The Easiest Way to Install New Cabinet Hardware

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New cabinet hardware is the easiest way to update a cabinet. Installing  said hardware can be quite the difficult task when the screw holes don’t align with the pre-existing ones. Really wanting to save some when installing hardware I discovered a brilliant hack to make the job much easier.

Get a piece of painters tape , (I like to use3M)and stick the tape over the two screw holes on the hardware.

Try to align the tape as straight as possible. Unlike the way I did it, be smart and use the top edge of the tape to make sure it’s straight. Take a pencil and poke the screw holes.  Now you the distance between the holes.

Next, take the tape and stick it on your cabinet, check to make sure it’s straight with a level.

Drill your holes and attach your new hardware.

It’s an incredibly simple way to ensure your holes perfectly align with the new cabinet hardware.

The hardware I used is by Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia from Target.

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