9 Farmhouse Decor Items That are Key to the Fixer Upper Style

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Fixer Upper brought the “Farmhouse Style” to light and has had a big part in the growing popularity of the design. Well, for me at least. In my mind, JoAnna Gaines can do no wrong, like at all…shes’s an actual angel. Because of that sweet crafty angel, my love for all things farmhouse was born.

I have found some key pieces that you can build around to make it your own and achieve that famous Farmhouse look..


All the pillows! They are the easiest way to change up a room and the burlap fabric/black lettering combo screams Farmhouse to me. I bought this Home Sweet Home pillow off of Amazon. Easy!

Another great farmhouse style pillow is striped and ticking fabric. They are such classic styles and with the neutral colors, they fit right in with the farmhouse theme. I purchased both my pillows, pictured above, off of Etsy.


Such a simple way to add some charm to a room. Go for a classic white to get that farmhouse style. They are versatile too! You can use them for flowers, stems, even utensils.  I purchased this  6 inch vase from Ikea  (also comes in 8 3/4 inches)

Potted Plants

My absolute favorite artificial potted plants are the ones from Ikea for only $4.99. I have at least one of these plants in every room in my house. It’s kind of like playing Where’s Waldo, but with Ikea plants.Who knows, maybe i try and make that into the next popular party game. Seriously,  these plants are great, not only for the price but they honestly do look pretty realistic. I know all of you out there know how some artificial plants out there are looking real artificial. Not these guys. They are winners in my Farmhouse book.

Chunky Wooden Candlesticks

Wooden candlesticks remind me of Fixer Upper. I feel like they are used all the time on every episode. Of course they are, and with good reason. They work perfectly in any room. Just toss them on a shelf and boom, instant charm

I really like the unfinished candlesticks because you can customize them to your liking. Paint them black, white, or you can chalk paint and distress them to give them that old vintage feel. 

The obvious choice for a farmhouse candlestick is the Harp Designs White Distressed. They are beautiful, classic,  true perfection.


The options with signs are endless. You can get very literal here and just get this sign that says “Farmhouse”.

You can also keep it simple with the always lovely “home sweet home” or you can get a little lengthy and try for a famous book quote.  Etsy is a great source for lots of cute, handmade signs. 

Home Sweet Home

A DIY approach is the best option for a quick and inexpensive sign. I made this sign for my kitchen and it’s perfect for the space. All you need is an old piece of wood, some paint and a paintbrush and you can create your own unique sign. 

Cotton stems

The cotton stem is my favorite “Farmhouse” piece of decor. They add a different texture and a little height to any vase. You can also mix them in with any arrangement to add some contrast. 

Vintage Books

I have old/vintage books all around my house and love how they can add a pop of color or some height to any display. I bought a ton of them at a sidewalk sale a Library was having. There were so many to choose from and the price was unbeatable, it was a deal impossible to pass up!

Wire Baskets

I have a slight love obsession with all baskets. They are the perfect tool for a avid organizer such as myself. They’re cute but extremely functional as well. For example, wire baskets. I am such a fan of the wire basket for the fact that you can see through which gives their overall look an almost airy feel. They don’t seem as heavy and “organize-y” as a woven basket. They are the perfect addition to any farmhouse room.

my fireplace mantle in my bedroom

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