)

  12. I recently heard that window trim should always match the window color. Now that we have new Pella casement windows, aluminum clad in Pella’s “plain white”, which seems more grey – and new Hardie board and batten siding, I am in a quandary over paint. The windows themselves closely match SW Frosty – but I have only been considering SW Alabaster, BM Swiss Coffee and BM White Dove. I am looking for the barely white creaminess of magnolia flowers for my paint and do not want one that is too super bright! Do you have a recommendation? and regardless of which color is best, do I paint the window trim the same, or is it really better to use that “frosty-looking” Frosty paint for trim, or perhaps there’s a combination I have not considered. I also wonder if you might have a suggestion for roof color for the suggestion – that’s next!

  13. I am wanting to paint our walls Alabaster. Would you recommend a pure white or extra white for the trim? Could we use the trim color for the cabinets?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I personally have Alabaster in my guest room and for the trim, I went with SW Extra White. It has great contrast. I also used SW Extra White on my Kitchen cabinets, in a semi-gloss finish. Whichever trim color you decided, you can certainly use it on your cabinets.

  14. Would alabaster look good on hall walls that don’t have a ton of sun and I’m also dealing with orange yellow honey oak doorway trim

  15. I’m deep in my research for the perfect exterior white paint. Florida stucco home, dark bronze metal roof, front faces East, back faces West. I’m torn between White Dove & Alabaster but the only thing I don’t like is the creaminess that comes out. I also thought China White might be a contender. I want white but I’m afraid of picking one that is too bright. Any suggestions on a neutral white without cream?

    1. Hey Lisa,
      I think Alabaster and Hite DOve are good options. Being that it’s going to be used on the exterior, it will look lighter and brighter. You can also Check out Eider White, this one has a very slight gray undertone.

  16. I am struggling between SW Alabaster, SW Snowbound and BM White Dove for our kitchen cabinets. We have a south facing kitchen. We picked out Calacatta Lazo for our countertops. There’s such a slight difference in the colors, but it is a difference. What would you choose? I don’t want a stark white kitchen nor do I want a creamy kitchen

    1. Hey Monica,
      I think I’d go with either Snowbound or White Dove. Alabaster is probably the creamiest out of the 3. White Dove has some warmth to it and Snowbound is cooler with more of greige undertone. Hope that helps!!

  17. Hi,
    I tried sampling Alabaster and Casa Blanca (I know, both very different) but I’m really looking for something between them. Not too white (Alabaster) but not too light khaki (Casa Blanca). I want a nice neutral creamy off-white and want to use it for walls and trim. Our style is mid century modern and bohemian.

  18. I want to paint our walls in SW Alabaster. Should the ceilings be a different white, or could all of it painted in Alabaster. I wanted something that isn’t cold, but not too much warm, so it seemed Alabaster might work.
    Your comment? THANKS!!

  19. I’m thinking of using Alabaster on my walls in open floor plan. Should I paint the trim alabaster or go with sw extra white? The house has great wood trim and wainscoting. The outside of my house is Alabaster too. I will probably paint some of the bedrooms a very light beige.
    Thanks for an opionion 😊.

  20. Hi! I am thinking of painting my walls agreeable grey and then the doors and trim alabaster, do you think that it will make the doors and trim appear yellow?

    1. Hi Holly,
      It shouldn’t come off yellow. Paint colors do affect the furnishing in your home. So if you have yellow tones floors etc, there may be a possibility. Make sure you swatch the colors.

  21. I have recently painted the exterior of my house alabaster and I am currently trying to pick out a pretty neutral color for shutters. I am wondering if you good give me a few ideas of what colors would pair well with alabaster. I have painted the the porch ceilings SW rainwashed but everything else is Alabaster.

  22. I have a north east facing kitchen and I can’t decide between SW alabaster or BM white dove for my kitchen cabinets. I am having a professional painter spray over my existing cabinets. My granite is almost black uba tuba granite. My wall paint that I really love is SW agreeable grays. I have white oak floors stained light medium color. I have very high ceilings in the kitchen, too. My fabric colors are light blue chairs, dark gray couch, and a off white kitchen table that will be in the dinette area of the kitchen.

