Farmhouse Style Flush Mount Light Fixtures

farmhouse flush mount lights

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I’ve slowly been changing up all the rooms of the upstairs of my home. When we first moved in it was a let’s just throw this here for now kind of a deal. Then we took on a bathroom renovation and lost a closet so there was a ton of moving things from one place to another. I’m happy to say I’m pretty satisfied with all the rooms at this point or until I get bored and start moving things around again(yes that happens often). The only task I’m left with  is finding a light fixture for the guest bedroom. As of now there is just a basic builder grade one in there, which is not that farmhouse style I’m going for.

I have been searching for a while now and I think I have finally narrowed it down. 

Check out a few awesome farmhouse flush mount lighting options that have made the final cut.

Farmhouse Style flush mount lights

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