Farmhouse Bathroom Floor Tile

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It’s safe to say that choosing  bathroom floor tiles can be slightly on the stressful side. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a floor tiles: budget, style, material and durability.  And with tile not being easily changed, it’s important to take all these factors into consideration before you make your choice. 

Ever since leasing the new office space I have been nose deep in renovation details. From paint colors to office furniture, I’ve been researching it all. I am currently working on finding floor tiles for the bathroom and I’m falling in love with almost every tile I come across.  One thing I know for certain, I want farmhouse bathroom floor tile.

Pinterest has been helping me keep a lot on my ideas in order, especially since I’ve been looking at so many different farmhouse style bathroom floor tile images. Find me 〈HERE〉 on Pinterest if you are interested in following along with my pinning adventures.

How to Choose Farmhouse Bathroom Floor Tiles. 

Not only am I going to share the steps I took for choosing the perfect farmhouse bathroom floor tile, but also, I want to share all the gorgeous  floor tile options I found along the way. You know, since I couldn’t buy them all for myself.

Affordable farmhouse bathroom floor tiles vs. High- end farmhouse bathroom floor tiles.

My very first order of action was setting a budget. As a whole I have been trying to keep the costs down during this renovation, opting for durable laminate flooring in the main office area and an affordable carpet in the break space. With that being said, the bathroom flooring should be no different. 




As you can see in the above image, the splurge farmhouse mosaic tile is $42.46 a square foot. It’s marble and stunning but, it is expensive. On the other hand the save tile is only $8.76 a square foot. This tile is ceramic, which is why there is such a drop in the price.  

Sticking to a budget may seem like a challenging task but, in reality it’s not. You can find so many gorgeous and  affordable farmhouse style floor tiles in any price range. 

What’s Your Bathroom Floor Tile Style?

We already know I’m all about the farmhouse style, however there are so many different tile style options to choose from. Modern farmhouse bathroom floor tiles to rustic farmhouse floor tiles, you are guaranteed to find a  bathroom floor tile in the style you love. 

joss & main farmhouse bathroom


Looking for a classic style floor tile that will stand the test of time? A gorgeous black and white floor tile will do the trick.  Prefer more of a modern style? Possibly a sleek, clean lined gray floor tile will be perfect for you.

Mosaic tiles make for an excellent bathroom tile floor option. I find myself drawn to them because of the amount of styles and design options. I also have been loving the more graphic hand painted tiles. Both mosaic tiles and hand painted tiles would work beautifully in small and large bathrooms.

I personally tend to go for tiles that are more classic and timeless (hello white subway tile) for example,  white floor tiles. White is one of the main characteristics of  farmhouse style, in turn making it an ideal option for my farmhouse bathroom floor tiles.

bathroom with 2 vanities


Which Floor Tile Material to Use?

Natural Stone Floor Tiles, Ceramic Floor Tiles, Porcelain Floor Tiles…

When thinking about what floor tile material I wanted to use in my bathroom design, I  asked myself the following  questions. 

♦What are you using this bathroom for?

♦Is it your households main bathroom, or is it a half bathroom that rarely gets any use?

♦How much maintenance is required?

Porcelain Floor Tile 

This tile is the most durable. Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile, just harder and stronger than other ceramic tiles.

Some of the characteristics of porcelain tile that make it appealing for a high traffic bathroom are, it’s extremely resistant to water, scratches, stains, and cracks. These characteristics provide long-lasting durability, which makes it the perfect bathroom floor tile. Keep in mind though that porcelain is more expensive compared to ceramic tile.

 Glazed or Unglazed?

Porcelain tile goes through the same process whether is glazed or unglazed. The only difference is the glazed porcelain tile has a layer of glass on it. 

Glazed porcelain tile gives you more aesthetic options, however, it’s a bit less durable than unglazed porcelain. Unglazed porcelain tile has more of a natural look and is more suited for a shower floor or outdoor areas because of its slip resistance. 

Ceramic Floor Tile

A highly popular choice in tile is ceramic. Why? High durability, low costs, low maintenance and the abundance of colors, patterns and shapes. 

Ceramic tiles also are available in glazed and unglazed. 

Glazed ceramic has a coating on the outside making it water resistant and practically maintenance free. 

An example of an unglazed ceramic tiles would be terracotta. Terracotta, though it has a rustic charm to it,  is not water resistant, prone to chips and is a soft material making it not an ideal  choice for bathroom floor tile. 

Natural Stone Tile

Marble, granite, slate, and travertine are all examples of natural stone tile. It’s undeniable the elegance the look of natural stone gives a bathroom, however they do require more maintenance and are more expensive compared to ceramic and porcelain tile. Natural stone floor tiles would work in a bathroom that is not often used. 

Stenciled Tile

Using a stencil to make it look as though you have a tiled floor is a fantastic and budget-friendly DIY. Some great resources for beautiful farmhouse floor tile stencils are Etsy, Amazon and Cutting Edge Stencils.

Being that this bathroom is in our office and will see a significant amount of use, I decided to go for a durable porcelain tile. Any guesses to what style I choose?

Where to Buy Farmhouse Bathroom Floor Tile?

Finding a place for buy bathroom floor tile is so easy. There are specific tile stores everywhere. These tiles stores are great options for people who like to see and touch the tile in person. 

For my online shoppers out there places like  Amazon, Joss & Main,  Wayfair and Overstock also carry a variety of floor tile for your bathroom. 

Lowes, Home Depot and Floor & Decor and three stores where you can both shop online and instore.

Needless to say, I did not have any issues finding a place to buy the perfect farmhouse bathroom floor tile.

Now that I have my farmhouse bathroom floor tile, I can move on with the rest of the bathroom design. Finding a paint color, a farmhouse vanity or pedestal sink, and all the fun accessories to add just the right amount of charm.  

Finding the right bathroom floor tile isn’t a hard task. Do some research, use the steps I took and you will be well on your way to finding the perfect bathroom floor tile.

Check out some of my favorite farmhouse bathroom floor tiles below.

Canton Ceramic Floor

 Canton Ceramic Floor

hexagon mosaic floor tile

Hexagon Mosaic Tile

mosaic marble tile

Marble Mosaic Tile

retro mosaic tile

Retro Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Penny Round Mosaic Tile

Penny Round Mosaic Tile

Ceramic weathered wood look tile

Ceramic Weathered Wood Look Tile

Field Tile

Parma Aventino Porcelain Field Tile

Basalt Mosaic Tile

Holden – Basalt Mosaic Tile

Basalt Mosaic Tile

Ceramic Wood Look

Calacatta Cressa Mosaic Marble Tile

Calacatta Cressa Mosaic Marble Tile

Natural Stone Mosaic Tile in Marble Black and White

Natural Stone Mosaic Tile in Marble Black and White

Hexitile Porcelain Field Tile

Hexitile 7″ x 8″ Porcelain Field Tile

Argana Cement Field Tile

Argana 8″ x 8″ Cement Field Tile

Retro Black and white tile

Retro 1″ x 1″ Porcelain Mosaic Tile in Black/White

Stencil tile

Stencil Tile

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