    1. Hey Michelle,
      From the information you provided, it sounds like both Alabaster and BM White DOve will work.
      The difference between the 2 would be that White Dove is a bit softer of a white. Alabaster has a tiny bit more of a warmth to it.
      I really don’t think you can go wrong with either or. If I were choosing for my kitchen I’d go with White Dove.

  23. We are having all of the trim in our house painted SW Alabaster. I have colors picked out for all other rooms/walls except for the 3 kid bedrooms. We are empty nesters – so I want these bedrooms on the lighter/neutral side. Would Alabaster on the walls in a 25% lighter shade look OK? Any other recommendations? Thanks!

    1. Hi Julie,
      It depends on how the light is in those rooms. Whites need a lot of light to look their best. If there isn’t sufficient light, they can look dull and shadowy

  24. I am planning on painting the exterior of my brick house which faces west. The roof is a light grey and the shutters will be a grey shade. Which would be the better choice for the brick,SW Alabaster or BM White Dove?

  25. Hello! I can’t find anyone saying they have a west facing kitchen! I do and am wanting to have my cabinets painted in a soft, not too harsh white. I am a farmhouse style magnolia farms style girl. My countertops are quarts white color with gray flecks. I am thinking island in espresso. My painter uses Sherwin Williams, is Albaster too yellow? My trim and ceilings are cottage white by Dunn Edwards old formula. Does that even matter? Thanks for any help!

    1. Hey Cindy,
      Sound like you are a girl after my own heart! I love the farmhouse style too.
      So I actually have Alabaster in my guest room. It faces southwest. I never see Alabaster look yellow. It does look pretty warm ore creamy at times.
      If you are looking for a creamy almost off white color Alabaster is a nice option. If you want another option take a look at Pearly White, its similar to Alabaster but a little less creamy. Make sure you swatch the colors before your painter gets started.
      I hope that helps!

      1. Thank you for sharing that! We began our remodel 2 years ago (wish I had discovered you then) and I chose alabaster for all the shiplap and trim. I love it and it looks like a soft white. Now it’s time to pick a color for the kitchen cabinets. There is one small west facing window, while light from the southwest facing dining room also gets in the kitchen. Walls will be shiplap, counters concrete, stained open shelves with no upper cabinets-picking a color for the cabinets has been stressful; almost went with black. I don’t want alabaster looking yellow, but am craving a lighter space so decided to stick with it, especially after your thoughts on your sw facing guest room.

      2. Thank you… went with alabaster cabinets in kitchen and my master bath area. I like it and am trying to figure out which color walls for west facing bedroom … agreeable gray, repose or crushed ice, any opinions for nice neutral with alabaster?

  26. Hi!
    Love the information, so helpful! We just painted our entire downstairs walls all Alabaster and LOVE IT! I’m a our farmhouse style girl and the alabaster is gorgeous with rustic floor and magnolia style. My question is for the trim and doors… I purchased SW Extra White semigloss to paint over the Accessible Beige (I thought it was too brown) trim and doors the Extra White just looks dingy. I’m not sure why? The accessible beige is actually a better contrast and the Extra White just looks a bit blah. I wanted it to look fresh and farmhouse, but now wondering.. maybe I should try Alabaster trim? Would it be a slight contrast but more balanced? We have west and East windows and bright in am and pm depending on the sunrise or set.
    Thank you!!
    PS: trying to Include pictures but aren’t copying..

  27. Hi there! I am having my east facing bedroom (with dormer roof) painted this week. I tried sample of SW creamy but seemed too white. I want a white bedroom with bit of contrastfrom white ceiling. .. torn between SW alabaster and dover white. Our bedroom has only 1 small north facing window and dark woodowrk. Any thoughts?

    1. Hello Colleen,
      Dover White is more of a creamy color with yellow undertones. These yellow undertones can really show through depending on the lighting situation. Alabaster is also a creamy color but it has a bit of gray in it that tones down the yellow undertones.
      Both colors look lovely with dark wood.
      Whatever you do make sure you swatch the colors to see how they perform in the space.
      I hope that helps!

