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DIY Oversized Wall Clock

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There is no doubt about it: An oversized wall clock will make a bold statement in your home decor. The only problem is that the bigger they are, the more expensive they’ll be. However, don’t let your dream of owning a giant wall clock be crushed by the price—DIY it!

Creating a DIY oversized wall clock is simple. It only requires a few supplies and can be done on a strict budget. If you want to create your own DIY giant wall clock, follow the steps below. 

Let’s talk about oversized wall clocks today. You all know I’m a total sucker for the farmhouse style. I can’t get enough of it. Check out the proof here, and here. And if you are also into farmhouse everything then you know oversized wall clocks are used often in this decor style.

What I’m trying to say here is that I wanted an oversized farmhouse-style wall clock.

I decided to price a few out to see if buying one was even an option.

I ended up falling in love with this rustic wall clock from Kirklands. I checked Amazon and had to pry my finger off the buy now button for this retro vintage wall clock. Finally, I checked Target and found this amazing farmhouse wall clock.

These three oversized clocks were perfect, with one exception: the price. Instead of spending a lot of money on a clock that I knew I’d eventually end up moving, I decided to try to make a DIY oversized wall clock.

Why should you make a DIY oversized wall clock?

Before I explain how to make a DIY oversized wall clock, let me tell you why it’s a good idea to do this project yourself.

  1. It’s much more affordable. DIY is almost always going to save you money. With this project, there are a few things you’ll need to buy if you don’t already have them on hand. But for the most part, your hard-earned money will stay in your pocket with this oversized wall clock project.
  2. It’s customizable, which is probably my favorite part of DIY projects. A lot of times, I have a vision of what I want something to look like in my head. Nine times out of 10, I never find exactly what I want. With DIY, you can create your vision exactly how you want.

These two reasons alone are usually enough to convince me to take on a DIY project like this one.

Interested in more DIY Projects?

As I mentioned earlier, there are a few ways you can create your own DIY giant wall clock.

I opted to take the most affordable route, and I’ll show you the steps I took to easily create the oversized wall clock with this simple DIY wall Clock Tutorial below.

DIY Oversized Wall Clock

DIY Giant Wall Clock Supplies

The following supplies are what  I used to create my DIY clock.


How to make a DIY Oversized wall clock

1. Find a circular tabletop to create the oversized wall clock.


This was easy for me because I had rescued a table from the side of the road over the summer. The base was pretty wonky, so the table didn’t sit at a level. 

Regardless of its wonkiness, I couldn’t bear to throw it out, so I painted it and put it in my kitchen as an “island.”

After a few too many bumps into the “island,” it was time to find it a new home, so I started brainstorming.

I was watching Fixer Upper when it came to me: Use the tabletop as an oversized wall clock like the one in Joanna Gaines’s home.

2. Prep the tabletop.

DIY oversized wall clock project
My table had already been painted, but I wasn’t happy with the finish. I decided to sand the top to start with a blank canvas. Also, it was being used as an island, so there were a few stains on it that had to go.
I used my favorite sander to remove the old paint and stain from the tabletop. After that, I took a damp rag and cleaned the top, removing all the dust

Before moving on to the next step, I had to fix a large crack in the table.
I grabbed some Ready Patch and filled in the crack. After letting it dry for an hour, I then sanded it smooth. To finish it off, I cleaned the table so it was dust-free.

3. Stain the tabletop

Because I was looking to give my DIY wall clock a rustic farmhouse look, I needed to stain it first.

I used one coat of Minwax Dark Walnut stain and let it dry for about 2 hours or so.

4. Create a distressed farm board finish.

DIY Oversized wall clock project

It’s no secret that I love the farmhouse style. Of course, that was the style I wanted for my DIY clock. 

To create the farmhouse finish, I took a white shade of paint, a paintbrush, a rag, and sandpaper. 

I barely tapped my brush in the paint and brushed it on the table, going in the direction of the grains. Then, I used the rag to wipe off most of the paint, leaving behind just the right amount of white paint. 

Once the tabletop was painted, I let it dry for about an hour and then went in with my sandpaper. I  sanded the spots where the white paint was a little too heavy. 

After I had my desired look, I cleaned the top so it was once again dust-free.


5. Seal the top to protect it.

The final step in creating the perfect backdrop for the rustic DIY wall clock was to seal it.

