Clothespin Snowflakes

clothespin snowflake

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These clothespin snowflakes are such a fun and fantastic DIY project.  They don’t require a ton of supplies and the supplies that are needed are inexpensive.

Supplies Needed:

Clothespins – LargeMediumSmall
Hot glue gun
Ribbon or Twine


 Disassemble the clothespins


With the hot glue, glue the flat sides of the clothespins together. If you are making these into ornaments glue the ribbon or twine in between the two flat sides. 

clothespin snowflake

Once all of your clothespins are all glued back to back, it’s time to assemble. Here you can get creative. There’s no wrong way to do this part. 

I decided to glue the 2 pointed ends together first.

clothespin snowflake

I then glued the non pointed sides. 

clothespin snowflake

Now on to the medium sized clothespins. I glued the pointed sides in. 

clothespin snowflake

Finally, we have the small clothespins. I glued the non pointed side in to finish it off.

Fully assembled! From here you can really use your creativity. Try painting them to match your existing decor. Or give them a little glitz and glamor with some glitter, The possibilities are endless!

clothespin snowflake

There you have it. These clothespin snowflakes are truly such a simple and beautiful diy. Oh and not to mention inexpensive!

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  1. These are so cute!! When I saw these on your IG feed, I thought they were so cute! And now that you’re giving us step by step instructions, I’m Definitely going to make some!!

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