  28. I’d like to paint my 1958 ranch interior walls Alabaster. I’d like your opinion on painting window trims a dark color.The windows and doors are all bronze colored material. Should I keep the white crown mouldings and baseboards or paint them dark as well? No tall ceilings or large rooms; hickory floors.
    Thanks! SM

  29. Hello! I’m having trouble choosing between SW Dover White or SW Alabaster for my kitchen cabinets. The room faces North, granite is brownish colors (has both light and dark browns) and my hardwood floors is very dark brown, almost black. I don’t want something too white or end up too yellow. Help please, losing my mind! =p

    **great blog, btw!**

    1. Hi! Thank you for your kind words.
      Dover White is much more of a creamy color with yellow undertones. These yellow undertones can really show through depending on the lighting situation. Alabaster is also a creamy color but it has a bit of gray in it that tones down the yellow undertones.
      I personally love Alabaster.
      Whatever you do make sure you swatch the colors to see how they perform in the space.
      I hope that helps!

  30. Hi. Does Alabaster work well with gray carpet? It’s a fairly light gray with mild green undertones. I’m also considering Drift of Mist and Zurich White. North facing, two-story foyer and hall.
    Thank you!!

  31. Hey Cate,

    I live in a middle unit town home. I barely have even natural light flow through the home. My front living room faces south and kitchen faces north. Also, doing bathroom remodels and using woods, grays, cream, and, Pewter shiplap (no windows in either bathroom) I love a rustic look, as well as an open, airy, fresh look. I don’t want the house to pull too white. Do you think Alabaster will still look fine in a darker home. I’m also planning on using agreeable gray SW on my interior doors. Have not picked out a trim, currently the trim is an off white pulling warm undertones. Don’t know the color, it has been there since I bought it.

  32. Kitchen painted in SW Alabaster ,cabinets greystone,. It is on south side of house. Entire house Trim paint to be used will be a type of white. Extra white or pure white . The rest of house will be in agreeable gray. I’m concerned with which white would be better against alabaster?

  33. What do you think of painting the walls as well as the ceiling and trim in SW Alabaster? We are selling our house.

  34. Hi Cate,
    My husband and I have narrowed it down to SW Alabaster and SW Greek Villa. It will be for living room (west facing) family room (east with 10ft window), dining room no window in middle and halls. Because we are going from SW Celery and have always had a “colour” it’s been very difficult and we have now reached a stalemate!
    We would appreciate any suggestions.


  35. We are building a modern farmhouse with vaulted ceilings, pine floors, wood beams, and black windows and fixtures. I am wanting to use the alabaster on most of the interior walls but I am having trouble figuring out the white color for the trim, cabinets, and ship lap colors. Should the trim, cabinets, and ship lap be the same color? If so what white would look good with this?

  36. I need help choosing a white (maybe more off white)exterior paint. I have a cedar shake beautiful roof and lots of trim around windows. I have rock around the bottom of the home and the rock has bronze, copper, browns, creams, and touches of dark grey from the mortar. Any advice on which white and what trim for windows? I am so confused! My house is now a cedar red with dark brown trim so this will be a big change!

  37. Hello,
    I am having issues deciding on a white for the exterior of my lake home. We have a darker blue roof (harbor blue) and the front of the house faces north-north east. I love white dove and alabaster. I don’t want the white to have a noticeable yellow undertone. Would you recommend either of these white colors or would you go with a different, more ‘white’ color? Thank you

  38. Hi
    I want to paint my walls alabaster, maybe my doors and trim pure white and my cabinets a gray. I have quartz stone with beige undertone color counter tops. What gray color paint do you recommend that is gray? I don’t want to go too dark or too beige because my house is small. Any suggestions?

    1. Hello, I read every word you wrote on SW Alabaster. We just painted our breezeway in SE Alabaster. It receives east and west light. We stained the pine t&g ceiling in a warm red brown. Looks good. We want to now paint our adjoining kitchen cabinets in SW Alabaster and the ceiling and trim. The kitchen faces east and shares a wall with the livingroom which has west facing windows. Kitchen and livingroom are shadowy. What white or light color do you suggest we paint the walls in the kitchen and livingroom? Thank you in advance for your expertise.