I used one thin layer of Minwax polycrylic and let it dry overnight.

6. Print and cut out the Roman numerals.

Believe it or not, this was the most challenging part of the whole wall clock project. 

I had gone back and forth with what I wanted to do here. I thought about buying these roman numerals that I found on Etsy however, I wanted to keep this project as affordable I possible. 

I printed and cut out the Roman numerals to use as stencils. 

I had the hardest time finding printouts, but I made it work. For any of you thinking about going this route, to save you the hassle, I will link what I used below

*One quick note I want to mention: If you don’t want to do any stenciling, you can glue the numbers directly to the clock.  It would be much easier than stenciling and painting the numbers on the clock. 

Printable Roman Numerals

7. Stencil and paint the Roman numerals on the giant clock.

DIY Oversized wall clock

This step is time-consuming. 

I traced the Roman numerals onto the clock face using a pencil. Then, I took a well-deserved break.

After a quick snack, I jumped back in and started painting the numbers that I had stenciled. I used two small detail paint brushes and black paint.

paint and paint brush

The numbers did not come out perfectly, I don’t have the steadiest hand so some of the lines or wavy. I am calling it a rustic approach to painting the numbers. 

If you like clean lines, I suggest tracing the numbers with a black marker to create a thicker outline. That will make it easier to fill in with pain. Just be aware if you make a mistake with the marker, it will be a pain to fix.

DIY oversized wall clock

8. Add the clock hands to the giant wall clock

I didn’t know if I wanted to add clock hands. Because I wanted to spend the least amount of money on this DIY wall clock project, going without would be the way to go. But I liked the look with the hands a little bit better.

Ultimately, I decided to go with the clock hands, and I bought this inexpensive set.

To attach the clock hands, I used an old nailhead from a previous project. Glue would also be an option. 

DIY Oversized Wall Clock

**** Yes, I realized I had two 6’s. We all make mistakes lol****

Alternatives on how to make a large wooden clock

I know not everyone has an old table lying around, but there are ways to find one.

  • craigslist
  • , facebook marketplace
  • thrift stores
  • on the side of the road.

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and thrift stores are great places to look to find an old table. The table may not be free in all cases. However, you will most likely get a great deal.

Sadly, people throw furniture out constantly, so keep your eyes peeled on garbage day in your neighborhood. You never know what gem you can find.

As for the numbers used in this giant wall clock tutorial,  there are a ton of other options if you don’t want to go that route.

Cutting Edge Stencils has a great option for the numbers. You can also purchase numbers like these and adhere them directly to the giant clock face.

Finally, the hands, if you want working clock hands, these are a great option. If you want to go hands-free, go for it!  It’s all up to you.

Final Thoughts

This project was a fun one to complete. It didn’t require much, just a few supplies and some time. The only money I spent was on the clock hands. Everything else I had on hand. That’s a win in my book.

If you are looking for a fun and budget-friendly project to customize to your style and taste, this DIY oversized wall clock is for you. 

Want to see all the supplies I used?

Find them all on this list.

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Sunday 7th of November 2021

You did a beautiful job! I just did my 1st one. Not perfect at all but I like it. Did 1 number upside down lol. (hate to be a Debbie Downer but you have 2 # 6's)

Cate Griffing

Monday 22nd of November 2021

Hey Angela, The beauty of these DIY projects is that they don't have to be perfect, that's what makes them unique. ANd I have been waiting for someone to catch the 2 6's lol! Like I said, not perfect. I bet yours looks amazing!

Don Davies

Wednesday 23rd of June 2021

Really nice! That is one awesome DIY wall clock! I'm looking for something similar to this concept from and I hope I get something close to this one!

John R. Sherwood

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Are the clock hands you used stationary? I clicked into the link on Amazon that you provided and it looks like there are stationary. Is that the case?

Otherwise great looking project. I'm looking to do one of these myself but I would like working hands...

Cate Griffing

Thursday 17th of September 2020

Hi John, Yup they are stationary hands. I wanted this clock to be more of an decor piece. Search Amazon for working clocking hands and tons of options will pop up.


Sunday 9th of February 2020

This is soooo cute!! I’ve always wanted to make an oversized clock to hang on a wall! I’m totally doing this!! Thanks for the great instructions!!

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