  39. I am building a farmhouse and right now I’m not sure which direction the house will sit. I think it will be front facing west and the rear facing East. Cabinets will be white and dark rustic wood floors, mix of shiplap and drywall. I am thinking alabaster, I want a warm homey feel but can only choose one color to do the entire home in. Do you think alabaster will accomplish this? Thanks

  40. I am considering alabaster for a west facing bedroom. Would it be too yellow ? Your site is amazing and so helpful ! Thank you !

    1. Hey Kathy,
      I have Alabaster in my guest bedroom which is facing south-west and there are times you can see a hint of the yellow warmth. It’s not very yellow and its not all day but it is there at times.

      thank you for your kind words!

      1. Hi! We are looking at painting the exterior of our brick home. We have black shutters and our roof is charcoal. We are worried about picking a color with too much of a yellow undertone, a look that is on the gray side, or a glaring white. We had been looking at SW Alabaster, Snowbound, and Pure White, but are open to others. Do you have any thoughts or advice?

        1. Hi Ximena,
          I wouldn’t be worried about these colors looking yellow. If you are worried about it looking too white, Alabaster is the one with a little warmth so it may be the best choice for the look you are going for. But all in all these 3 colors you choose are great options.

        2. We are redoing our breezeway and adjoining half bath in shiplap and painting them with SW Alabaster. Will it look ok or odd to paint both the trim and shiplap the same color? SW Alabaster will also be the color of our adjoining kitchen walls and trim. We are painting our cabinets also and wondered if I could use SW Alabaster on the cupboards as well only in gloss not eggshell? My thought was to have the counter tops, woodfloors, and accessories bring in the colors.

          1. I don’t think it would look odd for the shiplap and trim to be the same color. It;s done often and looks lovely. Alabaster in gloss on the cabinets will definitely work. The gloss will also provide a more durable finish. I’ think you are on the right track.

  41. Hi! Love your site! I’m doing a totally different look on my exterior. Want to go light crisp and clean. Alabaster vs White Dove then trim and window grid color etc. Can I email you a photo of the ugly colors that exsist?

  42. Hey! I’m about the paint my exterior brick either alabaster or shoji white. I get morning shade and afternoon sun in the front and don’t want any yellow tint. Will either of these look yellow in the shade? Warm creamy is ok but don’t want yellow!! Also need a grayish trim and window color recommendation! Intellectual gray?

  43. Will Alabaster walls and Extra White cabinets and trim go well in a kitchen with warm colored granite and terra-cotta orange floors?

  44. Hi Cate

    I currently have Alabaster, Shoji White, Oyster White Eider White and Snowbound painted in swatches on my brick as I’m typing this. Finding a white that will complement shingles that are in the orange/brown. with a hint gray family is difficult. My windows are white trim and can’t be painted. Right now looking at iron ore or urbane bronze for door colors. don’t want anything that is yellow or gray undertones and not stark white either. Suggestions please
    thank you so much

    1. Hello Susan,
      Its hard to say what colors will look best without seeing the home. However, I like Eider White because of the tiniest hint of warm gray in it, it also works well with White. I like Urban Bronze because its a warm color and the brown in it would work with the warm tones of the roof.

  45. Hi there! This has been such a helpful read, thanks! I am in crunch time picking the colors for my exterior. Out homes faces southwest. I want a rich (in color) white home with black around the windows, doors and garage. My thought is Alabaster on the body and trim with Caviar on the windows, doors and garage. Wondering if you think Alabaster is a good choice ( I want it to look white without being blinding) but also wondering if there is a dark color that would work better then cavier? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Ashley,
      Alabaster is a great choice because it has a little warmth in it but it doesn’t look yellow. As for Caviar, that’s a great black. Tricorn Black is also a great black option. Its the color I use when I need black.

  46. Hi!
    After reading some comments, I feel like we might go with BM white dove for our kitchen cabinets. We have brownish granite countertops ( wasnt my color choice but it’s what I’ve got now) Do you think white dove would be a good choice? Also trying to figure out what might go well with that for the walls of the house? Had in mind BM pale oak or SW alabaster. The tile in the house is a tan color. Thank you!

  47. Monica McFee/STL

    Cate: Your blog and these comments helped me select SW Alabaster for my kitchen walls. Thanks everyone.

  48. Hi!
    We are currently building and had custom built-ins for around our fireplace in Alabaster. We originally were going to do the walls as well in Alabaster and the trim in extra white. Now I’m wondering if I should paint the walls a more true white to stand out from the builtins. What do you think and what color whites coordinate well with Alabaster? Thank you so much!

  49. Hello,

    I am planning to paint my entire downstairs of my house and some bedrooms Alabaster. My builder really likes SW Pure White for ceilings, trim and doors. Do you suggest Pure White Trims with Alabaster walls? I plan to purchase 12×12 Peel and Stick paint samples.

  50. I would like to use SW Alabaster for trim and SW Creamy for the walls in my 1980s very traditional style house. All of the permanent fixtures (ceramic tile, bathroom countertops, bathroom fixtures and showers) are bone, not white. And, the combo must work in both east facing and west facing bedroom. Will this combo work? If not, please suggest another light colored combination for trim and walls.

  51. Great blog! Do you have any suggestions for an offwhite or light Greige Sherwin Williams paint to use in rooms with Brazilian cherry floors? Room face south but don’t get a lot of light. Thank you!

  52. We just installed cabinets that are alablaster. Right now we have dark red walls. We are wanting to change the color of the walls, but wanting a color to make the cabinets appear brighter/lighter white. We want to counteract any yellowish hues. Are there any specific grey colors you would recommend to make the color appear whiter? Thank you!

    1. Hi Shannan,
      Unfortunately without seeing the space it’s hard for me to give you an accurate suggestion. The way the colors look, really depends on all the elements in the space.
      You can check out some great gray suggestions here or here.

  53. Im painting my kitchen, hall and living room alabaster. Its an open floor plan. Would you go with pure white or extra white for cabinets and trim?? I can’t decide and it’s driving me crazy! Lol

  54. Hi! I just moved into a new house and the trim, chair rail trim, shutters and kitchen cabinets are all close to an alabaster color (which I love). Would it look good if the walls were painted the same alabaster color or can I go with another white for the walls without making the alabaster color look yellow/dingy? If so, what white would look best with the alabaster color? Thank you in advance! 🙂

    1. Hey Meleah,
      I like the idea of using the same color for the walls, it will give the room a seamless look. White is tricky because if you don’t have enough light, it will look dull and shadowy. So its hard to give you a color without knowing the space.
      Hope that helps!

  55. We are thinking alabaster for exterior body, iron ore for trim and heartthrob red for the entry door. What do you think of this exterior combination? What sheen paint?

  56. Just had our house painted and unfortunately hate the repose gray in the southeast facing great room. It is a huge room in Frank Lloyd Wright style with all natural wood trim and ceiling and wall of windows. I knew I should’ve gone with my gut which said to pick a white. There is wood and glass everywhere. A wall of built ins, wood floors, trim and ceiling. The repose Gray reminds me of cement in this room. Help!

      1. Hi, we painted our kitchen cabinets cloud white bm. We are thinking of painting the walls classic gray in the kitchen and the rest of the open concept house alabaster sw. Do you think alabaster would work with cloud white cabinets in the kitchen?

  57. I have not been able to find a white subway tile that looks good with my Sw alabaster cabinets. The granite is andino white. Any suggestions?

  58. Hello,
    We painted our kitchen cabinets SW Alabaster several years ago because it was used by some other bloggers with Formica FX Crema Mascerllo. We have an east facing window over the sink and a small opening to the south facing living room. Our floor is a light oak look vinyl that needs replacing. In our room I always think the cabinet color with the cafe au lait, grayed white, and green undertone gray color counter top looks kind of pinky next to the flooring. We need to paint the green blue walls and get a new floor. Any suggestions on fixing this would be appreciated.


  59. Pairing my oak cabinets with Alabaster walls in my east facing kitchen in an effort to lighten things up and make it feel more modern. I am painting over a much darker Kilim Beige (primer first) . New granite countertops of Azul Novo and white subway tile. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Anita,
      Without seeing the space and the countertops, It’s hard to give you an accurate answer. I will say, swatch Alabaster on some white foam board and hold it up against the countertop as well on the cabinets. make sure you like how it all looks together before going forward.

  60. I could certainly use some advice. We are selling our house and painted our south-facing kitchen Alabaster. The feedback we got from the realtor was “you should paint your beige walls a gray color” – talk about disappointment! She named a few grays and they all seem dark. I had kind of settled on Light French Gray but now that I’ve looked at that large swatch on my wall for several days, I think that is too dark too. All the pictures I see of homes for sale seem to have really light grays. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Your realtor wants you to re-paint your kitchen?
      Without seeing the space you are painting, it’s hard to give you an accurate suggestion. However, I can give you some colors that are a little lighter. Check out SW Crushed Ice and SW Big Chill.

  61. Hi Cate,
    Thank you for posting all this fantastic information! We are building a home and our builder has a limited selection of SW paint color options. The standard trim and ceiling color is SW Snowbound. I was leaning toward SW Alabaster for all the walls in our house. Would those colors go well together? If it helps, we’ve chosen medium warm maple floors and white cabinets/backsplash in the kitchen.

  62. Hi Kathy,
    I am deciding between Alabaster and BM Swiss Coffee (converted to SW) for my cabinets. I have Blackish Uba Tuba granite and backsplash (cant change out backsplash for now) that has gold and grayish freckles. Which would look better? I don’t get too much light in my kitchen but it’s not super dark either. I will most likely paint the walls Wordly Gray, Accessible Beige or Balanced beige…. Your suggestions would greatly be appreciated. 🙂

  63. Love this post! I’m painting my kitchen cabinets Alabaster. My granite has black, brown, beige, and a hint of mauve in it. What color subway tile do you recommend? Should I go with white or an off white tile?

  64. Hi I’m wanting to paint our exterior which is currently 2 story red brick with white siding and black roof / black shutters. I can’t decide on brick color and trim? I know I want a shade of white and a contrast with black / charcoal gutters / trim but don’t know which ones to choose and exactly where to accent? All trim? Just gutters? If I send pics can you please help???

  65. Hello Cate! Love this site!!! I’m wanting to paint our exterior which is currently 2 story red brick with white siding and black roof / black shutters. I can’t decide on brick color and trim? I know I want a shade of white and a contrast with black / charcoal gutters / trim but don’t know which ones to choose and exactly where to accent? All trim? Just gutters? If I send pics can you please help???

  66. Hello, I am getting ready to have my kitchen cabinets painted white and was planning to use SW Extra White or SW Pure White or SW Alabaster. I am also having all of the trim in my house painted the same color. I have white appliances that I do not plan to change out. I have medium toned wood flooring and the countertops are brown / beige / white mix. I don’t want the cabinets to look stark with the warm colors but I don’t want them to look yellow either. Any advice??
    Thank you

  67. I am deciding between Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Sherwin Williams Pure White for new cabinetry…or other Sherwin Willioams color? The kitchen has south & East facing windows but there are many trees so there is not alot of direct sunlight. The floors are midtone Maple hardwood (French Roast). I have not decided what the countertop will be, other than stone of some kind and I am afraid the cabinet colour will limit the counter choices. I don’t want a cold stark white cabinetry ,but neither do I want a yellow cream colour. Please Help?!?

  68. Hi!
    So, I have read all of these comments – hoping to find my greatest insight. But, I still need a little advice. I’ll do it in bullets 🙂
    ~ North facing room, cabinets are currently a cherry maple.
    ~Typical subdivision home, kitchen connects to the family room and is open.
    ~All walls have just been painted Accessible beige
    ~All trim and pantry, laundry, closet doors, have been painted in Snowbound.
    ~New wood floors going in now and are on the darker, NOT honey or light side.
    ~ Granite counters are warm with dark browns, tan browns, with some little flecks of pearly grayish/white specks…but warm. We are but in the mindset to replace perfectly good granite.
    ~ So…cabinets to be painted! I’m deciding which would go best with the granite. I’ve always heard the white cabinets should be the same as the trim. I’m not sure if Snowbound would be too cool in an N facing room with brownish granite counters (PS – my thought is to paint the island Urban Bronze)
    ~ My initial choices are Alabaster, snowbound, Greek Villa, pearly White, Simply White…but I do NOT want yellow coming out at all. But, also don’t want cool stark white. My Accessible Beige already shows on the gray side due to the north facing.

    Any thoughts – PLEASE!!!

  69. Hi we are looking to paint our walls, ceiling, trim and kitchen cabinets all the same color (different sheens? Tile in kitchen is cream with beige undertones, granite is cream with brown and gold swirls and backsplash is a cream color. We are stuck between alabaster and Swiss coffee BM. Would like a warm white which won’t look too yellow or peach. Any suggestions?

      1. Hi Cate! We are building a new home and leaning towards painting most of the first floor walls SW Alabaster. We have some custom trim work that we’ll likely be painting SW Iron Ore (wainscoting, shiplap, built ins), but I am incredibly torn on a trim and ceiling color, as well as a color for our painted brick fireplace. Would you use Alabaster for trim/ceilings/fireplace, or a cleaner white to offer some contrast? Our builder typically uses a custom blend for trim that I believe is very close to Extra White, but not sure if it will be too icy and cool against the Alabaster. Any thoughts are appreciated!

        1. Hi Justine,
          I actually have Alabaster in my guest room and the trim is SW Extra white. I personally love it because it gives it some contrast. I don’t find Extra white to look icy at all. You can also use Alabaster on the trim but in a different sheen than the walls. Using the different sheen will give it a slightly different look. Both great options. It’s really personal preference.

  70. I love this post and would love your thoughts! Our exterior trim/gutters/window frames is alabaster. I’m trying to come up with a complementary color for the siding & front door. The home faces the North. I’ve considered something in the medium blue family or griege. I’d love your thoughts!

  71. I need your input!! Our kitchen has cabinets that run all the way to the ceiling. The cabinets and crown molding are painted in Alabaster. Our trim work around windows is Pure White. We are running crown molding to the rest of the kitchen. Does it have to be the same crown molding as the kitchen cabinets? Can we paint that pure white??

  72. Cate
    I am considering alabaster or snowbound for my living room. The trim is extra white. I do have one wall that is cherry panels. Two windows are north facing and two are west but lots of trees. Overall the room is fairly dark and I want to lighten it up. This is a hundred year old farmhouse and overall dark inside. I originally picked sherwin Williams windfresh white but afraid it would be too dark. Help

  73. hi! love your page! We have SW antique white trim in our home, but are looking to paint all our walls (leaving the trim…) is there a white you might suggest that won’t make the trim appear MORE yellow than it already is? I was told by a color consultant we “Can’t” do white 🙁 I was hoping for BM swiss coffee, SW alabaster, SW Dover white, or BM white dove. I’d like it to “go with” the trim (not a stark white with the creamy trim) but also not make it appear too yellow. I’m hoping it’s possible, but starting to get discouraged. I’d love your input!

  74. Builder used Alabaster on walls and ceilings, open concept spaces- using Urbane Bronze as accent wall- thought Gossamer Veil would be a good overall wall color- but not quite warm or light enough- any suggestions on wall color to complement barn wood colored flooring with Alabaster/urbane bronze? Shoji?

  75. Hi, we are building a new home and want to paint our brick SW Alabaster. Our neighbors next door have their brick painted in SW Pure White with black roof and trim. If we used Alabaster on our brick, would it be enough contrast from the house next door so we don’t look alike? Also, what color trim and shutter color should we use if we go with Alabaster on the brick so that we don’t look alike.
    Thank you, Suzie

  76. Hi, we are building a new home and want to paint our brick SW Alabaster. Our neighbors next door have their brick painted in SW Pure White with black roof and trim. If we used Alabaster on our brick, would it be enough contrast from the house next door so we don’t look alike? Also, what color trim and shutter color should we use if we go with Alabaster on the brick so that we don’t look alike.
    Thank you, Suzie

  77. Hi. I am painting my whole open concept living/dining room and my designer has recommended Divine White, which seems a little too beige for my taste. (I love greys, but don’t think they would work here – too cool for a house I live in in Winter only.). The ceiling in the living room will be SW Faded Flaxflower and the kitchen cabinets will be SW Sleepy Hollow. The other ceilings will be the same color as the walls. My furnishings are creams and blues. I understand why my designer suggested a warm white, but I just can’t fall in love with Divine White. Is Alabaster a good alternative? The room faces Southwest.

  78. Hi – You give such great descriptions of how whites work! I see a lot about Alabaster walls but not much about Alabaster cabinets and trim. I’m trying to figure out something in the white color family to go with newly painted SW Alabaster cabinets and trim on the entire first floor so I can’t really focus on which direction a room faces. The counters and tile floor in kitchen have cream, taupe and grey in them.
    Any ideas on samples I should try?
    Thanks so much for your helpful suggestions for all of us!

  79. Hi, my kitchen walls are agreeable gray, cabinets are a sleek dark espresso, almost black, rest of kitchen including backsplash, granite, flooring are different shades of grays, mostly light grays. My kitchen opens up (not completely open)to my living area. There is a little separation wall. I wanted to paint the walls in the living room alabaster white. The beams in the living area urban bronze with all trim, ceiling, and French doors/trim extra white or pure white. Ceilings are both the same, not cathedral ceilings. Should I pick a different shade of gray for the kitchen? Also the main wall with my tv in the living room stucco. You see the stucco wall first from the kitchen. Should I paint this wall a different color or keep all 4 alabaster? This is getting confusing. Please help!

  80. Hi
    We are going to paint a little bungalow style house with walls of stucco and wood on the roof and the trim in some of the windows. The house faces North and it is located in El Paso, Texas which is very sunny almost all year long. We are considering Alabaster for siding, Peppercorn for the trim and Sea Salt for accent (on the door and in some areas of the roof for contrast). Do you think this could work? We sure need help, Thanks!

  81. Hi – I am thinking of painting the exterior (EFIS/stucco) with Alabaster SW 7008 for the main color and Argos SW 7065 for the trim around the windows. Do you think they would go together okay.

  82. Hi Cate,
    I could use some help deciding which color to use for our basement. We have two cement walls that we need to paint. On the other two walls, there is knotty pine that we are not painting (think orange/golden wood). The carpet is going to be a greige. The only windows are small and they are at ground level, so there isn’t a lot of light down there. We’ve tried a bunch of different beiges, and none of them seem to blend well with the bright knotty pine and the carpet, plus we don’t want to go too dark since it’s a basement. Would you recommend going as light as Alabaster? Alabaster seems interesting, I just don’t want it to look like yellow. Is there another one that you would recommend that gives some warmth but is a little less yellow?
    Thanks in advance!

  83. Hi Cate,
    We’re going to paint our kitchen cabinets white. Our wall color is SW Anew Gray. I’m not sure if Alabaster White is the right white with Anew Gray. Do you think we should go with SW Pure White instead? What do you suggest?
    Thank you!

  84. Tiffany Laczkowski

    Hi Cate – I found your blog bc I’m looking up Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. We’ve recently moved into a house with grey walls and white trim. I would like a warmer look so my plan is to have the walls and trim all painted one color – likely alabaster. I am thinking of doing the trim in a satin or semi gloss and the walls/ceiling a flat but maintaining the same shade throughout the living room, which is north facing. Your blog post above wasn’t as keen on alabaster in a north facing room. Should I look into another warm white? I don’t want a grey but I also don’t want a yellow. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tiffany,
      I think your best bet is to sample the Alabaster in the space. That the only real way you will see how the color looks. I have had clients use it in North facing rooms and it looked lovely.


    Hi, I decided to go with Alabaster for exterior, and I love it. We will be painting my house this week and I am torn on the trim color to use.
    We are painting the soffit/fascia and garage door urbane bronze, so I am wondering a good gray to go with it. I am torn between agreeable gray or worldly gray or any other gray that will go well. Any suggestions?

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